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The gl*** piece is uneven on the top of the egg, also isn't cotton candy color which is what I ordered. Piece is honestly not good quality, wouldn't suggest it for anyone else. Mouthpiece is so small


Never been so disappointed with a rig before. If I could return it I would in a heartbeat. DO NOT BUY THIS RIG


First piece i ever had and i am very impressed and happy with it

Pretty little thing

A very attractive piece! Heftily constructed for durability with a roaring little perc. My vape pulls well through it and the flavor is clean. I'm thoroughly pleased!

La O. on 04/23/17
Review of The China Glass "Genghis" Standing Bubbler

A+++ as usual

I ordered on a Thursday and it got here in two days. Nothing was broken or out of place, and this piece is great! Amazing air flow and cool hits galore! HIGHly recommended


Love! Love! Love! this cute little unit!

Brinton H. on 04/21/17
Review of Purr Glass Clear Pocket Hammer Bubbler


...sturdy little piece for the price...fits well on a small writing desk (with all the other flower, concentrates, stuff)...hits well...

420 ready

Nice little bubbler. It hits smoothly and the sidecar style keeps water away from your mouth. I got the wistoria, it's more transparent than I thought but you get a nice look at the smoke spinning in the chamber.

Greg M. on 04/19/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Laid Back" Standing Bubbler


Best decision I could have made! My boyfriend loves this! It's his baby πŸ’–

Richard R. on 04/18/17
Review of Purr Glass Clear Pocket Hammer Bubbler


Killer lil bubbler for the price. Decorative. Good size. Works well.

Christina M. on 04/18/17
Review of The China Glass "Kublai" Hammer Bubbler

Theseus Spoon Review

Solid glass / very sturdy. Do not over fill because you will get a little water in your mouth or on your lips. Bowl itself is a bit shallow and finely ground dry material can fall through so be aware. As far as the hit itself it is VERY smooth as advertised. Overall the fact that I got this on sale for 40$ and the quality of work it was well worth the price.

good quality

The only problem I have is that the detailing was slightly scuffed in some areas but that hardly matters really. Feels really nice, pulls like it should. All around pretty solid.

dylan l. on 04/15/17
Review of The China Glass "Terracotta" Upright Bubbler

Danielle A. on 04/15/17
Review of Glassheads "Pink Bulbous" Hammer

Great pipe

Great pipe but sent wrong one ,it's ok Thank you

Excellent beginner dab rig!

Wanted something small but not a micro rig, and this was a great choice; hits smoothly with no splashback. Also love the nail bundle deals. Makes it much easier than having to shop around for the correct one.

spectacular gl***

lisa f. on 04/13/17
Review of Purr Glass Clear Pocket Hammer Bubbler

Great little bubbler

This piece is super smooth. It's small, light and sexy. First time for me ordering from smoke cartel. Shipping and customer service was top notch. Took three business days to arrive in SLC Utah from Georgia. Smoke cartel may now be my go-to online head shop.

Sam F. on 04/13/17
Review of Boom Felazi Ring Bubbler

Awesome and compact

This is my first time with one of these and I have to say, why didn't I get one sooner. Quality product and nice glass.

Christine T. on 04/12/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

small but smooth

surprise it was perfect ,loved it .

Robert G. on 04/11/17
Review of Purr Glass Clear Pocket Hammer Bubbler

Good piece

Smaller than I thought. But hits really well. Can barely feel it ;)

Great little piece

Great looking, great sounding, very smooth, I love everything about it so far, definitely a new daily driver for me.

Summer D. on 04/10/17
Review of The China Glass "Marco Polo" Standing Bubbler

My First Glass

This was my first glass piece... ever. As such, I will try to give the best review and amatuer can. Pros: - It fits easily into one of my little lady baby hands - It does that cool, watery, bubbling thing (I want to say diffusion?) -BIG clouds Cons: - Hard to clean, but I am new at this so maybe it is something I need to get used to. - You cannot use a lot of water, test levels before smoking. I was surprised how little it took. - This puppy needs to come with a filter! All in all, happy I bought it and as always the peeps at SmokeCartel are awesome!

Havilah K. on 04/10/17
Review of Purr Glass Clear Pocket Hammer Bubbler

Best piece I own

I got this in the mail yesterday and used it today. By far the smoothest and best hits I've ever had. Love love LOVE this!

Kayla S. on 04/09/17
Review of Glassheads "Ram-Bow" Sidecar Style Bubbler

all most perfect.

Awesome piece when you get the perfect amount of water in the chamber but after that you're chillin.

niCe bubbler!....but...

please consider using shredded paper OR any other biodegradable eco-friendy packing....styrofoam peanuts??? and plastic wrap???...yucky

lisalisa on 04/08/17
Review of Glassheads "Pink Panther" Sherlock Bubbler

The ossa

Absolutely love it!! No smoke cartel lighter tho?:(

Worth the price :)

The quality and design of this item is solid. I found the Crusader very smooth and easy to use. With the detachable downstem, it should be pretty easy to clean, too. What worked so well for me was the flexibility of the unit to handle small (as well as larger) amounts. I would recommend it!

Very Nice Piece

Well made and has quite a bit of weight. I really like the perc and I had a very nice smoking session with this. Very smooth.


Awesome product! As advertised and some.

the crusader

i love this bubbler..easy smooth draw & very easy to clean.

Purrs like a kitten

I received my bubbler 5 mins ago and I cant stop playing with it =P that purr though. Beautiful piece =)

Haleigh on 04/04/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

It's a good little bubbler, but very expensive.

Draws wellwith no splash. Just way to expensive in my opinion. Joint are not well blended for such expensive glass

David R. on 04/03/17
Review of The China Glass "Marco Polo" Standing Bubbler

Second piece. First one broke.

Likes it so much I bought another after the first one broke by accident.

Amazing would recommend

I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it and it hit great! I would ifhly recommend!


This is a great bubbler and looks great! I am very happy with it and it arrived quickly and well packaged. Very discreet as well. Only 4 stars because the red wasn't my first choice blue was but they were out of stock. Also color seemimgly changes as you smoke.

Holdyn B. on 04/01/17
Review of Chubz Glass "Hammer Down" Bubbler

Benjamin .. on 03/30/17
Review of Chubz Glass Double "Lazy Boy" Wrap and Rake Bubbler

First Bubbler

I am currently using the pipe for cancer treatment. It has helped a lot by cooling the otherwise harsh smoke.

worth the money

liked it well enough to buy as a gift but a bit tricky to clean


Love the size! The pull is amazing. The mouth piece could be at a different angle or a little longer so you don't burn some eyebrows. Other then that, all around amazing rig!!


Dope piece overall.

Chuy C. on 03/28/17
Review of Purr Glass Clear Pocket Hammer Bubbler

Decent Product

THe piece is gorgeous and made of quality glass. It has a nice siced bowl and can give large hits. My one complaint is that the water quickly becomes yellow as you smoke and some may splash back into your mouth. Also be prepared to get bubbler water on yourself emptying and packing this thing away without a towel.