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Love it

I have a Rasta Style

Love it

I looooove this pipe. It smokes so nicely, and I look classy as hell smoking it.

Brittany C. on 04/24/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe


Its so cute. I love its aesthetic and it serves its purpose. Its small so you can carry it anywhere as well. Definitely recommend!

Mariana .. on 04/17/18
Review of Pink N' White Reversal Dry Pipe

A solid, nice standby or regular pipe with a large bowl.

Excellent affordable and works well with attractive design.

David .. on 04/15/18
Review of The Silver Smoker Fumed One-Hitter

Hey David! Thank you for an awesome review. Enjoy your new one-hitter! ;)

Customer service

I ordered and was sent my items, the engraving wasn't done. I contacted them and they fixed it immediately, the items I ordered were out of stock so we had to pick different items, they rushed my order since it was for my wedding party. I've never had customer service act so fast to fix a mess up. I thank them and would recommend ordering from this company.

looks good, hits like crap

Looks good but Im ***uming that during the twisting process the air flow down the shaft was pinched which makes it extremely difficult to hit.

DEVIN P. on 04/13/18
Review of Glassheads "The Creature" Twist Spoon Pipe

Hey there, If you think you may have received a defective piece, please contact our customer support with I hope your day only gets better from here

Personal size

Nice lil glass pipe

Erika G. on 04/12/18
Review of Classic Fumed Color-Changing Spoon Hand Pipe

Thanks smoke cartel

Cool piece,good theme lol....seems built good, packaged well for delivery. All in all happy with product, and staff

Brett R. on 04/12/18
Review of The "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe

Thank you for taking the time to write your opinions on your experience. We really value your review. We are glad to see that you are satisfied with our packaging and your new pipe! Have a smokin' hot day ;)

Cool and smooth hitting

This pipe is well made sicker than most because I compared to the other smoke shops. The jet black with the little green globs on the Head, cool very ,unique. It seems very sturdy unlike the others I checked and very smooth on the mouth end and a good size unlike others that are kind of sharp . this is my favorite pipe ever ,this is going to be an all time favorite for years to come, Gandalf smoke it up bra....

manuel r. on 04/12/18
Review of Solid Black Gandalf with Colored Dots

Perfectly ridiculous pipe.

Love the color and craftsmanship. Solid, beautiful, and a great conversation starter (while also looking like a pretentious wizard). Many compliments on this piece.

Nichole W. on 04/12/18
Review of Glassheads "Flowbud" Fumed Gandalf Handpipe

Paulette D

Love it

Paulette D. on 04/11/18
Review of Over the Hobbit Hole Gandalf Pipe


Great pipe,great gift.

RONALD B. on 04/11/18
Review of "Stonehenge" Colored Frit Steamroller with Marbles

Nice spoon...

Fast delivery... I purchased this pipe instead of the Rasta-jr because, I thought this pipe would have been bigger...

David F. on 04/10/18
Review of Rasta-fire-ian Pipe

Hello David, I hope you're enjoying your new Rasta pipe! One of my favourites for sure :)

luis h. on 04/10/18
Review of Long Gandalf Sherlock with Colored Bowl

Nice pipe

Really beautiful piece colors are nice speedy delivery from smoke cartel


The picture doesn't do this piece justice! It's heavy, with a deep bowl and has a great draw! Fit's my hand perfectly!

Melanye on 04/09/18
Review of Glassheads "Dichro Slyme Donut" Spoon


I love this style of downstem. No drag. I’ll definitely order from Smoke Cartel again.

Kevin on 04/08/18
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

Sleek and simple says it all

Works as it should, and priced right too. Grab one and keep it as a backup. Downstems never break at convenient times, so be prepared.

Frank on 04/07/18
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem

Great regular downstem to get.

This typical downstem with the 3 line wholes on each side, is a great regular downstem to have. The material is is really good and the filtration is superb. Great budget stem to have.

A decent to good bowl piece

This bowl is pretty good for the most part. It hits and filters really nicely. The only thing about this bowl that I don't like so much is that it is small in depth size, other than that it's really good.

Gil on 04/01/18
Review of Glassheads Clear Male Cylinder Bowl

Hello Gil, thank you for a 4/5 review! That's what we like to see!

Lovely Piece

Loving the colors :) a must buy if you love pink!


this handpipe is indeed a piece of art. it was beautifully made. kudos to smoke cartel for always selling the best of the best! the hits on this pipe are smooth and the bowl is deep enough to hold a good amount of herb.

Savannah on 03/27/18
Review of "Vibrant" Bright Frit Gandalf Handpipe

Great Pipe

Great little pipe just what I was looking for for vacation.

Donut spoon

The hits it delivers are on point nd it has a easy grip to it. Its definitely becoming one of my favorite pieces.

Hector on 03/27/18
Review of Glassheads "Dichro Slyme Donut" Spoon

Awesome pipe

Love the size of the bowl and look of this pipe just ripped it for he first time and it’s amazing hits huge and awesome seeing the smoke fill up in the chamber 😛


It's very cute, smaller than expected but adorable. Kinda confused on how to smoke out of it since there is no bottom tho. Kinda disappointed with that.

Shannon on 03/20/18
Review of Glassheads Donut Hand Pipe

Hi Shannon! I agree, piece is super adorable! I'm sorry to hear your piece had no under side. Please email out customer service so that they can take a look at this for you!:

Not a bad piece.

My order was delayed due to Smoke Cartel moving locations. Not a big deal. Their customer service is great. As for this piece? Well, it’s crafted well. Pretty thick. I find the bowl is too large for me though. The pipe feels a little too big and clunky. If it was a little bit smaller overall it would be perfect. That’s just my opinion though. It does it’s job.

Mike on 03/17/18
Review of Glassheads "Cubehead" Illuminati Spoon

Hey Mike! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. We hope you're loving your new pipe :)

Hits like a bong!

Cute design, and well-made. Hits harder than most spoons I've used, smokes very well. Watching the bowl fill with smoke is satisfying and the piece never fails to get a comment from friends. Got some ash in the bowl and it looked like pepper on the eggs, 10/10. Would recommend.

Tyler on 03/17/18
Review of The "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe

Amazing Bowl

I love this bowl to death. Even though it may not be for everyone, due to the pink spirals, it’s a very lovely bowl. I hope it gets back in stock soon so I can buy it again since I lost mine :(

Buy the insurance. You will need it.

Beautiful smoke and easy to hold and use. But design flaw on stem to bowl connection. Broke the first one with a clumsy drop. Bought second with insurance and it fell 4 inches and broke the same place. Bought 3rd using the insurance on 2nd. Love the pipe but get the insurance.

Robert on 03/14/18
Review of The "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe

Hi Robert! I'm sorry to hear you've gone through three of these already! Glass Guard is a life saver. Glad you're loving the piece, though :)

Love It!!

Love this Piece Great Craftsmanship and Thick glass. What else could you ask for!! Great Customer Service too. Got it Today going to put it to good use! ;) #SmokeCartel


Great quality and works very well!

Daniel on 03/06/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Flower bowl

Amazing smooth hits

Noah on 03/03/18
Review of Glassheads Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl

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DarylHip on 02/24/18
Review of Over the Hobbit Hole Gandalf Pipe

Perfect Pipe

Was searching for a gandolph style pipe for a while, figured at $30, I would give it a shot. Holds more than I imagined..and such a smooth hit. Glass is a bit thin for me (I am known to drop things) but overall a nice pipe. Free shipping and was sent super fast!

Dana J. on 02/18/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

My new favorite!

This spoon is super thick and smokes perfectly!! Very high quality, can't ask for much more!

Chris F. on 02/18/18
Review of Glassheads "Cubehead" Illuminati Spoon

When I opened this the first thing I said was WOW!!!!

Beautiful piece! Love the look, I bought the 13 inch in Green and it's a amazing! Fills up and gives you smooth hits! Just love it all around, I have it on my desk like a work of art! Thank you Smoke Cartel

Jonathan N. on 02/11/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Love this pipe

Orange color is bright and vibrant. Stands nicely. Smokes smoothly. Glass is stronger than expected. Looks super cool! Love this pipe!

KB on 02/09/18
Review of "Vibrant" Bright Frit Gandalf Handpipe

Good buy

When I first got it it wasn't my favorite, I'm very particular when it comes to my pieces. After about a week or so it grew on me. Very durable and the changing color is great.

So nice

Beautiful, happy as a naked clam

A great pipe but looks nothing like what I ordered

Title says it all a fantastic five overall I'd give it 5 Stars had it actually looked the same as what I ordered

A very nice piece

Fast shipping even during the holidays they still came on time the price was right the color and became a beautiful purple and I would recommend this to anyone

Justyn on 01/29/18
Review of Slim Slyme Chillumeleon Pipe

💣a really nice pipe💣

A really nice pipe with beautiful craftsmanship and a great way to it it just doesn't look anything like the picture I ordered it from would have given 5 but it's dramaticly diffent

Hi Justyn! Thanks for your feedback. As each pipe is handcrafted and completely individual, they may vary from the photo. Of course, if you have received one that is completely different, feel free to reach out and let us know:

Solid Downstem that fits comfortably and works well

I purchased this downstem as a replacement for the 3.5” I got with my UPC 8” waterpipe. I had a slight accident and dropped and broke the other. I found this 4” one fits the 18mm Ground glass hole perfectly and the end sits literally a MM from the base of the beaker bottom. It has nice diffuser slots for the air along with the 14mm ground glass fitting for most bowls of the same size. I found a 14.5mm or 14mm both fit it great. And the extra .5” of length puts the air output deeper in the water for more filtration. A nice simple and easy to use downstem for a nice price. Just don’t drop it, and if you do make sure you got GlassGuard on it!

Toke till you croak

Changes the game on design and practicality

glad to hear you like this pipe! It's one of our favorites here. Smoke on, my friend =!

Mmm donuts

Cute af and makes a bowl seem even tastier

Joe on 01/26/18
Review of Glassheads Donut Hand Pipe


I F%&@ing Love this pipe. Amazing craftsmanship, feels great in my hand, balanced really well, and hits really smooth. It can punch like an angry wizard if you want it to. Plus the glow in the dark looks great. Hands down this is now my favorite piece.

We love this pipe

The square head is unique and feels really cool. The bowl is the perfect size for two people. Colors are beautiful, the solid craftsmanship is apparent. Love Smoke Cartel and love this piece!

Kristin on 01/19/18
Review of Glassheads "Cubehead" Illuminati Spoon

Smooth Criminal

Hits smooth, smokes great. Little bulky, but didn't but it to be portable. Very durable, highly recommend

Jess on 01/09/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

My new favorite little pipe!!

Very durable and portable. I love it!!

Great little piece that's sure to put a smile on your face

Well made, sturdy, and beautiful! Only downside is that it's a bit smaller than it seems - about the size of a small tobacco pipe

Blaise on 01/03/18
Review of The "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe