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Fun piece!

Fun little piece, nice smooth hits and feels solid in the hand. Might not be a daily use item, since it’s kind of a pain to clean, but it’s a fun little piece to pass around among a friend or two. Bowl size is decent, and the amount of water it holds gives good filtration.

Hey Matthew! Great review! That's what we love to hear :) thanks for making it Smoke Cartel, smoke on!

The rig hits really nice.

Its great, looking forward of buying another rig.

Andres .. on 10/21/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Hits really smoothly and is a work of art

This is honestly the most convenient and best functioning bubbler ive ever had. I received it within 4 days, which was great, its a little smaller than expected but it doesnt take away from the fact that its a great piece.

Jeremiah L. on 10/21/17
Review of The "Fab Mini" Faberge Egg Style Bubbler Pipe

She chugggggs

Perfect little bubbbler/bong.

ANDY G. on 10/20/17
Review of "Boomer" Bubbler Rig with Matrix Perc

Good stuff

First one came and had minor defect. Instantly replaced by a flawless one. Thanks smoke cartel incredible service no hassle good products!!

Nicholas .. on 10/20/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Humbled by quality

Took a chance on a small bubbler even though I don't like the trouble of adding water. This bubbler was so spot on with my highest expectations that it's now my favorite piece in my collection!

sweet small rig

i love this piece and the slide it comes with is nice and easy to pull

zack on 10/19/17
Review of "Boomer" Bubbler Rig with Matrix Perc

Delivers a good punch!

James J. on 10/19/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

clear hits

love the size and the way it hits

Higher Expectations

I wanted a cool bubble piece but this bubbler is way too hot to even hold with my hands. The bowl heats up way too much and it's very uncomfortable to use. One of the first pieces i've had to throw away right after getting, i'll never buy another chubbler from Sesh Supply.

Hey Dorian, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with this bubbler :( that's not what we like to hear. With these pieces, please ensure you are heating the bowl the correct way to avoid this issue. We are here to help 24/7 if you need any assistance with anything!:

Killer bubbler

Hits like a champ man!

Carlos G. on 10/18/17
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler


Was it worth the wait? Hell yes

Holes to small in the bowl part, it won’t really pull at all.

Holes to small in the bowl part, it won’t really pull at all.

Hello Blake, I'm sorry to hear that! If you need any assistance at all we are always here to help: :)

The best of all worlds.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this product functions. The bubbler attachment and the one hitter are by far my favorite of the 3 when it comes to functionality and smoothness. The bowl piece is heavy duty, but seems to hit a bit more on the harsh side compared to the other two. The best part of the whole package is the helix attachment. Why you ask? Because it takes a 14.5mm male insert. So if you have any pieces with a removable mouthpiece like the Sheldon black 6 shooter, just buy a male to male connector and now you have many more possibilities. I personally have a pax 3 water pipe connector which I use with the helix to create an extremely cool draw. This variation of the helix is worth the investment.

Brian G. on 10/17/17
Review of Grav Labs Helix Bubbler Multi Pack


It came quick, it wad packaged heavily so it didn't break. The box was descretly packaged. I am shopping here for now on

Jordan M. on 10/17/17
Review of UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler

Amazing customer service

I ordered this item and it was shipped in a timely manner but arrived with 2 small cracks. Nothing major but I texted SC to see if there was anything to be done about it. Within an hour they express shipped me a replacement. One of the easiest and most comfortable customer service exchanges I've ever had. Thank you Constantine. The piece is exactly what I was looking for 5/5 thanks again guys.


This is a bad ass piece, super smooth and also doubles as a lovely mantle decoration πŸ€™πŸΌ

Benjamin V. on 10/16/17
Review of The China Glass "Kublai" Hammer Bubbler

Best Decision Yet

This is legitimately the best site online! Great prices and a very well crafted piece. The shipping process was a pleasant surprise, the contact from beginning to end has made me a loyal customer. I will definitely make this my new go to shop, keep of the good work guys.

Phil .. on 10/15/17
Review of "Boomer" Bubbler Rig with Matrix Perc

Super smooth!

What a great sherlock bubbler, get yours already! :0

Adam C. on 10/15/17
Review of UPC "Double-Bubbler" with Dual Chambers

Nina .. on 10/14/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

Hi Justin, if there is anything we can do to make your experience with this piece a 5/5 then please don't hesitate to let us know!:


Hey Marina! This piece is awesome right?! Yes, we would recommend cleaning this piece after every use to avoid clogging.

Josh T. on 10/11/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler


S.C is the real deal fast and easy the free texting number is a plus thanks to everyone at at S.C

Marlo Z. on 10/11/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Love it

Arrived fast well packed and very well built for the $$ Thanks Mainlined vortex

Was a good piece but broke within a week.

Mark B. on 10/10/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Hello Mark, I'm very sorry to hear this, however I am glad you purchased our Glass Guard warranty and that we were able to help you resolve this quickly! I hope you're enjoying your new piece :)

Beautiful piece

Couldn't wait to receive this & hoped it'd be as pictured. It didn't disappoint & is beautiful!! Sturdy glass, arrived on time with email updates along the way. I'm sure I'll order again in the future.

Angie A. on 10/10/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

Super fast shipping!!

I was so excited to order this because it’s simple n sturdy looking. Looks just like how it’s displayed. So cute, 4 stars only because I don’t know how well it hits yet!

Hey Karen! So happy to hear The Daily Driver has given great first impressions! Be sure to let us know how you are getting on with the piece in the future!

One small god

This little beast of a pipe is amazing! Just enough perculation present, wonderful taste and extremely efficient build quality! Just like my 2 stage ashcatcher, it hit the ground, and didnt break. 11/10 would buy again!

Great piece, professional service. Will use again

Farhan H. on 10/07/17
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler


Cartel did a great job with shipping time and product..

Works great would be 5 stars but..

It seems like there's a few issues with the glass quality overall in the base there's two small deep inside cracks that are shaped like sideways letter u's. It's not enough for me to return it but I am a bit paranoid it'll become a problem in the future if they grow or connect to one another. Other than that and a slightly loose bowl that came with it I'm incredibly happy with the piece and how it hits.

Hey Darwin, if your piece ever arrives in an anything less than perfect condition make sure to let us know! I'm glad that you are overall happy with your piece though, enjoy the Daily Driver!

Nice, although a bit lightweight of glass. Hoping it will last!

Charles P. on 10/06/17
Review of The "Fab Mini" Faberge Egg Style Bubbler Pipe

Hey Charles! This glass is 5mm thick, but we would of course always recommend adding Glass Guard to cover yourself from any accidents. Glad to hear you're enjoying the "Fab Mini"!

Great addition

This thing hit like a champ and is my new favorite piece. For the price it's a steal for sure

incomplete oil rig

Item was shipped with missing nail and dome

Jonathan s. on 10/05/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Hey Jonathan! I'm so sorry to hear this, I'm glad that we resolved things quickly for you though and I hope you're enjoying your new oil rig!


Really cute but can’t use it yet because I don’t hve anything to carb the dome with so I have to go out and buy a bucket for it

Tearyn B. on 10/04/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

here we go again

hello beautiful people at smoke cartel so you would like for me to share a review about my new little lady she's a little small in the hip's (the chamber) LOL but there's plenty to hold on to love the matrix Perc, glass is thick base solid nice bowl came with she is not like the Mobius in size but close. she pulls very smooth to me I'm a big fella mouthpiece is nice, this pipe will get the job done it rips like crazy it will be my daily driver tell I replace it, it has to earn a place next to my fab rig lol I think this is part 1 of my review part 2 after a few more dates lol then I can really write a better review still working on the water level and I need to get a reclaim catcher adapter 18mm male then she will be complete to use with my e-nail hooked up with quartz banger. I have tried it out and all I can say is she's a awesome little brat so until part 2 of this review is ready you medial patient keep a eye out for it.keep it real tell next time thanks all of you guys at smoke cartel

Great pipe!

Great size for portability. The shape makes it easy to grip. And produces a nice sized hit.

Darrell Y. on 09/30/17
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler


Cleans like a breeze, and it's gorgeous!

Small portable hits great :)

this is a great super portable piece perfect for someone who wants the smoothness of a water bong but the portability of a glass pipe. hits really really smooth and clean. great piece and shipping on it was amazing.

ZACHARY K. on 09/30/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Laid Back" Standing Sidearm Bubbler

Absolutely awesome unit

the double bubbler works amazing creating super milky smooth hits. overall design looks amazing and works great. only downside i have with it is that after use whatever remains in the bowl does like to stay stubbornly lit but putting a quarter over the bowl and blocking the carb for a few seconds eventually puts it out. overall amazing piece and i strongly recommend it.

ZACHARY K. on 09/30/17
Review of UPC "Double-Bubbler" with Dual Chambers

Just Plain Great Service

Delivery was sooner than expected and the glass piece is excellent.

Yuliana L. on 09/29/17
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

Handy little piece

Great little piece to have around and travel with. Hits great, easy to clean, very durable.

CM D. on 09/29/17
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler


I was very pleased. Beautiful pipe. Easy to use. I love it!

Perfect on-the-go Rig

This little beast is well made and chugs better than most would expect. I use this for concentrates only

Landon W. on 09/29/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Hey Landon, that's exactly what we love to hear! Thanks for making it Smoke Cartel, enjoy!

Great piece

Really enjoy using this.

Kevin M. on 09/27/17
Review of "Mini-Cycler" Recycler Oil Rig Bubbler

Smooth hits without a doubt

I think it's a great peice of glass it gets dirty really easy An you've gotta change the water a lot but over all not disappointed at all

Catherine T. on 09/27/17
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler