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Great bowl! I had a batman head that was my favorite, but I accidentally broke it. Ordered this one as a replacement and it's as good if not better than my batman head. Holds alot of herb.

Cletus99 on 09/23/18
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide


Love it stays clean longer and a smooth hard rip

Karl K. on 09/23/18
Review of Glassheads Handheld Oil Bubbler Snorkel Rig



David K. on 09/23/18
Review of "Vibrant" Bright Frit Gandalf Handpipe

I like them they are bomb

They work Good better then regular papers burns good

barbara .. on 09/23/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Hell yea im happy as all hell

It was great smooth just what I expected I'm super happy now to get some more

barbara . on 09/23/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Five Stars

Perfect size.....not too big, not too small! Smooth and easy draw, too.

Danny G. on 09/23/18
Review of "Vibrant" Bright Frit Gandalf Handpipe

Nece products, fast and free shipping

All in all, a good buy


first off for my first order to fall thru and be out of stock i am not upset at all love the look nice weight great comfortable size and omg smokes like a dream the shipping was amazingly fast thx so much Brian for the super fast contact and help fixing my order will deff b back

A teardrop of happiness!

I have to say guys this product is phenomenal. Not only did he get to my doorstep in three days the second I pulled the this guy out of the package I was immediately stoked on the quality and structure of the Peace for the price. The UPC on the regit self is an excellent touch. The glass downspout leaving to the filter is a great touch leading too smooth giant hits that everyone will love! 5 out of 5 for the 9-inch UPC teardrop dab rig!

Anthony S. on 09/22/18
Review of UPC 9" Tear Drop Dab Rig with Quartz Banger

The Torch your nail or banger wants to marry!

from the moment the double jet stream Flame touched the quartz banger it was a match made in heaven! I didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw this torch. This guy is a great size and a great product with a five star quality rating. They say this torch the sender which torch is made specifically for dabbing, ceramic, titanium, and quartz and they mean it I've tried it on all three and I've never had a nail heat up so fast! This guy is a must buy for anyone looking for any type of torch for their concentrate needs!

Anthony S. on 09/22/18
Review of Cinderwitch Double Jet Flame Torch

Classy bubbler!

I love my new bubbler by China Glass. It smokes like a bong but with a much smaller hit which is what I was looking for. The bowl size is nice and it’s easy to dump out the old water. Most of all I love it’s apperance, such a pretty piece. It’s like if Lady Mary Crawley smoked the devils lettuce this is what she would toke. ❤️

AnnaBelle M. on 09/21/18
Review of The China Glass "Terracotta" Upright Bubbler

Awesome service product fast shipping

Awesome all around

George M. on 09/21/18
Review of Rubber Ducky Flat Carb Cap

Skull Bowl

Great lookomg piece! A little narrow and deep from what I though but so far it’s treating us well.

Wes G. on 09/21/18
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide

Hard hitter.

With the diameter of the glass, and the wide open stereo matrix perc, this thing RIPS. You get an awesome hit every time, from a great little rig. It has a calm bubbly purr to it, but don't let that fool you, it can send the most veteran of smoker into a doubled over coughing fit. And true to its name, it is indeed, my daily driver. Couldn't be more pleased. I'm already a regular here, and won't shop online anywhere else, but this had made my mind up, it's SmokeCartel from here on out. You all should be proud to run such a store.

Search over.

Any idea how long I was looking for one of these? Now I can finally clean out my other rigs, and use them in their former glory. Happy as can be, thanks SmokeCartel!

Good accessory

Glad I got this, keeps my pen hitting harder, for a longer among of time. Good stuff.

Robin N. on 09/21/18
Review of 710 Ready Mix USB Charger

Awesome for $10.

I didn't expect much from this, as usually cheap batteries aren't too structurally sound, but this is great. Hits well, very sturdy, and looks great. And has a long life. Blew my expectations out the window. It's my new travel vape.

Robin N. on 09/21/18
Review of 3 Bears 710 Ready Mix Battery

Well built.

Honestly really nice. Holds plenty of fluid, and looks great on the 710 battery. Draws well too.

Robin N. on 09/21/18
Review of 710 Ready Mix Ceramic Coil Glass Cartridge

Smooth operator

There is many holes instead of one, so clogging is a thing of the past. Gotta be my new favorite head!

Very nice

Nice glass pipe, nice bowl, not too deep, not too shallow Keep up the fine glass work.

Dye on 09/21/18
Review of Glassheads Peppermint Spoon

took some getting used to

I really like the look of this nail but because you can’t cap it you need to pull pretty hard in order to get all the smoke

Jake J. on 09/21/18
Review of Dabworthy Domeless Quartz Halo Nail


I love this thing ! Great design, Perfect in every way.

Great buy

Great customer service. Fast shipping. Fair prices. 5 outa 5 for this company and pieve

18.8 mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen

Smoke Cartel took it upon themselves to send another 18.8 mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen after my review of the first one that I purchased which had some manufacturing defects. Smoke Cartel offers unbeatable customer service and the replacement bowl is nice too!

Robert W. on 09/20/18
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen

stonehenge steamroller

it's great love it not to big not to small love the looks smoke's great.


The piece hits well and is nice to look at!

Sarah B. on 09/20/18
Review of Glassheads Peppermint Spoon

Great Banger

Love the double wall.... its big and its GOOD!

Greg G. on 09/20/18
Review of Double Wall Thermal Bangers


Nice looking bong, smooth rips. Bit expensive on the shipping to Canada but Overall satisfied with this purchase.

Andrew B. on 09/20/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

love it

looks stunning, rips great, expensive but worth it for this unique piece

Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl review

Hello my name is Noel . I really like it. My only complaint is the way that it gets dirty is kind of difficult to clean. But other than that it's a perfect Bowl. It holds a decent amount of flower.

Noel M. on 09/19/18
Review of Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl

Love this pipe

It looks great in pink

Richard L. on 09/19/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Gramps" Solid Color Sherlock Pipe

Well made

Good quality.

Richard L. on 09/19/18
Review of Replacement Downstem for the Crusader Waterpipe

Love these papers

Great product

Richard L. on 09/19/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Beautiful pipe

Well made in America. Nice and thick


Smoke Cartel is my go-to for quality pieces. Every. Time. Everything is solid and well built. It also came a day early which was a nice surprise. :)

Christopher D. on 09/19/18
Review of "The Popper" Black Lip Wrapped Honeycomb Faberge Egg Rig

Travel Necessity

I love my glass collection. It's just not easy to travel with my favorite setups. This little guy breaks down into individual components that fit inside a handy soft travel case. I don't have to worry about it breaking. Sweet.

Holly K. on 09/19/18
Review of Purr Glass 2GO Premium Travel Bubbler

Top of the line

Expert craftsmanship!

Pam B. on 09/19/18
Review of Illuminati UV Reactive Hammer Sherlock


Exactly what I ordered in nice time frame

Easy ordering, quick shipping, great product!

Item is exactly as described, order shipped within 5 hours, arrived as described & ahead of schedule. Will definitely be buying from here again.

Acacia M. on 09/19/18
Review of Dual Tipped Ceramic Dab Tool

Easy ordering, quick shipping, great product!

Item is exactly as described, order shipped within 5 hours, arrived as described & ahead of schedule. Will definitely be buying from here again.

Acacia M. on 09/19/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Velvety Smooth Experience

This is a sweet setup. The proportions are aesthetically functional and it delivers a cool, well-filtered dose. I love this piece!

A gift: Not what I expected, but well received.

Got this as a gift, didn't realize how big it was and that it didn't stand upright, also thought it'd be more smoked instead of just clear. THAT BEING SAID! The person who received it loved it, said it hits super smooth and that they plan on using it primarily over their other pipes. Better deal than what stores offer as well.

Ryan on 09/19/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Caterpillar" Sherlock

Smooth service

Bummer, my new piece of glass arrived broken. I sent an email with a photo, and a new one is on the way! Now that's service. It's always a five-star experience with Smoke Cartel. I'm giving five stars even on this transaction because I doubt SC mailed me a broken rig. That damage is on USPS!

All is right with the world

Smooth transaction. Excellent customer service. Quality products. Smoke Cartel is my gear outfitter!

my sesh supply glass blunt

Im giving this piece 5 stars for the customer service I received from people at Smoke Cartel. I bought 2 of these glass blunts and from the beginning of my transaction to the end the communication emails came in "we've received your order" "your order is on the way" and even "your order is out for delivery" a map was even attached pinpointing where package was or where I was during shipping. Which I should add is also very fast and it was free! So when I received my package and opened it up I was immediately disappointed because one was broken. Now i was thinking I will have to go through returns dept.,wait for a return label, send it back, I wont get to use it for another week and a half at least! The other one was to be a gift. I cant gift something I emailed Smoke Cartel at about 10 pm on Friday. When I woke up Saturday morning there was an email from Smoke Cartel, "everything ok?" it asked. I followed the email to a return form and then was asked for a pic. I submitted and in less than 5 mins they sent me an email that said, "Your package is in the way!" it actually tricked me I thought at first that it was referring to the original purchase, but after rechecking then receiving all the emails again. I received a box with a replacement Sesh Supply glass blunt by Tuesday that week! Thank you Smoke Cartel for treating me to such a great experience! The glass blunt? It's a nice smooth hitter, nice slide action on the piece. I would give the piece 3 stars with feedback of having a wider glass straw the part that draws in the smoke and a bigger debris blocker/stopper or glass screen to keep the product from being sucked into your mouth. ..So to recap 3 stars for the glass blunt and 7 stars for the customer service=5 stars Thanks again Smoke Cartel I will return!

Aaron b. on 09/19/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Great downstem!

As good as glass, but it won't break or make those annoying grinding sounds!

Nathan B. on 09/19/18
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem


totally satisfied

James F. on 09/18/18
Review of UPC 4-Armed Tree Perc Ashcatcher

Pipes n bowls

I love the dugout! It arrived exactly when they said it would!!:) very pleased and I will be ordering a lot more from Smoke Cartel! Thank you guys!!!

TROY W. on 09/18/18
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Thumbs up

The bowl isn’t very open on top and it’s deeper than expected. These are both great specs for me.

Shlaceia L. on 09/18/18
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Round Glass Bowl in Multiple Colors


Just what I needed

Blake M. on 09/18/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

Loved it


Blake M. on 09/18/18
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail


I love this little piece. Such a smooth hit everytime. Thanks SC you're the best.

Blake M. on 09/18/18
Review of The "Hourglass" Diffused Downstem Recycler


Super smooth high draw passthrough


My first rig might be my last. Super smooth high draw. High quality glass, passthrough

Wax R. on 09/18/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nyx" Pass-through Mini Rig

Very happy

My old grinder had multiple teeth busted so going from that to this is huge. Works like a charm.

That's awesome to hear Isaiah! Thank you for choosing Smoke Cartel. Happy smokin'!

RAB old school

It was perfect the effectiveness of a good old handmade bowl ( wood, pcv can, whatever lol) with the class and look I wanted great buy.

Richard A. on 09/17/18
Review of "Stonehenge" Colored Frit Steamroller with Marbles

Kandy Rubi

works great wife uses with CBD e-Liquid would buy again

Thank you, Jon! We hope your wife is loving the vaporizer :)

Bone daddy approved

Buy some u know u wanna

William G. on 09/17/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Cartel strikes again

Vios con dios dudes. Kracking out

Have a Kraken time with your new grinder William! ;)

Great Tool

I’ve needed this tool for years. Now I have and it super convenient!

Josue L. on 09/17/18
Review of Kasher Multi-Purpose Lighter Tool

Great product!

Awesome downstem, I accidentally ordered it too long but I ordered a second one because I can still use the first one!

Devin T. on 09/17/18
Review of Sleek And Simple 18mm To 18mm Fire Cut Downstem

Thanks so much Devin! Enjoy!

Great nicely made and shipped super fast

Everything is well made was shipped fast will definitley order from these guys again! I would recommend including a site sticker to represent your products and i just like to get stickers and people ask and i get to help promote you all as well!! Just food for thought

Michael D. on 09/17/18
Review of 90-degree Female Reclaimer Glass Adapter


Second purchase, still the wrong size but a fantastic piece of glass, well made and sturdy.

Great down stem and bowl

Everything is great the only complaint I have is the bowl is kind of small if the bowl was bigger it would be perfect

Thank you for your feedback, Cory! Enjoy :)



Brian .. on 09/16/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt


Does as it is intended.

DEvin A. on 09/16/18
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

Worked great

Does exactly what I needed it to.

DEvin A. on 09/16/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Male To Male Adapter

It’s an absolute steal for the price.

I got this item for $9, with free shipping. Originally $19.99, it was on sale for $10, with a 10% off discount code. This is what made me purchase the item - the deals on this site in general are insane! Before using it, I was scared to put any grinder matieral into it. It didn’t seem like it would work properly at all! The way there’s two glass tubes made it seem like the material would fall between them and be wasted. I was very wrong! It packs just nicely! As the piece is small (it’s basically a glorified chilum, but I’m a-okay with that) and lacks any filtration, the hits are far hotter and harsher than I’m used to with normal glass pieces, but it is very similar to something like a Swisher. It ashes very easily, every piece comes apart for easy cleaning. The built in ash catcher works 90% of the time. It has a smooth hit, and can build up a big toke if you’d like. When it is extended all the way to allow the whole chamber to be filled, the piece feels rather floppy. It works, I just feel like I need to be careful. 4/5 stars. If you want something small, personal, easily portable, and easy to hide, this is a great piece to buy!

William W. on 09/16/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Wow, what an in depth and honest review, William! Thank you so much!

Loves this Bubbler

It works excellently. A Definite must for any collection. Smoke Cartel only sells excellent products. A company that you can truly trust.

I'm in love with this one!

Fits perfectly in my hand and allows me plenty of room to hit it relaxing 🤗

Love it 😍😍😍

My hubby loves this piece!!!

My favorite piece ever!!!

Have a collection of 50+ pieces and this baby is my daily toker😍

Samantha K. on 09/16/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nymph" Mini Beaker with Propeller Perc

Quality glass

Thicker than older downstem not so easy to break

Does it’s Job

Definitely worth picking up

Steve on 09/15/18
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

Love it!

I love the size of this bowl. Great for smoking with friends

Love it!

Works great for cleaning out my one hitter and bowl

Steve on 09/15/18
Review of Kasher Multi-Purpose Lighter Tool

Best bang for your buck

Honestly title says it all. Great price and the quality of the hit is outstanding.

Mario O. on 09/15/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Apollo" Fumed Recycler

Very cool


Andres on 09/15/18
Review of Small Glass Flower Screens

Super Sick

Looks amazing came in one piece and better in person!

Ideal for lefties

Great cap perfect fit as it was a suggestion for the banger I purchased. It is an ideal purchase for lefties but is still usable. Wish it was slightly thicker.

Justin C. on 09/15/18
Review of Banger Carb Cap for Thick-Style Quartz Banger

We're happy to hear you're enjoying this cap! Have a smokin' day ;)


Perfect fit on my rig. Heats up quickly and evenly. Suggested carb cap is a perfect fit as well.

Justin C. on 09/15/18
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Not loving the broken ones

Two out of the three glass blunts which were replacements for ones that had arrived broken were also broken. I sent a pic immediately and expected an email with news of a third replacement. Instead I got a request for another pic.

Patricia . on 09/15/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Beautiful Green Blunt

It's my first time ordering from Smoke Cartel and green glass blunt looks exactly like in the photo. Awesome product and it's enjoyable to use for my Ganja, thank you Smoke Cartel.

Julia-lee on 09/15/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Awesome product!

It fits exactly right very happy with my purchase

Katheryn E. on 09/15/18
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem

Sleek And Simple 18mm To 18mm Fire Cut Downstem

Way less expensive than Roor with a similar design. Glass has some aesthetic flaws, but seals and works well. Not bad for 1/5 the money!

Robert W. on 09/14/18
Review of Sleek And Simple 18mm To 18mm Fire Cut Downstem

Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

Nice, works well.

Robert W. on 09/14/18
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

A little... strange

I just received this product, it came in two days from ordering through regular postal service. The color is more yellow toned than the item pictured, but I chalk that up to lighting. The strange part is, while the bowl is exceptionally deep, and will function perfectly well, the shape of it is nearly flat on the end; the globular shape missing in leiu of an almost conical cylinder that could stand upright. It'll work just fine, but wasn't so accurate in regard to the product pictured online.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review There pipes are hand-blown which causes slight variations. Please send a picture or two to of the pipe, if the variation from the pictured item is noticeable. Enjoy your Smoke Cartel loot!

In love💕

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Best one yet!

Love it

Fits perfectly and hits great

Eric K. on 09/14/18
Review of Quartz Domeless Nail


Great products! This already should’ve came with the bong I bought but they sent it fro free once they realized they forgot it! I love this company and always buy my glass here. I love that they’re based in Savannah.

Blake .. on 09/14/18
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem

Great !

They forgot it the first time but we’re willing to make it right ! 🙌🏻 I love this company. Especially since they’re based in Ga.

stellar dude

love the look of this unique bowl piece, its the perfect pair for my double perc tree straight.

My NEW favorite go to 1 hitter!!!

This little critter not only reminds me of the Coqui from my homeland, it is hands down the best smoking 1 hitter I own. Great little marvel.

Jose . on 09/14/18
Review of "Lil' Dart" Frog Critter Spoon

Great 1st impression!

Awesome little bubbler. At first glance it is well made and the design is beautiful although I can tell that cleaning will be difficult at best! Overall very satisfied!

Jose . on 09/14/18
Review of UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler

The Geat Cyclone

Amazing water pipe. Totally different drag. Highly recommend it.

Tommy M. on 09/13/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe

Quality grinder

works like a champ. Easy to use and grind quality excellent. Pretty much maintenance free.


This thing is a beauty. Both in looks and function. Deep bowl w smooth draws. Perfect.

Joseph . on 09/13/18
Review of Rasta-fire-ian Pipe

Nothing short of amazing

This pipe is exactly what I was looking for and came as advertised. There was a slight imperfection on the logo but the amazing customer service helped with that ASAP. I must say this site definitely has the best customer service I’ve experienced in general.