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Definitely my favorite piece



Jason B. on 05/21/19
Review of Empire Glassworks "Plumbus" Hand Pipe

Ash catcher


Robert V. on 05/21/19
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher


Have not connected it yet

Robert V. on 05/21/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter


Have not connected it yet

Robert V. on 05/21/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter


I didn’t open this package yet. However, this ResRemover has worked great in the past

Robert V. on 05/21/19
Review of ResRemover Pipe Cleaner Solution - Just Add Water


It is one of favorite pieces that I display and use daily. Will eventually buy the entire collection. Thank you smoke cartel, grab labs & Jane West

Tyler M. on 05/21/19
Review of Grav Labs The Jane West Steamroller

beautiful pipe

I have not used this one yet. I will have to re-post my review after i have tried it!!

Above and beyond

Great variety and value of items. Craftsmanship of items is shown.Truly appreciated by true smokers.

Jennifer B. on 05/20/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear


I have yet to use this pipe, but after looking at it, it's going to be very nice for people who tend to drop things. Like me haha

Nicole D. on 05/19/19
Review of Eyce Hybrid Silicone and Glass Spoon Pipe


Didn’t even think I needed a new grinder lol this thing is awesome! Well built, perfectly ground herbs and distinctive chambers. Definitely sticking with this brand from here on out!

Anthony K. on 05/19/19
Review of Kraken Grinders - 2.5" 4-Piece Diamond Ridge Grinder

Great product!

Overall a great idea! Straight forward use, only thing I could recommend is some sort of arm to hold to protective cap ok the device itself. I can that thing getting lost easily lol

Anthony K. on 05/19/19
Review of VioSparc - The Flameless Lighter Designed for Pipes

Thank you so much for your review and recommendation, Anthony! Glad to hear you like the VioSparc ;)

Fun first dabs

Lol this little ducky sure did make me and my girlfriends first dabs so fun!!! Loved it

Robert R. on 05/19/19
Review of Rubber Ducky Flat Carb Cap

Fantastic Bong!

This so far has proven to be a great piece of equipment.

Carlos Y. on 05/18/19
Review of UPC Durable Classic Beaker Water Pipe - 14"/18"/24"

Double wall banger

Works good,.. nice heat retention

Thomas B. on 05/18/19
Review of Double Wall Thermal Bangers

Bag the banger was packaged in had a hole in it so as soon as I took it out of the box and unwrapped the bubble wrap the thing just fell out . Breaking on the floor

Bummed out. Never even got the chance to use the banger because of the faulty packaging😡

Thomas B. on 05/18/19
Review of Terp Slerper Style Vacuum Banger

Great costumer service

My pen didn’t arrive when it said it did and smoke cartel made sure to take the best care of me and have a new one to me so fast! I love the pen it’s easy to use and works amazing hope it last me a little while great price!

Pineapple c. on 05/18/19
Review of KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen


Get some accessories and it’s bomb

Fits perfectly

Glad I ordered from here, the adapter functions great, can’t beat the price. I’m kinda picky about my gear, so...well done Smoke Cartel!

Jose G. on 05/17/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter


Everything came in one piece no issues at all and the customer service is A1. Make a platinum flower mystery box and hook me up with a coupon code and I’ll cop again 🤔👌🏻

Edward P. on 05/17/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

It works

It grinds up flower that’s for sure but is not special in any way. Great free gift but nothing worth spending money on in my opinion. 4 stars cuz it was free. Definitely nothing wrong with it but it’s so small not very useful.

Derek . on 05/17/19
Review of Smoke Cartel 2-Piece Aluminum Grinder

Hey Derek, we're glad you're enjoying your free gift! Thanks for 4 stars :)

Loved it!

Right size, durable, fragile, and overall great design.

Daniel .. on 05/17/19
Review of Potter Hive Incycler



Gary S. on 05/17/19
Review of Between 2 Globes

Great Banger

It honestly hits perfectly! Must buy product!

Juan b. on 05/17/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Awesome piece!

Loving this piece even after just a couple of days. Super smooth. It’s definitely a sturdy little thing. Weights more than it looks like, but feels like you could have paid more for this great quality. I would say that it’s worth it all the way.

Dustin M. on 05/16/19
Review of Patty Cake Clear Incycler

Works great!

Tiny little thing but definitely worth it. It helps out with some great rips and is durable. Dropped it almost immediately after getting it. (Approx. 4ft on to vinyl flooring) It just bounced and rolled.

Dustin M. on 05/16/19
Review of Mini Glass Directional Carb Cap

Nice but fragile

Loved straight out of the box. Unfortunately within a half hour one fell over on a table and was instantly destroyed. I have high hopes the second one will last but I’m not counting on it.

Kiwisssddd on 05/16/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

I'm so sorry to hear that!! You might like to try our glass guard program in the future:

Beautiful , dainty and easy to use

Works great. I love it. Not only beautiful but excellent functionality. The size is perfect for ease of use and it really packs a punch

Kiwisssddd on 05/16/19
Review of UPC Tear Drop Dab Rig w/ Quartz Banger - 8"/9"

Solo 2

Works really well, heat up time blows my mind. Everything about my purchase was great. Super fast shipping, hassle free ordering. 10/10 would buy again.

Kayla E. on 05/15/19
Review of Arizer Solo II Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

heavy hitter

don't let the size fool you. Has a nice weight for its size, a little bit smaller than I thought it would be but the glass has a nice polish and it chugs.

Rizk3 . on 05/14/19
Review of Grav Labs Basic Beaker Bong - 8" or 12" Tall

Firing on all holes !

I love this downstem so much, it completely upgraded my old UPC simply guy. This downstem fires on all 10 small holes and out of the top when you clear it. Excellent air flow and the diffusion is some of the best I’ve seen. Got me using my simply guy again.

Brian . on 05/14/19
Review of Hi Si Glass 3" Diffused Downstem

Perfect piece!

Love the color. Love the design. A perfect accessory.

Derek L. on 05/14/19
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe

Good product. Bought the first one over a year ago and it

Bought the first one over a year ago and it's still got some more to go before I trade it out for the new one

Randy M. on 05/13/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Good quality.

I liked the product it works wonders. Thanks!

Sherlock Pink Cane


Pocket Square

Great product

Pamela P. on 05/13/19
Review of ErrlyBird BudderBlocks Pocket Square

Grab Labs Sherlock

Another great pipe!

Pamela P. on 05/13/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Everyman's Bowl

Great workmanship

I love this product!

I absolutely love this vaporizer! It’s works perfectly every time. My favorite feature is the bag. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Billy G. on 05/13/19
Review of Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


Best travel grinder

Tyler M. on 05/13/19
Review of Smoke Cartel 2-Piece Aluminum Grinder

Works great

Works great, but wish the larger clamp piece size could be chosen cause didn't fit the desired piece but fits nice on another one I have.

Patrick J. on 05/12/19
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

Thanks for a 4/5 review, Patrick!

No complaints

Ended up getting a great value. Possible chance of getting two boxes so don't freak when you get you're first one

Tyler M. on 05/12/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

I don't leave home without it

Awesome product and check out YouTube video by Positive Smash 420 on how to clean the roll uh bowl

Best Rips

Unfortunately there are quite a few pieces out there that are not performing nearly @ their potential. A diffused downstem is good, but give it some air flow & watch what it can do. You gotta keep it clean though, so if you're the lazy type this isn't for you.

Never going back to metal.

Hella Easy to clean as well!

Carlos Y. on 05/11/19
Review of Dual Tipped Ceramic Dab Tool

Fantastic holders!

It works exactly as advertised, especially with the honey style oils.

Carlos Y. on 05/11/19
Review of ErrlyBird BudderBlocks 4Pack

I love these...

Nice fit, very comfortable and what’s better than a sloth on a bong design.

Andrea B. on 05/10/19
Review of Women's Sloth On A Bong Kicks


This was a gift for my daughter and we it it up last night. superb!!!!

Fantastic pipe!

This was hands down money well spent. The minute you hold it in your hand, you can feel the quality of the glass. The large pipe chamber allows for some great herb smoking!

Carlos Y. on 05/10/19
Review of Illuminati UV Reactive Hammer Sherlock

Mahalo !

Works well, good product.

Wife loves it

My wife absolutely loves this thing. She always smokes after work with her friend and this makes it so they can use a bong and get a better hit. She couldn't be happier.

Gets the job done

I love my new Dip Devices pen. You can pack the bowl quite full of shatter and take it with you for the day. Works quite well. I have been using mine the past day and a half and still have not needed to recharge it. The medium heat setting provides an optimal balance of flavorful hits and smoke density.

Alex P. on 05/08/19
Review of Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer


The propeller spins beautifully. The hits are consistently big, smooth and delicious. The color is gorgeous also, I ordered seafoam and I love it. I noticed that the propeller doesn’t spin unless I take a large fast hit, the harder you draw the faster it spins. This is not an issue tho as it still bubbles perfectly. I’m so glad I decided to buy it instead of going to a local shop of a tiny shitty bubbler. Thank you Smoke Cartel for a great addition to my collection!!

Cool looking

It’s a nice looking bowl and it does its purpose. I use mostly with company because is more than just a one hitter.

Peter D. on 05/08/19
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide


The only issue is how often it needs to be cleaned and the effort it requires. Besides that it was an exceptional purchase, I use one kc each size for my bongs and I'm very happy with them. I would suggest to anyone that likes good glass, to buy this piece. It's well done and smokes clean.

Parker L. on 05/07/19
Review of Glassheads Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl


Great product easy to use

Thomas S. on 05/07/19
Review of Elements Rolling Machine

clear papers

I have been using these papers for years to the exclusion of all others! I LOVE that there is no glue (yuck) and they have NO taste, so I can fully enjoy what is wrapped up in them without that harsh burn you get from regular papers. I always order a lot because my friends always bum packs from me! I save a lot of money ordering multiple packs so i dont mind sharing!

Laura C. on 05/07/19
Review of Trip2 Clear Cellulose Rolling Papers

Great vaporizer

It was easy to use instructions were a little confusing but the video was more helpful!!! It works great the settings help you vape the way you want !!

Moses G. on 05/07/19
Review of Storz and Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer

Amazing customer service

I ordered the platinum box as a gift for my husband and I and it was awesome! Very pleased at the variety that was included. Unfortunately the main glass piece that was in it arrived broken. I contacted them around 9pm and a replacement was on it's way by 11pm the same night! Overall a great investment and a great experience.

Chanmander on 05/06/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

High Times with the High Times Roll Uh Bowl

Thank goodness for YouTube. Arrived really fast. Maiden voyage in a couple of days - going on a trip with my new Roll Uh Bowl. Compact, easy to take anywhere. No worrying about taking my nice glass and having it get broken.I

Cool Looking Vape Pen

After a couple days of use. This thing does the job pretty good. On the negative side, I wish this thing had a little better airflow and didn't burn the oil towards the end.

John S. on 05/06/19
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS OG Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit

Thank you for your feedback, John! Enjoy!

Cool Looking Vape Pen

After a couple days of use. This thing does the job pretty good. On the negative side, I wish this thing had a little better airflow and didn't burn the oil towards the end.

John S. on 05/06/19
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS OG Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit

Thank you for your feedback, John! Enjoy!

One of the best hemp rolling papers ever.

I love Smoke Cartel's papers. They are thin and smoke well.

John S. on 05/06/19
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers


Good construction, design, and unobtrusive. Easy to use. Efficient.. Long lasting charge. Unsure if the heat needed for a "big" hit is there - small amount of vapor exhaled after long draw, so multiple hits needed to get the high desired. No information given as to how often or when to recharge (obviously when the red X occurs). The 4/20 20% off was a good deal.

Thank you for a great review, Richard! Happy vaping :)

My Review

Have bought many glass peices from Smoke Cartel, always satisfied and wouldn't reccomend anybody else. They are definitely #1👍👍👍

Great but not big hits

I thing this thing is so bad ass looking but I’m not getting big hits off of it

Thank you for your feedback on this vaporizer, Kianga!

Luv this product!

I need a holder for this since it's glass.

Nat D. on 05/06/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Quality stuff

Favorite product thus far.


I absolutely adore these i hated the hassle of glass, I have an extremely sturdy bong that if I knocked it over itd shatter a glass down stem everytime, I'm so happy for these and the only place I could find 5 inch long ones!

Mak10 on 05/06/19
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem

Really cool

I didnt get to use it because it was the worng size and I returned it but if it couldve fit it wouldve been a nice bowl, my only problem is the veiw of the site when you select things, its quite, confusing some things are faded as if they arent availible, itll look like you selected something when you didnt and it automatically has a selection. Besides that, it wouldve been nice

Works great

Air flow is great and it keeps my rig clean longer

Dylan W. on 05/05/19
Review of Dropdown Quartz Reclaimer

Just the right size.

It was great while it lasted it had a great grip and ability to do a few rips before becoming dirty it fell a couple of times before it's last permanent fall that broke it completely. Rip.

Easy and compact

Gets the trick done with convenient size.

Gets the job done.

This was a gift for my father and he likes it.

james on 05/05/19
Review of Smoke Cartel Medium 2.2" 4-Piece Grinder

Awesome to hear it James!

great value and price.

Ive had my grinder about 2 months now and am verry happy with my purchase. thanks guys!

nice accessory.

this was my first rolling tray its very nice and convenient.

One of the thinnest papers tyou can get

These are a little harder to roll than your average paper, but it comes with the territory.They smoke amazing.

james on 05/05/19
Review of Smoking "Thinnest" Rolling Papers

easy rolling

great papers they smoke nicely.

james on 05/05/19
Review of Smoking SMK Gold Natural Rolling Papers

Not too shabby

This is a solid piece I did however thought this product came with a banger cause I needed a new one. Unfortunately it did not so I had to spend more money to buy that piece.

Dakota G. on 05/05/19
Review of Between 2 Globes

Hey Dakota, this piece should have come with a banger. I'm so sorry if your order didn't! Please email our customer services: and they would be happy to help.

Customer service A+

Excellent piece good price but the customer service when I open my package it was a hairline crack on the glass piece and customer service took care of me care of me no questions asked. this site is legit

Wrong item shipped

You shipped the wrong item... Your receipt shows what was ordered,!!! Jerr

Jerry . on 05/04/19
Review of 14.5mm Pinch Bowl with Handle

Great job

Great success

Excellent tool

Good hit, portable and easy to clean

David K. on 05/04/19
Review of UPC Beaker Bong - Multiple Colors - 8"

The best battery I've ever tried by far

Great product, extremely well designed, great battery life, comfortable to carry and hold. Definitely the best battery I've used. Mine came charged and I haven't even had to recharge it yet; I don't use it continuously, but I do use it consistently throughout the day and it's been over a week.

Richard on 05/04/19
Review of Med-ePen CCELL Palm Battery

Good for the price.

Good for the price. A little awkward to hold and doesn’t hold much. Still it’s perfect for just me and I don’t have any real complaints. :)

Heather .. on 05/04/19
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Round Glass Bowl in Multiple Colors

Thank you for your review, Heather! We look forward to taking care of your glass needs again soon :)

KandyPen Mini Sub Ohm Vape

Light in weight easy to use variable temp settings great for concentrates I love this vape pen

Andrew B. on 05/03/19
Review of KandyPens "Mini" Portable Ceramic Sub-Ohm Vaporizer

Folding bong

Haven’t used yet


Works OK for small device

Jim H. on 05/03/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Pinch how?

Haven’t used yet primarily due to no instructions. Please send, would like to use tomorrow. Just fill one side with crushed flower then crush down cig like device into crushed flower to load for hit?? Instructions should be shipped with this product

Jim H. on 05/03/19
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo


Even has a little spring to make the “smoke” pop up. Pretty cool!

Ty H. on 05/03/19
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Another one for the collection

These are my favorite spoons. High quality glass and convenient size. Highly recommended.

Keith M. on 05/03/19
Review of Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon in Assorted Colors

Very nice piece

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a quality piece.

Jeff K. on 05/03/19
Review of UPC Beaker Bong - Multiple Colors - 8"

Very nice piece

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a quality piece.

Jeff K. on 05/03/19
Review of UPC Beaker Bong - Multiple Colors - 8"


Pull could be better

Thank you for your feedback!

200$ Flower mistery box

Not only the 10% discount that is basically there screaming at you to use it, the whole box was SUPERB! I was hesitant you don’t even know, I ended up with so many glass, for any type of chilling day LOL, If you have any doubt STOP and get it, fixing to get the next level one already.

Javier on 05/02/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Awesome Little Bubbler

I got this to use with a Dynavap and a 10mm to a 14mm adaptor. It hits like a champ and looks great. The propeller perc is really cool.

Petite hitter Omega

This thing hits like a champ for how small it is I was expecting a major downsize after my Concentrator honey pipe broke but it's all about maintaining the right airflow. Wish the tip was just a bit wider on the TI nail, been getting good usage out of the included glass nail but you know how glass goes.

Jimmy T. on 05/01/19
Review of Honey Funnel Simple Nectar Collector Dab Pipe


The bat is too small OR the stash bin is too deep, either way it looks good on the shelf but doesn’t work

BENJAMIN M. on 05/01/19
Review of Kraken Grinders "Hermosa" Dugout and Grinder