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Sweet shit

I hit this and it was so clean, the water does little for lessening the harshness but the bowl is fairly large. Overall it's a 9/10. Excellent flavor preservation

Works OK. EXTREMELY hard to clear.

FIrst off, I'd like to say that I have been pretty satisfied with SC's products. That being said, their customer service is some of the worst I've ever experienced and I just wanted to put that somewhere for at least some people to see. If you think you might have a problem with your order or need to return it for some reason, go somewhere else. They will not get back to you unless you pester them and even then they'll make it not even worth your time. Now that that's said, the bubbler is okay. It has a decent bowl and a nice look but it doesn't clear well at all you have to really pull to get it to clear and even then it doesn't always. Also, I can't imagine cleaning this to be an easy thing as the downstem is in such an odd spot. I can't say this is a bad pipe but know what you're getting before you get it.

My new driver

this lil beast hits smooth,and on point. i love it,its all i hit outta now. price point is great too,69 bux! SC got tha glass game on lock.

Bees knees

Really impressed with the piece for its price. The only negative was there was a little chip taken out of the bowl itself, not too bad but enough to notice. But it doesn't effect the smoke so overall awesome piece.

Kristopher K. on 02/24/17
Review of "The Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe

Looks awesome and arrived SO fast!

Ordered this last minute for a birthday party coming up. We think he's going to love it and we will definitely be coming to y'all again for any glass needs!

Sheridan S. on 02/24/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Laid Back" Standing Bubbler


This is my absolute favorite piece. Most used by far. The only negative features are that the water has a potential to get in your mouth if you don't hold it correctly which I assure you is terrible if it's not fresh water and that chunks can get stuck inside of the piece so a screen is probably a good idea however I never do it. This piece is always a great surprise to my friends because it looks like a normal bowl and it rips wonderfully smooth. I dropped mine while cleaning it and ordered a replacement (with warranty this time ) immediately. Very good thick glass.

Quality piece/price with amazing function

Only using it a day now with a quartz its giving me smooth yet milky clouds!

I was so excited to get this and when I got it I was happy. Good quality, it hits well. Highly recommend.

Exactly as expected

My experience has been fine. The unit arrived a day early, undamaged in a well-wrapped package. The glass is of medium/durable quality, with a nice heavy base. The bubblerpulls nicely, giving a good swirl to the smoke to cool it down -- really brings out the flavor, and it sure seems like it makes it a bit stronger than a normal toke. I really like the way this pipe causes a little bit of backpressure/vacuum when you first start to inhale, and then pulls super smooth once equilibrium is reached inside the bubbler. The MSRP of $150 is a bit high for this unit, but overall worth the spend if it's on sale.

Love it

I really like this. The water really doesnt spill out, and its easy to take with you. Ive found to clean it, stick a straw in the mouth piece because it will allow the water to flow in better. Does not take very much water at all. For me, it makes a hit smoother, but a some of my friends who have tried says it burns their throat a little. Some splashback, but if you put the right amount of water in it's very minimal. It might take a few hits to figure out the best position, but once you do it works great. Was hesitant at first to get this, but if you want something smaller, and portable this piece is perfect.

Nice rig

The bubbler is VERY NICE. I didn't get a chance to smoke out of it but looks to deliver MONSTER HITS!

Stained Glass

Love this unit, and have been using it for over a month. The one drawback with clear glass (at least for me) is that the inside gets stained after a single use. It has to be cleaned frequently, although it is easy. Not a good value at this price (IMHO).

Meadow L. on 02/21/17
Review of "Cupcake" Metallic Fumed Standing Bubbler

Lauren B. on 02/21/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 10mm Vapor Bubbler Rig


Great Design

jordan c. on 02/21/17
Review of "The Candycane" Fumed Bubbler

Grav labs is the best

So this is my first grav labs piece and i always wanted something from them and i have the full size bubbler and it was a lot bigger than i thought it was gone be and this pipe hits hard it gets dirty fast so i recommend you clean as you go but overall it's really worth it

Leandre on 02/20/17
Review of Grav Labs Bubbler - Clear Hammer Style

Excellent. Smooth. Worth every penny.

Fantastic rig. 10/10 woukd but again

Excellent But...

Seems the downstrem was mismade. Otherwise it's a nice piece. Thanks again!


Nice weight in my hand.

Rebeckah T. on 02/18/17
Review of "The Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe

Broke the first day I had it but other then that great

It's great. Got here fast!

Love It

This is my first bubbler, and it's great. The price is good, it's a gorgeous piece, and it does the job well.

Charles P. on 02/17/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Laid Back" Standing Bubbler

Best I've ever owned

I love my chubbler. I enjoy showing it offto my friends and family, and I can't wait to take it with me to High Times canna cup such a smooth hit every time.

Mini Hammer

The text came the night b4 the package. I love these little bubblers. They're easy to stow away in your travels, don't take up a lot of space.

Lynne N. on 02/16/17
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler


The best!

Javier R. on 02/16/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

Great product!

Just received this in the mail today and I'm already loving it! It's a little bigger than expected but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The hole in the slider piece is a little big so don't grind up whatever you're putting in there too fine or it will fall through. The glass feels thick and durable so I'm looking forward to having this for awhile!

AWESOME! I highly recommend.

Love it. 100% satisfied.

Well made

Hits good. Bowl is DEEP not wide. Hold at just about any angle and it still has water covering the end so you get a good bubble effect. It doesn't take a to. If watet

Justin H. on 02/15/17
Review of "The Candycane" Fumed Bubbler


Gives huge hits while lookin pretty great buy

George B. on 02/14/17
Review of Smoky Mountain Glass Large Hammer Bubbler

Smaller than expected

So it's not so big and the bowl isn't too deep. Hits pretty nice but not worth the regular price wait for a sale. And I mean a sale where it costs less than $50.

Waste of money

The piece I received was broken as the other review states, complete waste of money.

My **** was sent back to you guys wtf

My stuff was delivered back to your shop I hade guarantee on it when I'm I gonna get my stuff!?!?!?!?!?

Maira J. on 02/13/17
Review of The "Natural Guy" Simple 10mm Vapor Bubbler Rig


Carla .. on 02/13/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

Great Glass

Sesh supply does it again. This is a great double bowl bubbler, it's different to get used to at first, but when it gets going it's quite an amazing piece. Two movable propellers diffuse smoke into the piece and make a glass "singing" noise that is out of this world. Definitely a unique piece for any collection!

Christopher F. on 02/12/17
Review of Sesh Supply "Minotaur" Double Bowl Bubbler

Five star

I ordered, purchased and had my item in 3 days. Definitely a return customer

eric h. on 02/12/17
Review of "The Candycane" Fumed Bubbler

This bubbler is nice

Cheap solid glass rips are monster Dabs are tight dry herbs it's great overall this pipes sick smoke cartel is the shit order everything from here.

It's a hit!

This was a vday gift for my husband and he loves it. He loves the design, colors and size. He says it hits really smooth and im pretty sure it's gonna be his new go to. I myself am very pleased with the packaging and shipping. It got here before the initial date given and was packed discreetly and double bubble wrapped and box filled with tons of packing peanuts for safe travels. Thanks smoke cartel. 😘


great little bubbler! well worth the money.

showerhead glass bubbler pipe

works great. easy pull big hit!

Good piece, HORRIBLE customer service!

EXTREMELY disappointed by the customer service when I purchased this item. I ordered the piece over a month ago and just got it today. I have ordered from smoke cartel in the past with no issues, but this order was nothing but issues. I didn't even get an order number until 2 weeks after I placed the order and the payment processed. I continuously called them to check on the status of my order but all I got was a full voicemail. RIDICULOUS way to run a business! Got a response via email two days later saying that they were moving warehouses so sorry for the delay and gave me "100 points" to use on other products, which was worth basically nothing. It was then an additional two weeks before I received my order. Extremely disappointed by their customer service. The two stars is only for the piece itself.


Great size and function, perfect daily driver for sure. Easy to clean and change your water out as well. Good choice for a bubbler

Worth the wait

I loved my purchase. Had a delay with the shipment but once I emailed my concerned they got the processing sped up. Took two weeks before I got my package but was happy with my purchase. The class was thick and easy to use.

Dennis G. on 02/11/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

Content with this rig.

Simple and durable rig. Hits like a champ. Super satisfied with my purchase. Will definitely do business with smoke cartel again.

Purchased twice I love it that much!

Still love this piece. Curious though.....would a concentrate rig set up work in this form?? I'd buy that fo sho.

Water defect

This pipe simply doesent work right EVER! You will always end up drinking bong water and the bowl is way to small. I don't recommend anyone ever buy this pipe. It's a waste of money. Huge price for no quality!


What a delightful idea, and a wonderful little pipe. It has a beautiful design and color, and it is just awesome to have a little pipe..not small but mid sized, that holds water as such. It also draws very nicely, and I am just one happy camper with this thing! Now, let me get back to it....ha..ha...well! Very nice and thanks to all at the Smoke Cartel for this, and much, much more.

Dr. B. on 02/10/17
Review of "The Candycane" Fumed Bubbler

Craftsman ship glass piece

Very nice glass peice, it's micro size is perfect, got the nail and dome. I should have ordered the bucket though that way I can take a bigger hit. Cheers !

Vince L. on 02/10/17
Review of UPC "Moonsider" Tank Sidecar Bubbler