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Cool nail extender

This turned out to be the finishing touch on my new rig. This drop down moves the nail approximately 2 inches further out than the standard position, making it easier to see, and work with. I wasn't sure how it would work for reclaim, but it's pretty great. The bottom line is this is a cool item that keeps your pipe cleaner, collects reclaim and moves the nail further away from your face.

Nathan C. on 07/20/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Male Drop Down

Frog bowk

Needs a bit better draw capability. It's a little restricted on air flow.

Kc M. on 07/20/18
Review of "Lil' Dart" Frog Critter Spoon

Excellent idea

I didn't actually know what I was looking for and I brought my ideas to the team at Smoke Cartel. Literally just an idea. The responses were very quick, with explanations, and ideas of the colors that I was looking for in the pipe design that I wanted. My basic idea was a logo that I could etch into the pipe, but it had it's issues, and color schemes to match. When they finally presented me with the one that I ultimately bought (Stonehenge) I was very surprised at how good it turned out. Needless to say, being a unique person and liking the customization on things, I was more than pleased. Thanks Smoke Cartel Team.

Amazing !!!

Hits very smooth one of my best hand pipes I can say !!

Cassy .. on 07/20/18
Review of Party Top Spoon

Beautiful Piece

Gorgeous to look at. The one I received. My carb was on the right.

Richard L. on 07/20/18
Review of Glassheads "Gator" Heavyweight Wrap and Rake Spoon


This pipe I purchased for my wife!!!!... she is all about being original and having the "NU-NU" instruments when smoking...Three of her friends have already tried to buy the piple need I say more!!!

Trey J. on 07/19/18
Review of Tubular Hand Pipe



Trey J. on 07/19/18
Review of Glassheads "Boomy Bap" Rasta Inside-Out Pipe

Great Buy

Solid Pipe. Hits really well. Easy to clean.

Dennis .. on 07/19/18
Review of Slim Slyme Chillumeleon Pipe


Just what I was looking for🔥

Karen J. on 07/17/18
Review of The Stoic Dichroic Hand Pipe


Just what I was looking for🔥

Karen J. on 07/17/18
Review of The Stoic Dichroic Hand Pipe

Cool Frog Bro!

The pipe itself is pretty basic and light weight, but the little frog wrapped aroud the bowl makes up for it being so plain. The bowl is on the smaller side, but if you have some bomb dank you'll have no worries here. Overall it's a fun, cool piece to add to your pipe collection.

George L. on 07/17/18
Review of "Lil' Dart" Frog Critter Spoon



Trey J. on 07/16/18
Review of 4.5" Sherlock White Black & Amp Pipe

Awesome item

This pipe is amazing!!!! So excited to to start using it.

Benjamin .. on 07/15/18
Review of "Black & Amp" Sherlock Stryder

Thank you for leaving a review about the aesthetics of this Sherlock. We'd really love to hear your opinions after getting more accustomed to it. Have an awesome weekend with your new Smoke Cartel loot! :)

Good piep

It was very portable, heavy glass and I look forward to making it my every day pipe!👏🏼

Great pipe

Great pipe but for future reference the style you're claiming it to be is not a "Gandalf style" Pipe it's called a churchwarden pipe

Anthony W. on 07/14/18
Review of Long Rasta and Black Gandalf Style Pipe


I love it I was expecting a 6 inch long piece for some reason but this thing is approaching 15 inches long !! I can't even see the bowl it is so far away lol Gandalf to the max Ridiculous draw

Andres on 07/13/18
Review of "Do the Polka" Glass Gandalf Pipe


It's I great hitting piece

Jonathan S. on 07/12/18
Review of The Silver Smoker Fumed One-Hitter

Sweet spoon pipe dude!

I'm very pleased with this piece, it's has high quality glass, the green slyme is through out the pipe, and it has a good amount of fuming. A really good looking and well made piece.

A work of art

I am blown away with how beautiful my Sylme Spoon is! The attention to detail is remarkable! I have always been happy with my purchases from you guys but this one really blew me away! I highly recommend this to all, you wont be disappointed!

Victoriya S. on 07/11/18
Review of UPC Slyme Spoon with Dichro Accents


I needed this! Broke my favorite now I have a new fanb!

Rough But Big Hits

This piece is strange since it makes all my hits more smokey, but also quite a bit more rough. Only big problem with the piece besides the roughness is the fact that I cannot see the bowl I am lighting due to the upward angle of the mouth piece

Rachel S. on 07/10/18
Review of Mr. Magnificent Sherlock

Hello Rachel, thank you for your comments on this piece! We will take that into consideration for the future.

Mine is yellow

This pepper is a look pretty, I love the black stem. Sweet!

Betty F. on 07/09/18
Review of "Poblano Puffer" Fritted Pepper Themed Spoon

Mine is teal

This pipe is bigger than I thought it would be, the octopus is very cool. Thanks

Betty F. on 07/09/18
Review of Mr. Pickles (Your Octopus Buddy) Themed Spoon

Illuminati Glass 'Gandalf' pipe rules

Incredibly bitchin Illuminati (vaseline) glass gandalf pipe! Glows under blacklight. Been collecting vaseline glass for 20 + years! This piece will be cherished and used VERY VERY carefully!!

Not bad

Caps well and looks pretty cool

Taylor C. on 07/07/18
Review of Glassheads Carb Cap Pendant Inception Rig

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are glad you are enjoying this piece. Have a smokin' hot day ;)


Great item love the colors!

Stephen B. on 07/07/18
Review of Rasta-fire-ian Jr.

Fun Pipe

It takes a little getting used to, but I can think of no better pipe to smoke from when watching any movie between 195-1976.

Dawid S. on 07/07/18
Review of "Secret Stripe" Gandalf Smoke Stryder

Glad you are enjoying this pipe! It is a real fun piece. Have an awesome day!

Great downstem

It was in great condition and a perfect I can add it to my bong collection..thanks guys 🤙🏼

Gustavo R. on 07/05/18
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem

Good quality

Nice quality pipe, dropped it the first day on concrete and it survived.. lol.

Love my purchase ,works great!!

Great air flow and design, spoon is perfect size...

Chevy S. on 07/02/18
Review of Rasta-centric Spoon Pipe


Really enjoying the new piece. One of my favorites for sure!

Marissa P. on 07/01/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Can't Wait

I'm listening to the audiobooks of Lord of the Rings this summer and I bought this piece to use when I watch the movies after completing the books. This piece is so rad. I bought the amber and it definitely puts you in the Middle Earth mind space.

Kunta on 07/01/18
Review of Over the Hobbit Hole Gandalf Pipe

My first bubbler

Amazing I love it on a product stand point but what’s even better besides the amazing product is they accidentally forgot a free promo item wasn’t a big deal especially when they next day’d it to me !!!

New buyer

Happy with my new piece

Vincent M. on 06/30/18
Review of "Black & Amp" Sherlock Stryder


Thick glass. Good size. High quality

Rita G. on 06/30/18
Review of Rainbow Strings Spoon

Awesome pipe

I’ve owned a lot of pieces and was really impressed with this one. It’s a great size and I love the mouthpiece. Well worth the money!


Placed it into service immediately after unpacking. ....having a lovely evening.

James M. on 06/29/18
Review of PurpleSlyme & Bubble Gum Dichro SherlockPipe

Thank you

Package received thank you so much!!! 💚

Nicole R. on 06/29/18
Review of Rainbow Strings Spoon

Classic downstem

I recently broke my original downstem for my beaker, and this fits perfectly. Classic design and great function. Will be back for more.

Audra F. on 06/28/18
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem

Rainbow chillum

Super awesome chillum! I’m not usually a fan of one hitter pipes but this one hits really smooth and isn’t so small that I feel like I’ll lose it. Really pretty too.

Chloe B. on 06/19/18
Review of Chill Variety One-Hitters

Love Wins

I love my rainbow one hitter. I christened it when I went on a date with a really cute woman I've been talking to.

Clarissa S. on 06/19/18
Review of Chill Variety One-Hitters


I love the downstems they are hard to find here in GA especially for my water pipe and it fits perfectly and the styles they come in especially the percs.... Will be buying again

John J. on 06/19/18
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

Good product

It was a present

Djhoanna W. on 06/18/18
Review of Long Rasta and Black Gandalf Style Pipe

What a good friend you must have! Awesome taste in gifts ;) enjoy Djhoanna!


The buying experience and the product totally awesome, and met my every expectation!!

Won F. on 06/17/18
Review of Long Rasta and Black Gandalf Style Pipe

Love it

Love it! Personally I have no issues with it, though I do recommend picking the colors you want.

Jen on 06/16/18
Review of 5" Frit 2-Color Texture Pipe

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We will take your recommendation into consideration and try our best to have it implemented. We are happy that you are enjoying you pipe! Have an awesome day :)

Cute piece!

It’s a very cute piece:) Wish it had a carb on it though.

Angel C. on 06/16/18
Review of Chill Variety One-Hitters

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this hitter, we are really happy it is to your liking. Have an awesome week! :)

Best bowl ever

never had a bowl hit so well before

Sweet pipe!

great little pipe, it’s fun & hits great!

Rachael B. on 06/13/18
Review of Glassheads Succulent Cactus Planter Spoon Pipe

Maybe a little small

But overall cheap and does the job!

Hey Tyler! Glad to hear you're loving the Maxim. Enjoy!

Sleek design, could be stronger

It looks great and is exactly what I wanted, just don’t expect to use any heavy attachments with it.

Christopher P. on 06/11/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Drop Down

very discrete

beautiful pipe i managed to trick my friend search for it among many other succulents i had on my window

Thania F. on 06/11/18
Review of Glassheads Succulent Cactus Planter Spoon Pipe