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These are AWESOME !!

This is my second order of these! Definitely order more than one! Smoooth tasting, no burn. Easy to clean.

Michelle B. on 10/21/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

The shermlock boi

This is my favorite piece from y'all hands down. I love how small it is and how good it feels just holding it. Every one of my friends tries to do a Sherlock Holmes impression when they use it. I wish I would have gotten some glass or wire screens for it because the bowl is massive and crumbly bits fall through the hole pretty easily. Cleaning isn't that bad but if you use it often, you're gunna have to clean it often if you want to keep it clean and I wish I would have invested in some of those too. All in all, this is an amazing piece to have and I recommend it to anyone who wants some variety in their collection. Hell, I recommend it to anyone period. Thanks for the glass y'all! I love it

Richard S. on 10/21/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler


This is my second Wisteria after I sadly misplaced the first one, but I loved it so much that I had to replace it. Very cute, great bowl size, and wonderfully handheld. Would reccomend!

Eden S. on 10/21/18
Review of "Danklin" 🐢 Turtle Themed Chillum

Nice Piece

I snagged this cool piece with a flash sale/points combo that knocked it down to like 24 bucks, so how could I say no? Amazing for that price, although it is pretty prone to splash back when clearing. Otherwise, sturdy piece, nice size, and a dope matching colored bowl.

Awesome to read this review, Eden! Thank you so much. Enjoy the Bee Hive!

Consistent Quality

Now that I've had a chance to use two different lengths of the same item, I can see that quality control is a big deal here. Both pieces are virtually identical aside from the length. Nice and thick, great diffusion, excellent grind. Full marks!

Michael W. on 10/20/18
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem

elements rolling papers

these papers are great, I will be buying more, and plus the shipping was very fast

roger z. on 10/20/18
Review of Elements 1 and 1/4 Hemp rolling papers

Great thing glass

It’s thick alright, I like that it feels like a solid piece and it sure rips

No instructions on how do you use this] sesh glass blint?

Delivery great but closef on weekends.

isaac r. on 10/20/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

My second one...

Nice product... I’ll get more...

David .. on 10/19/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

“Great Pipe”

Very nice pipe... Great colors... Nice weight & bowl size...

Great Addition

Sturdy feel, deep bowl, and shipped fast. No complaints, incredibly happy. Love this company! Always come here first when purchasing glass.

Tango Ripper

it was bought for a friend and they use it all the time, it has good look's and easy to handle it makes good present.

Love this pipe

Love it so much. This is the 2nd one I bought in the last 2 months. I love American made pipes


My go to for paper. Excellent burn and stick

Richard L. on 10/19/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Great 2 piece Grinder

It’s hard to find a high quality 2 piece grinder for the price. This one is one of my favorite 2 piece grinders on the market. Thanks Smoke Cartel

Richard L. on 10/19/18
Review of Smoke Cartel 2-Piece Aluminum Grinder

Beautiful, Beautiful

Love this pipe and design. Well made here in America

Richard L. on 10/19/18
Review of USA Dichro Full Inside-Out Pipe

Very prompt!

Great piece for the price! Everything about the process was very prompt and efficient! Would recommend

adam s. on 10/19/18
Review of UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler

Lunch Special!

Got here just in time for lunch, Bigger is better! SMOKE tell ya choke...almost lost my bologna&cheese

Gareth M. on 10/18/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter

Hard to pack

It has a nice bowl size but the angle of the bowl makes it difficult to pack

Jeremiah D. on 10/18/18
Review of "Bishop" Wide Body Chillum

Hi Jeremiah! Thank you for your feedback on this chillum. Enjoy!


Very cool


Absolutely amazing. 10/10 would buy again.

Jeremiah D. on 10/18/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Stash Diver" Green Slyme and Black Spoon



Great price

Worked great

Jim S. on 10/18/18
Review of Phoenician Medium 2.5" 4 Piece Grinder

Stylish Smoke

Terrific. Bigger than I expected and feels nice and sturdy. Looks sweet resting on the table. Highly recommend!

Hit nice

Very satisfying

Good choice

Hits hard.

Erin V. on 10/18/18
Review of "Boomer" Bubbler Rig with Matrix Perc


Hits real smooth very happy with this purchase.

Batting a 1000

Excellent, love my 1 hitter. Better than baseball, she's batting a 1000

JOSE R. on 10/18/18
Review of Chill Variety One-Hitters

Phoenician 4 piece grinder

it works very well I like it

Chloe S. on 10/17/18
Review of Phoenician Small 2.0" 4 Piece Grinder

Awesome products

Great job

MASTER S. on 10/17/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Great little piece for the daily grind

First I’m going to be honest and mention that I got this at a great deal through Smoke Cartel who has never let me down and always supplies amazing customer service. It was an online deal that made this piece 58$ after everything said and done. For this price I have no complaints at all and it is as expected. For those that pay full price I can understand the splatter complaints as you do. Get a little plush back but that to be expected as a water pipe user unless you have a really long piece. With ice in this bad boy the smoke is chilled and is very easy to take big hits. I love this Beehive and will be continuing to purchase through Smoke Cartel! P.S. I do miss the Easter eggs that use to be included like stickers and magazines. Though this may be do to the price of purchase....would still love to see some neat nick nacks Smoke Cartel ;)!

Awesome piece!

I love the glass work. Looks like a psychedelic strawberry! Piece came really quickly in the mail, no damage, no complaints.

Fresh and funky

If you're looking for something new to add to your collection that's unlike anything else you've had this is the piece. It's an adorable little mini rig but the showstopper is the propeller perc which actually spins as you pull air thru. Bubbles get stacked in an amazing rotating helix, while a little glass screen on the neck piece stops water from getting up to your mouth. The only downsides are the noise of the propeller, it kind of rattles as you draw, and it definitely needs to be kept clean- after one heavy sesh we noticed the propeller had stop spinning entirely and it was only coming out of three of the four arms. The good news it's super easy to clean. I love the Ingenuity of this piece. Definitely a solid little build for an affordable little rig.

Amazing little Ripper

This thing hits way smoother than I ever anticipated. I love the design and it fits wonderfully in the hand. I got it for concentrates and the diffusion and pull is A+. Doesn't get clogged up after a heavy sesh like most other mini rigs. Amazing piece. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by this.

excellent customer service!

updating my post about the kandy pen k-vape mouthpiece--originally ordered a mouthpiece for my k-vape Kandypen. arrived quickly but didn't fit. their customer support immediately reached out after my less than enthusiastic review. they sent me a new mouthpiece free of charge! arrived quickly, yet still didn't fit. no worries, Smoke Cartel's team was on it--they sent me contact info to Kandypens' customer support. from there, i was sent two complementary mouthpieces from Kandypens, which do fit!! amazing effort and initiative by Smoke Cartel's team in helping me solve such a small problem! Thank you Smoke Cartel, much thanks!!

Christopher G. on 10/15/18
Review of Kandypens K-Vape Mouthpiece

Worth the money

Great piece for a great price, thank you!!

Nice pipe!

So far, so good. It's a conversation piece too!

Daniel L. on 10/15/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Penis Pipe" Worked Spoon

Great Quality


anthony m. on 10/15/18
Review of The "Colorship" Mothership-inspired Faberge Egg Rig


First time customer first dab rig, it's been a week and I am satisfied.

Sean k. on 10/15/18
Review of Quartz Domeless Nail

Hey Sean! Awesome to hear. Welcome to Smoke Cartel!

Bubbler Matrix

Great! Small! Affordable! Convenient! Reliable! And what a chugger! Great pipe all around. Heady pipe for sure!

Glenn on 10/15/18
Review of "Boomer" Bubbler Rig with Matrix Perc


Excellent piece

Richard L. on 10/15/18
Review of "Boomer" Bubbler Rig with Matrix Perc


Excellent quality

Great products!

I love everything that I got in my box especially the rig, which is my first real rig so far!

Elijah C. on 10/15/18
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Great product

Awesome product great service and fast shipping A+++++ al around

George M. on 10/15/18
Review of UPC Showerhead Bubbler

Great product well descriptive

A+++++ all around awesome product and service and shipping is always fast

George M. on 10/15/18
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

I received my pipe in one piece.

I have ordered this piece twice from another company that was packaged in manila envelopes. Of course i received it in pieces. The Cartel not only got it to me in one piece but they tracked it for me. I am so happy. Thank you so much. I will be using Smoke Cartel in the future. Smoke Cartel Rocks. If you wank excellent service you should use the Cartel. Smoke Cartel Rocks.

Ronald F. on 10/15/18
Review of Over the Hobbit Hole Gandalf Pipe

Great bong

Nice thick bong and great rips

Flowers okay, concentrate is better

First of all, the Pro's Ordered this piece w/ concentrate in mind. Glad I did. Removable downstem, nice functional percs, and it comes without anything screaming "breaks on first tip-over" (it's survived 1 so far). Hits very smooth and is just the right size for the hand, between bubbler and bong. You can either fill the water line just about the showerhead for a light, quick action or about an inch and 1/2 above it for some nice drag. Now for the cons- where the ashcatcher connects to the neck, there is a warble and line that look like it will eventually be the weak spot that leads to its breaking point, if the 3mm glass doesn't break due to a tip over, that is--thicker would've been preferred, especially for at least the delicate downstem that you don't want to accidentally tink on the side-wall whilst removing it from the bong. Also, Cartel doesn't sell a keck clip thats 29mm for the base-to-downstem connection I'd like, so the downstem is always unaffixed. Cosmetic cons-That label, wish it would've been optional because now I'll just be hitting it w/ iso and lemon juice, waiting for it to fade. Finally, it should have been labeled for concentrates, as flower felt like there wasn't any filtration or drag at all. Get you a slugger if you're smokin flower thru glass, this lil' tyke ain't big enough. One more thing to note, it's not really a con, but because the build-quality isn't perfect, the downstem doesn't always align properly, and you have to rotate it until the showerhead is in the center of the base, otherwise it will be very off-center and close to the wall. Overall, its a nice piece and for the Flash Deal it was on, I couldn't pass it up. I'm certainly happy with it, but don't know if I'd buy again if it were at full price, but that's mainly because I might save up and buy some high quality glassware Filtration-8/10 (concentrates) 3/10 (flower) Ease of Pull-8/10 (Concentrates 1/10 (flower Maintenance-9/10 Build Quality 6/10

Wow, thank you for such an in depth review John! We hope you're enjoying your new glass ;)

Great quality

Love the quality and promptness of delivery.

Hilda A. on 10/14/18
Review of Glass Diamond Slide Bowl


These pipes are very popular, great color choices, ya can't beat the price. Thanks

Betty F. on 10/13/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Totally Awesome.

OMG, this piece is a Look cool. Love love love it! The detail is delightful. Loving it.

Betty F. on 10/13/18
Review of The 🍳 "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe


This piece is lovely. The color is much prettier than expected. Great size, beautiful detail. Very pleased.

Betty F. on 10/13/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Under the Sea" Spoon Pipe

Good stuff

Amazing can’t wait to use it again!

Elias L. on 10/13/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Easy, and convenient toking device

Heats up quick; tastes like bud when you hit it, no plastic or metallic taste like other vapes; super compact

Tim . on 10/13/18
Review of Flytlab "Lift" Portable Vaporizer

That's exactly what we like to hear Tim! Thanks for making it Smoke Cartel ;)

works like a champ

works well, made well. what more could u ask for

Awesome to hear it, Sam! Thanks for making it Smoke Cartel ;)


i needed a portable smoking peice that was simple and durable and i don’t use not water filtrate prices THIS WAS PERFECT


Amazing dabber tool it worked great for the few days i had it. i was skateboarding with it in my pocket and fell on it and it shattered into my leg, but whatever. this tool is AWESOME and feels so great in the hand and i love the weight.

Sam H. on 10/13/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

5 Stars

great rig

It's a nice pen

I just got it and charged it up and let me tell you it hits like a pro

Curtis . on 10/12/18
Review of KandyPens Galaxy Concentrate Vaporizer


Super solid and gives great taste


Thank you smoker cartal love the loot. Always going to spend my money where they treat their people great. --Joe.K

Joe K. on 10/12/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers


WOW my steamroller was delivered faster than I though it would be. And the size and quality too. Outstanding guy's, thanks to everyone . I look forward to being a long time repeat customer.


You guys are so quick, fantastic products fantastic service !

$200 Flower Level was awesome

I got a piece I had been eyeing for a while but never bought, and the main piece trumps everything I already own as the best thing to smoke out of. Already ordered the $300 level!

Eden on 10/11/18
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Yeah yeah!

Great bong! Clean sturdy thick glass hits great! This one will be part of your collection for sure!


Love it!!! Use it for bong and beaker

Joseph D. on 10/10/18
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide

Ash catcher

Works amazing definitely not going to have to change the water in my bong as much

William . on 10/10/18
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher

Great Customer Service

They go out ot their way. Good buying experience and a great deal. Package your cusromer service system and sell it to the insurance companies!

Glass Blunt

This is my second time ordering from Smoke Cartel and I am happy with everything I received. Will be ordering again in the future! :)

Asia J. on 10/10/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Good but not great

Minus two stars for quality and shipping. Shipping was delayed and the was opened by USPS and resealed horribly (with 2 random items from USPS that had nothing to do with my order). The bong was wrapped in bubble wrap really well and downstem and bowl were in perfect condition along with the bong. The angle of the joint is different from the pictures of the other 24" Bongs, so because of that the downstem sits shallow in the beaker. More water or tilting it needed to achieve a nice filtered smooth milky rip with the included downstem. The bowl doesn't sit flush in the joint of the downstem and rocks around a little bit. The beaker base is also thinner than the shaft and does not feel 5mm thick. When the water level is right you can milk this bong and clear it with ease delivering a smooth tasty rip. A solid bong for the price with a 15%. Disappointed with the shipping which isn't really on Smoke Cartel but USPS. Next time I'm not going through USPS for sure

Hey Dan! Thank you for your honest thoughts about this piece. I'm sorry to hear about the issue with USPS. We can certainly ship with other carriers, just let us know when you next place an order!

Straight Beast !

Smooth huge pulls ! Added to my collection and they never disappoint ! Even tried it with my quartz banger and boom !!! A+++

MARIO D. on 10/10/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Hades" Straight Fab with Cube Perc

Badass Bong

I had a super awesome experience. I usually use ice with my bongs, but i wanted a lil mini on the go bong (you can hold this bong in the palm of a hand) and man is this thing smooth as hell. Got me real good when i blessed my piece. And, it looks super dope when you smoke out of it

Breanna-Rae T. on 10/10/18
Review of "The Tron" Showerhead to Tron Disc Water Pipe

Great product and service!

Works perfectly, doesn't add much drag, and stacks bubbles nicely too. Fast shipping as well!

Reese M. on 10/09/18
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher


Already used it a few times & loving it :)

Heather C. on 10/09/18
Review of UPC Showerhead Bubbler

Handy Little Item

Nice addition to add to your dabbing arsenal. Helps to keep your banger clean and makes low temp dabbing easier.

Nancy O. on 10/09/18
Review of 25mm Replacement Banger Cup

Great Banger w/cup

I needed a new banger to go with my STAX dab rig, and this works perfectly. The cup inside is wonderful for low temp dabs. It helps to keep the banger clean and is easy to remove with a bent cotton swab or tweezers. I use the directional bubble carb cap with it and it all works great together. They also carry the 25mm replacement banger cups. Happy dabber here!

Nancy O. on 10/09/18
Review of Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup


Best ever I love it



WILLIAM J. on 10/08/18
Review of Smoke Cartel 2-Piece Aluminum Grinder


Delivers fast, great product

Salimat S. on 10/08/18
Review of Sleek And Simple 14.5mm to 14.5mm Diffused Downstem

Absolutely beautiful!

Perfect in every way.

Gabriel H. on 10/07/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Kitty Donut" Mini Rig

One of a kind

This is the best banger I have ever used. It truly brings out the flavor of my concentrates while not overcooking it. Although this was a steal with the flash deal, I would not hesitate to buy this at double the original price. It is that good.

Jon A. on 10/07/18
Review of Double Wall Thermal Bangers


Just tried it out the other night and it works really great

Hugo T. on 10/07/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Better than what I had

Pretty good beginner bundle

Hugo T. on 10/07/18
Review of 2-Piece Grinder, Rolling Tray, and Papers Bundle

Awesome to hear that Hugo!

cheap and reliable

just watch out because it falls over easily

karl h. on 10/07/18
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

Hi Karl! Thank you for rating the Bubble Stacker 4/5. Enjoy!

Looks great...

Clear, concise directions, safety features and various delivery methods; looks like a first class item. Living in Pennsylvania, I have yet to enjoy this vaporizer but I live in hope and am preparing for the future.

Andrea B. on 10/07/18
Review of Vaporfection viVape 2 Vaporizer

Excellent quality!

Very good

Gabriel H. on 10/07/18
Review of Rubber Ducky Flat Carb Cap


Just broke my glass chillum of 17 years, hopefully I’ll get more life out of this. A bit smaller then I imagine.

Shannon M. on 10/07/18
Review of Pyptek Prometheus Nano Chillum

Well worth it

Easily worth $300, this was an incredible buy.

Jeannine on 10/07/18
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear


Works wonderfully

KIM R. on 10/06/18
Review of Dual Function Female Ceramic Nail

Always spooky szn now 💀

Rips are smooth and it’s the perfect size! Plus it looks rad as hell.

KIM R. on 10/06/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Dry Bones" Skeletal Fumed Rig


This product needs a carb cap for sure. The nail works as a nail should. It gives you full flavor dabs, stays hot for long time and heats up very quick. Just don't forget the carb cap.

Luis1Enllanche on 10/06/18
Review of Dual Function Female Ceramic Nail

Hey Luis! We agree that you should always use a car cap with your nail. Happy dabbin'!


Good like

Kory K. on 10/06/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Apollo" Fumed Recycler

Great Glass, Great Service

It's only been two days, but this glass blunt is my favorite piece yet! If spoons aren't for you, this might be. The color is absolutely striking and the glass in the piece is surprisingly thick, giving a sturdy feel despite being a two-part glass construction. I was worried about it initially for that reason, but it doesn't clink around when loaded. The one thing I wish this piece had is a stopper. I prefer my smokeables ground, and even though when packed properly they don't tip out, it's not easy to store or pocket with product still in it. I find that the standard rubber backing from a pin fits perfectly there. Obviously no piece is perfect for everyone, but this is very well made and a very reasonably priced foray into glass blunts. Plus, it's so easy to clean since it comes apart completely! As for Smoke Cartel-- I love how responsive and informative they are! Not only was my package delivered super quickly, but I also received information and tracking updates from both Smoke Cartel and the tracking site. It felt to me that Smoke Cartel really cares that you get your products, and I can't wait to order again.

Luciano P. on 10/06/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Great product

Has a harder pull than other pieces I've had but it's super smooth and flavorful, it's a bit hard to clean since pieces get stuck between the two percs so a ash catcher is highly recommended to keep this clean unless your using concentrates.

Hey Elio! Yes, we'd recommend using an ash catcher too with this piece. Check out our cleaning tips here!:


It works

Blaine R. on 10/05/18
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Awesome to hear that this banger is working for you Blaine! Enjoy :)

Does The Job

Glass was a little thin, but works fine. For the price you can't beat it.

Blaine R. on 10/05/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Dry Bones" Skeletal Fumed Rig

Hi Blaine! We hope you're loving this piece. Thank you for making it Smoke Cartel :)


It is my first piece and was exactly what I was looking for. It’s smaller, gives very smooth and large hits. I wash it after every use so cleaning isn’t an issue.

Dorian R. on 10/05/18
Review of "The Tron" Showerhead to Tron Disc Water Pipe


Sorry but I can’t comment yet because the stem was received broken. Customer Service was very responsive and the stem is being replaced.

Maxine A. on 10/05/18
Review of UPC "Simply Guy" Beaker Base Water Pipe