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Cute Little Starter Rig

I love this! It’s definitely smaller than I thought but it still rips great.

Perfect title! It really is a great first rig and compact enough to carry around.

Second Time Purchasing

Great little bubbler. Incredibly convenient for travelling and physically durable as well. Bowl size is perfect.

Chris on 02/07/18
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler


Thanks Zachw for the fantastic packaging, my piece arrived safely. This is my first glass piece from Grav Labs. Wow. I could only afford the Mini Hammer and I’m so happy with my decision to purchase this piece. It hits extremely smooth, I’m very happy, now I’m going to need to invest in other Grav Labs works of art. And as ALWAYS from shopping to shipping Smoke Cartel in beautiful Savannah Georgia is and always will be my go to smoke shop supplier!

Charles on 02/06/18
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

Unable to put it down

Incredible piece of glass, smooths the smoke, cools the hit and bubbles as I had hoped. Pairs well with a screened bowl. Would buy again.

trippingonwires on 02/04/18
Review of "The Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe


I absolutely love this bubbler!!! It gives amazingly huge rips, you don't even realize untill you blow it back out!! Absolutely love it!!

Eric on 02/01/18
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

Don’t like it

Hits good, looks cool, but I would recommend buying a different style. Very difficult to clean and

TODD .. on 01/31/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Hi Todd! Thanks for your feedback. If you're having trouble cleaning this piece I would recommend you check out our spring cleaning page to help you out ;) :

Natural Guy..

All I can say is this little piece rips. I needed a little piece to hook up to my Yocan torch and wow this thing rips like a regular size rig, also hooked it up to my nail same result don't underestimate the size you won't be disappointed

Totally! Size isn't everything ;) Have a smokin' day!

Great rig, low quality nail

Love the feel and quality of the actual rig, but the nail broke within the first week of using it and Smoke Cartel would not replace it.

Glad to hear you're enjoying this piece! I would suggest you check out our bowl section [] You'll need an 18.8mm female for this piece.

Fun little pipe

I'm not usually a fan of these bubbler pipes, but this one stands out. The second chamber really makes a difference in keeping the nasties out of your mouth. Not really a daily driver, but absolutely worth pulling out frequently to mix things up.

EP on 01/19/18
Review of UPC "Double-Bubbler" with Dual Chambers

Glad you are enjoying this bubbler! Too bad to hear it's not as great as you would like, but your review will be helpful for people looking at this item. Have great day!

It's great

Hits great. Great Suze arrived in perfect condition.

nice for the price

heavy, changing color already. fast shipping

jeff on 01/17/18
Review of UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler

Great Bowl - Some Drawbacks

This bowl is great, hits hard while being very effective. Its relatively easy to clean, id recommend filling a bag full of iso alcohol and salt, and putting only the bowl piece into it, suck in (dont inhale) and breathe out, it'll get all those annoying stains out. Then just clean it like a regular bowl. Some cons are that the bottom hole is very small, and my bowl was clogged for a week and I could barely hit it before I found out it was clogged, so remember to have a paperclip or something on you. Also if the bowl is almost out the flame can go through the left hole and burn your finger, I have a few burns already. Still a great bowl and with the discount I had it was pretty cheap too.

Glad to hear you're enjoying this piece! Thanks for the detailed instructions, especially that finger burn warning, I'm sure many people will benefit from your review :) For the harder stains you can always check Smoke Soap by 420Science.

Good pipe

I ordered one of these a month or so ago and I'm happy with it. It's a great pipe for the price, it hits fairly smooth and is not too hard to clean. The hole in the bowl is a little bit big and a little bit of herb usually falls through each time, but other than that it is a great piece. I didn't feel that the whole was big enough that a screen was necessary. It works perfectly well without one. It's a little bit tough to get the right amount of water in it, and to ash out the bowl without dumping all your water out. Overall it's a nice piece and I would definitely buy another one.

Great to hear you're enjoying this piece!! Thanks for taking the time to review this item and state what you don't like about it as well. It takes some experimenting to get the water level just right, hopefully you'll get used to it :)

Nice entry price point. Great starter rig. Smooth hits.

Cheap price great product. This guy does what it should and does it well. I don't like wasting money on glass. 300.00 for taking medicine? If I went to the doctor and got pain pills would I pay an extra 300.00 for a glass to take them? No. Why would you? You like wasting money? Who does? This rig gets the job done on the cheap. I got lucky and got all the accessories and rig for 70 bucks. This pits the savings towards medicine. Be smart people. Save your money pick this guy up. You will break it eventually.


this is a piece of functionally sweet art. it rips ggood, looks sweet, and it even was signed by the artist personally etched in on the bottom with a scribe etching pen. just like when the grade school teacher has the little kids put theirs names with toothpicks before firing their clay art scurptures.. heh cool touch!

Gregory on 01/05/18
Review of Chubz Glass "Chubby" Oil Bubbler

First time buyer, new forever customer

The piece is not only quality and came VERY well packaged, but Smoke gave me the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. From them sending you texts of updates, to replying ASAP, they are great. The piece is AWESOME and will definitely be coming back for more future pieces!

Simply the best

I am a daily bong smoker and I recently acquired this to give bubblers a second try. This is the best smoking experience I have had. The draw is amazing and the bowl holds heat really well. The construction feels extremely strong and sturdy. I think I will be storing that bong for a while. Buy it now, you wont regret it.

Ian on 01/03/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Gud 2 Go!!!

Lovely design & handy 4 wen taking time outs @ the PC:-) Delivery was quick & efficient.

Robert G. on 01/03/18
Review of The "Fab Mini" Faberge Egg Style Bubbler Pipe


Another perfect experience from smoke cartel. I love my new UPC!!

Blake on 01/03/18
Review of UPC "Polly-Ann" 6-Arm Hammer Bubbler

for Real Review

Main reason I got this piece; the down stem pulls out, makes it EASY to CLEAN. Double filtration & hits Very Well, for the size. I got a couple Honeycomb glass screens, otherwise green falls through, waste.

Good Bubbler

When I got this it was a lot smaller than I expected but if you actually paid attention to dimensions you wouldn't be surprised. This thing chugs, the hits are smooth and hit you hard. I like the size its easier to store and it doesn't sacrifice the hit for its size. Glass is decently thick not the best but not bad ever, I would buy this again.

Nick on 12/26/17
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

Hey Nick! Thanks so much for your awesome review, I'm glad you're enjoying the Bubble Stacker as much as we are!

Love this beauty

It was love at first sight when I saw this pipe. Happy to say I was NOT disappointed with it. Nice smooth, easy hit. It does take a bit to learn how much you can inhale and still have a smooth hit. Like how you fill it and doesn't leak at all. So amazed by that. Though on the other hand, while lighting it (in mid hit) the flame from the lighter came out of the carb hole and zapped my thumb. That was like the second & third hit off of it. Now we just keep the flame away from that part of the bowl. So worth every penny tho!!

Great piece!

i love this bubbler, it works great and it has a really simple design. I've ordered from smoke cartel a handful of times now and its always on time. The only reason i'm giving this piece a 4/5 stars is because it does get dirty and build up very easy, but thats to be expected with a smaller piece like this. Over all it's a great bubbler and glad i got it.

Hi Alexander! Wow, thanks so much! This is exactly the response we love to hear from our customers. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

great little bubbler

This has lasted over a year, being transported, passed around, lost and found again, etc, without a scratch. Shockingly sturdy, especially because I break everything. The dark purple/indigo color helps to hide residue if you're not into cleaning your pieces regularly. And it hits well--especially for people with asthma like me, or newbies who are scared to have a hit from a bigger bong. No coughing fits with this thing. Definitely a 5-star product.

Christina on 12/07/17
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

Amazing little guy

Exactly as advertised. Great little rig!

Andrew P. on 12/06/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Amazing Items and Fast Delivery!

Every time I decide to order from smokecartel, I am never dissatisfied and the prices are amazing!

Grace M. on 12/05/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Leia M. on 12/05/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Hi Leia! Thank you for rating the Natural Guy 3/5! I hope you are loving him ;)

A great piece

Couldn't wait to get this piece. Did not disappoint. Super smooth draws with some great bubbling action. Definitely recommended.

Terrance W. on 12/04/17
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler


Alonso V. on 12/04/17
Review of UPC "Polly-Ann" 6-Arm Hammer Bubbler

25mm hammer bubbler with colored accents-blue

This thing isn’t awesome! The best hand pipe I have ever owned! Huge,smooth rips! If you don’t have one, you should have one! As for Smoke Cartel, they are amazing! They sent me personal text messages to make sure I was satisfied and to keep me updated on the status of my piece. I ordered it on Thanksgiving Day. A little bit later in the day I realized that I had accidentally ordered the black one when I meant order the blue. I responded to Smoke Cartel’s text about the piece informing them of my mistake and they put a rush order on it because there was only one blue one left in stock. All of this about 10min before I sat down to enjoy Thanksgiving diner! Thanks Smoke Cartel!

Robert B. on 12/03/17
Review of UPC "Double-Bubbler" with Dual Chambers

Natural guy

This lil rig can Put out big tokes about anywhere

Stephanie S. on 12/03/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Beautiful bubbler

Fits perfect in your hands. Extremely pretty. I would highly recommend.

Great Bubbler!

The downstem makes it easy to clean and the second perc is perfect for tasty rips!

Elegant design - works well

It’s a petite little pipe but it works very well and it smokes very clean with cold water added. Love it.

Eric .. on 11/30/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Pascal .. on 11/30/17
Review of The China Glass "Marco Polo" Standing Bubbler

everything good thanks again 5 stars on this mike

mike k. on 11/29/17
Review of UPC "Double-Bubbler" with Dual Chambers

New favorite!

It's the perfect size and it rips! I've used it for both flower and concentrates and it performs absolutely incredible, this is definitely my new favorite piece. I actually ordered a different piece, but it didn't make it so well in the mail. Smoke cartel very nicely offered me a new one and since the one I previously purchased was sold out, I chose this one. I'm so glad I did, match made in heaven 💕!

Great bong

Mark H. on 11/28/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Great product

Just as depicted

Came just as depicted. Will make a great gift.

Alex M. on 11/28/17
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler



Troy K. on 11/27/17
Review of UPC Showerhead Bubbler

Simple and Small

I really enjoy how simple, small, and easy to clean this one is. I very much suggest the titanium nail. Much easier to use and clean than the dome and nail it came with.

Amanda t. on 11/27/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Nice pipe

This makes a great travel bubbler. It hits smooth in a small package.


scot k. on 11/25/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Fun little piece

A lot smaller than it looks in the first pictures. But its really worth it if you need a quick on the go piece. Just put a 14mm/18mm nail on there and this thing really rips. Just make sure you get a 14/18mm nail and not the 10/14mm bundle option.

Leah M. on 11/24/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig


It was smaller than I thought it was going to be but it works great! It got here quicker than expected and it was all in one piece :)

Katie R. on 11/24/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 14mm Vapor Bubbler Rig

Great to hear you're liking this "Guy", thanks for the feedback! Have a blazin' day ;)

Braden K. on 11/22/17
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler