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Quality glass

Very satisfied with the glass quality and function but was a little diaspointed to see that the text and labels on the price were like already faded and worn off in some spots.


I’ve been using the Artemis for the last two weeks and I can say I’m happy with the piece. It gets dirty quick so you need to clean it often. Luckily it’s easier to clean than it looks. It’s does take a lot of water to get the water recycling so you need to pull air a little bit more harder than some other pieces, but you won’t go blue in the face. The hit is very smooth. You really don’t feel the hit until u exhale. So watch out the first couple bowls. Speaking of bowls, you will have to purchase a bowl if you plan on smoking dry herb. It doesn’t come with one. The glass isn’t super thick but it’s still good quality for the price. At under a 100$ I’ve seen worst. The piece looks nice sitting there on the table or shelf as well as operating. Overall the Artemis is a good value recycler that functions as nice as it looks. Nice piece to add to any collection. Smoke cartel has been a nice company to do business with and I look forward to adding more glass to my collection in the future.

Hi Randy! Wow, what a great and in depth review of The Artemis! Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you.


I love this piece. It's made very well and suprisingly sturdy for how fragile it looks. The main complaints from everyone I feel like is the windmill perc. It gets jammed up pretty easy when using concentrates. But it it's smooth and has amazing flavor.

Thanks for giving us your thought on this piece! Have you tried using RezBlock from 420 Science to help reduce the concentrates from sticking. - It is currently out of stock but we restock often since they are in high demand and get sold out fast. Have an awesome day!

The Lowkey Dab Rig

The first time I smoked out of this Rig, was the last day I used my other rigs because I put them all up except my new Lowkey Smoke Cartel rig! I'm In love with it and give it a 10/10. A very nice Rig!

Ryan J. on 04/18/18
Review of "Lowkey" Color Accented Oil Bubbler



Rafael on 04/16/18
Review of "Cheat Day" Iced Donut Rig


Fantastic rig, hits great. Good addition to my collection.

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Awesome my favorite

Mark S. on 04/14/18
Review of Nectar Collector Chillector

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This was exactly what I was expecting. Packaging was on point & the crew here are great! Extremely fast & answered all my questions. Will be back soon!

Josh P. on 04/13/18
Review of Nexus Glass and Hitman Glass Slyme Halo Collab

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Good starter

I am vary happy with the quality of the product but I really don’t like that the down pipe isn’t remotely to clean the main chamber but other then that I love it but I can never clean it

Joseph P. on 04/12/18
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Hi there, we are glad to see that you are enjoying this piece! We hope this article helps you with the cleaning process Have a great day :)

Awesome Rig

I was kind of nervous about spending so much on a smoking piece but after smoking with it for a couple of days, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was well worth it. Amazing glass work and art put into the bong as well!

Daniel M. on 04/12/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Teenage Turtles" Concentrate Rig


This piece has 2 percs whose mechanism works perfectly to deliver filtration throughput the whole hit aside from that it needs a lot of water

First rig and I couldn't be happier

I'm a total newbie in the world of cannabis. I recently started using CBD wax and isolate for its medicinal uses, and spent a lot of time learning about the equipment I needed, how to use it, and what would work best for me. I ran across Smoke Cartel and couldn't be happier with their site, education, selection and customer service. This small rig is perfect for my first one; it's compact but gets the job done (small enough to travel with, too). Again, I couldn't be happier with this product and my experience with Smoke Cartel, and will definitely be a returning customer!

Mike H. on 04/10/18
Review of "Farnsworth" Recycling Rig with Barrel Perc

Tiny is good!

I literally laughed when I unwrapped it though. It’s so elf’n small. But I’d read that smaller rigs are better and for the price. It’s amazing. Turns out it’s the perfect size for dabbing and even better for storing away. Very nice simple piece. I will say the glass feels fragile but perhaps because it’s so small... I’m sure I’ll break it. But again for the price and starting out it’s a no brained.

Stephen T. on 04/10/18
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

5 out of 5

Doesn't disappoint , beautiful piece with great function and easy to clean with simple products. From one of the top dogs sesh supply, faberge is a design thats second to none .Be happy to have this available people it's a multi thousand dollar design. Worth every penny.

Cute & Mighty

This little bubbler is seriously adorable! It came in the mail in 3 days. Mine came with the bubble top so I switched it out for a regular quartz banger, and DANG this little thing can get it!!! Its hard to gauge exactly how hot to make it because it is so small, but other than that I'd recommend it to anyone! Beginner or a master dabber :)

Pineapple T. on 04/03/18
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

What an awesome review! Thanks so much! I'm glad this little bubbler was all that you hoped it would be and more ;)

Lightweight, smooth hits, and the perfect size!

This piece lit up my world when I got it, pun unintended. I was surprised at how lightweight but obviously durable it was. I originally had the one with the green accents, though I wish I had gotten the blue because when this thing starts to build up gunk, the green is an unflattering accent color lol. You can fit this thing into a big ziplock bag with salt and alcohol and it comes out looking brand new every time. The only irritating thing is that bits of herb get stuck between the honeycomb filters and they can't be removed from what I've experienced. Anybody have a solution to that? This piece hits so smooth and you and all your friends will love it! I highly recommend it!


This piece is so smooth. It'll definitely get you where you're going fast.

Sweet Bong

The beaker design seems sturdy. One thing I noticed when filling with water is that water wouldn’t drain quickly into the base from the tube. On a whim I took a drag and the water immediately drained to the base. I’d recommend this bong. Easy to pull on it for a strong hit. On a side note, Smoke Cartel is a good store. Shipment arrived in about a week and was well wrapped. Plus you earn points on purchases that you can cash in for free stuff. I recommended Smoke Cartel.


Smaller than i thought. Took a little bit of time to find the water levels to my liking, but once i found that sweet spot, im happy with the function. Makes me want to get another recycler.


Such a sweet price, and hits soooooo nice. Thick glass, and excellent height for table use.

Christopher on 03/16/18
Review of UPC Hammer Barrel Perc to Vortex Oil Rig

Smooth Recycler

Smoothest hitter of all my rigs. Great taste. Even better with one of SC's Elev8 e-nails. With that bad boy dialed in to the perfect temp, you won't want to stop puffin. Soon you'll wonder what happened to your stash!


This is a real pretty piece and hits super smooth; I use an E-Nail and love the 90% downstem cause the cap stays on the enail without having to hold it there, along with the bent neck that keeps water from splashing up into my mouth and the interesting mouth piece that makes it easy to hit and delivers a super smooth experience it really all comes together as a very well thought out design... Tho Could tell while filling it up with water it's going to be though to clean but that's why I bought a dropdown 😁

Smooth Rips

This rig is exceptionally well made, thick glass and good percolation. Looks good and rips very smooth. Great for concentrates and flower. Definitely get a quartz banger to pair with.

super durable

It was my first rig so it was only a matter of time i broke it trying to melt out reclaim. the amount of abuse i put this thing through was unimaginable for the amount i got out of it. 5/5 stars would buy again. Perfect daily driver

14mm natural guide


Awesome Lil Guy

I'm new to vaping, so I thought I'd give this a go since it seemed so simple to use. I Love it! I didn't like using the dome and nail (it cracked, I guess it was too hot), so I bought the 2mm quartz banger and I am in heaven using it. So easy to clean, keeps the wax nice and hot- I made a great choice. Now I'm getting the Rip N Go pen! Thanks SC- I'm now an official dabber.

Natural Guy Review

It came in an unmarked box and shipping was very fast. It works well but residue builds up pretty quickly. It's nice for me because it's really essy to store. Overall, it's worth the price.

Not what I expected but it's something

2 stars because great packaging and the 3rd star because it's a smooth hit BUT I bought this because of how the propeller perc was shown to spin and sadly that is not what I got. My alien green Prometheus' propeller does NOT spin at any rate similar to the video, if anything it reminds me of a laggy game of overwatch. Slowly but surely, some degrees at a time it does spin. I've adjusted the water level every way I could and not a single time would it rotate like it does in the demo video. I guess if I want another propeller piece it won't be a Sesh Supply one.

Hey Ron, we're re really sorry to hear that! We are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask:

The other ship!!!

This piece is amazing, it has a smooth draw and is one of the best pieces ive ever used. The showerhead perc makes the pull feel ljke nothings their. The ceramic nail isnt for everybody. Although it comes with the rig i would suggest buying the quartz banger because the ceramic isnt the easiest to use. Other then that i highly recomend this rig.

Great piece

It looks great, pulls smooth, and is totally worth the price since I got a glass guard discount. 10/10

Cute Little Starter Rig

I love this! It’s definitely smaller than I thought but it still rips great.

Perfect title! It really is a great first rig and compact enough to carry around.

Good filtration and taste

This rig is great for tasting and getting a cool hit from the filtration. The pull is harder than most of my rigs, and water is harder to get in and out which is why I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Hi Alexander! Awesome review, thank you so much :)

Just what I wanted

Love this rig, it has thick glass, nice design, easy to clean, and gives a perfect rip every time. First quartz banger had a chip/crack when received (it was a 2mm not very thick), customer service team was speedy with a response and replacement. Fast shipping and A+ service.

Kevan on 02/06/18
Review of UPC Hammer Barrel Perc to Vortex Oil Rig

My Go-To Dab Rig

Smooth, tasty pulls that are cooled off by the awesome perc and faberge egg design. The piece itself feels solid, especially the super solid base. My only hesitations when handling it involve the handle, but that's probably just me being careful. Only caveat with this piece involves using it for flower; don't. I mean, do, if you have to, but it's to be avoided. The taste and pull are nice, but the piece itself will get dirty very quick (especially the 90 degree joint) and its unique structure makes cleaning the interior chamber a pain... Otherwise, it's a dabber's dream!

Great piece

First larger purchase with glass. Website was really easy to use and the package came really quickly! The bong itself is secured nicely in an abundance of bubble wrap. Hits beautifully and looks just as good. Will definitely be ordering again. Thanks, Smokecartel 🙏🏿🔥

Great piece

Durable thick glass, smooth and hard hits.

Natural Guy..

All I can say is this little piece rips. I needed a little piece to hook up to my Yocan torch and wow this thing rips like a regular size rig, also hooked it up to my nail same result don't underestimate the size you won't be disappointed

Totally! Size isn't everything ;) Have a smokin' day!

It's great

Amazing all around only complaint is the amount of water it takes

Noah on 01/22/18
Review of The "Sunday Cup" Sundae Stack Inspired Rig

Hey Noah! Awesome to hear you're enjoying the Sunday Cup! Happy dabbin ;)

Great rig, low quality nail

Love the feel and quality of the actual rig, but the nail broke within the first week of using it and Smoke Cartel would not replace it.

Glad to hear you're enjoying this piece! I would suggest you check out our bowl section [] You'll need an 18.8mm female for this piece.

Great except

Works great, a little pricey, the aroma therapy doesn’t work real well. Overall a great machine. The service after the sale is excellent!

Jcbarbwire on 01/19/18
Review of Herbalizer - The Premium Desktop Vaporizer

Glad you are enjoying this piece!! Have a great day ;)


I didn't purchase myself my girlfriend bought it as a birthday present and I have to say its the smoothest hit I've ever had I absolutely love this piece

Colby on 01/19/18
Review of "The Atomic Nucleus" 8 Arm Recycler

Absolutely amazing

Thank you to the people at Smoke Cartel! I just received my Dab Rig not even ten minutes ago. I could really see the effort put forth to make sure the rig got to me safely. It looks amazing and I cannot wait for the look on my partners eyes when she sees it! Amazing job!

Robert on 01/18/18
Review of The Inception Internal Tunnel Dab Rig

NIce lil rig

I didn't buy this from SC but, I did get a slightly different version made by Kali Kut's. It's identical to this rig but it has a cupped base with a wax wallet hidden in the cupped base. This "popper" rig has some nice filtration but the glass isn't exactly as thick as I'd like. As long as your careful with it it'll last. Cleaning this is actually a LOT easier then I thought it'd be too. All in all this is a solid smaller rig/flower pipe if your looking for filtration and savoring the flavor of your smoke ; )

Bad ass

Love it solid rig and custom etching was perfect!!! Will buy again!

Sandman on 01/15/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Dry Bones" Skeletal Fumed Rig