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Love it!

Grabs you by the boo boo!

My first nice piece of glass and it doesn't disappoint! Heady rips everytime. Sleek and simple, I love everything about it. Get one!

Cheech M. on 08/21/18
Review of UPC Sleek and Simple Straight Tube


dope, thick & sturdy pipe.

Richard H. on 08/21/18
Review of UPC Single or Double Tree Perc Classic Beaker


Very cute

Richard L. on 08/21/18
Review of Rubber Ducky Flat Carb Cap

Great design

Great Piece came cracked. Came cracked. Took a pic sent it to customer service. And they sent an replacement order in about 10 minutes of my email. They did an amazing job like always.

Richard L. on 08/21/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Fucane" Silver fumed cane worked spoon

Nice fit

Quality piece

David .. on 08/21/18
Review of Banger Carb Cap for Thick-Style Quartz Banger

Quality piece

Good product good price

David .. on 08/21/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Quality Piece

Better than I expected

My bowl

Came a little bigger than I thought but it works great and looks like it was supposed to but I like it

Pretty good!

First pen to put concentrate in, for the price it is really good and definitely works.

sean F. on 08/21/18
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS OG Four 2.0 Rip N' Go Pen

Could be better

It's great for portability and being discreet. But the name of it "this thing rips" is a little misleading.

Hi Ashley! Thank you for your feedback, I hope this kit is coming in handy for you :)

Great right out of the box

Very sleek design, came charges right out of the box, set up was easy and striaght forward, very good, especially for a first real non disposable pen. Super happy with my item!

Arereya K. on 08/20/18
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS Roil Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit

Why did I wait so long

My title truly says it all what a work of art and craftsmanship these pieces are. Being a former metal worker the fit and finish is amazing. I've spent a lot of money and broken a lot of pieces and believe these will Outlast anything.

Michael P. on 08/20/18
Review of Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe


Cleans easily. Works just like glass. Looks cool.

Travis F. on 08/20/18
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem

Smaller than I thought

I thought it would be a bitch thicker and heavier, it's rather standard weight wise buy its pretty easy to clean and does a great job

Daniel B. on 08/20/18
Review of UPC Genie Lamp Inline Ashcatcher

Love it

Great quality, my first experience using clips

Daniel B. on 08/20/18
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

Very nice

Perfect for my needs, great delivery speed also!

Very good...

Very pleased.... not only with the item, but with the speed of delivery! Good Job!

Greg G. on 08/20/18
Review of Domeless Ceramic Nail for Male Joints


One of my favorite pieces.

Great purchase

Love it, but I wish there it was more than one.

Colin D. on 08/19/18
Review of Small Glass Flower Screens


Well made...go for the 4 inch size!

Matt L. on 08/19/18
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Great item

What a well made item! Works like a charm...easy to use and clean. If you're looking for a basic water pipe that's made well and very affordable then this is the one for you. First time ordering from Smoke Cartel and it was a great experience. They are easy to order from and their customer service is outstanding. I'm a loyal customer now!

Bruce Burns

I'm in love with this bowl, a lot heftier than expected and so much amazing details

SHELLY U. on 08/19/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Jawsome" Bowl Piece

Great filters

Work well and easy to use.

Michele .. on 08/19/18
Review of Smoking Unbleached Rolling Filters

Cute little tray

Like it.

Michele .. on 08/19/18
Review of "Release" Rolling Tray: Smoke Cartel Artist Series


The instructions are for crap, and say the opposite of what their website says for cleaning, but this thing is pretty good. Definitely easy to use, so far works well, worth the affordable price for sure.

Tanya R. on 08/19/18
Review of Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizer

Hey Tanya! Check out the manufacturers website for tips on cleaning:

He loved it! 🦉

When it comes to glass I always buy from Smoke Cartel. This is the second piece of art that I have bought and my husband absolutely loved it. I love how detailed the art is and it beautiful. It was an early birthday present and he was content. 🦉

A dream come true

Great quality piece. Works like a charm and is easy to clean.

David . on 08/19/18
Review of Pyptek Dreamroller


Great customer service

Salvator .. on 08/18/18
Review of 🍍 "The Pineapple"🍍 Spoon Hand Pipe

Great water pipe.

I like the size and the ice option. cool on the throat and hits like a hammer.

Great service

I never received my carb cap but smoke cartel’s awesome team were nice enough to send me one out right away. 10/10 service.

Joe C. on 08/18/18
Review of Dozer Style Quartz Carb Cap

We're you reached out to us, we hate when stuff like that happens and try our best to resolve any issue that may rise ASAP :) Have a wonderful day!

Great nail!!

This nail isn’t anything special, but it does get the job done and it is pretty sturdy.

Joe C. on 08/18/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Fantastic Product That Needs To Be Seen

At first I was very skeptical upon first glance on the downstem. Not because of the material or the company, but because of the sizes. Typically I buy downstems or bowls in person so i know exactly what to look for, but for $10 and free shipping, I gave it a try. The reason being, no store or even friend, had one we needed. Only a few days later my packaged arrived and the moment I opened it, I fell in love. Perfect size for my beaker, the color is vibrant, its has a smooth pull, and above else THIS THING WILL NEVER BREAK. That was the main problem for me: very expensive glass pieces that could break easily. I'm enjoying the hell out of this product and I am definitely telling as many people as I can. You guys are great!

Cuck N. on 08/18/18
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem

My boy Ned

This thing didn't disappoint. It's very stable and built with quality. So far, Ned is that dude.

Christopher F. on 08/18/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Ned the Narwhal" Dabber


You guys are dope down in Georgia!

Oliver M. on 08/18/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

My Aesthetic 100%

Love this cute little bowl. The glasswork detailing is phenomenal and it smokes great! Can't wait to see more like this

Leenie on 08/18/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Koi Pond" Spoon Pipe


I have used these in the past, not much to say other than there the best pre roll for smoke sessions.

Alex on 08/18/18
Review of RAW Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones – 32pk

A must have

This little thing is a bongs best friend. Haven’t had to clean my bong as often sence I started puting this in my bowl. Really helps keep as much ash and un burnt bud from going into the bong. This is a must have.

Alex on 08/18/18
Review of Small Glass Flower Screens

Awesome bowl, low pull through

Love this bowl. The screen is symmetric and can clean with a straight paper clip. Very little unburnt material in the water after several bowls


It's a very big piece. Well polished and looks great!!

David C. on 08/18/18
Review of Titanium Pawn Carb Cap

My Fave

bought one a year ago it look more like the one in picture, the one i bought a few days ago is similar but slightly better quality. With that being said as long as this is for sale this is the only pipe i will buy.

Great piece

Works great. Bowl fits perfectly. Fuming is a good amount to where the blues and the purples are coming out heavily. Looks good. Thickness is great. This thing is fat. Good quality and durability. Hole inside of bowl is a goldilocks size. Not to big, not to small. Just right. I am very pleased with it. For the price it's sure not to disappoint.

David G. on 08/18/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Crimson Vibe" Fumed Flower Bowl

Simple Guy

Great bong but is a little small. Gives out big hits and pull is really easy. Bought it while it was $40 don’t believe it should be worth anything more than $60

The Bomb!!

The Bomb

Mark B. on 08/17/18
Review of 90 Degree Angled Male Reclaimer Glass Adapter

Beautiful but non-functional

It’s a gorgeous piece but don’t expect to smoke anything through it. At least the one I got has a bowl that might hold a few grains of material. But I bought it to go with a small rainbow beaker as purely decoration so it works for me!

Oliver F. on 08/17/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "ROY G BIVVELS" Rainbow Flower Bowl

Yeah it was awesome

It was a little small but it was for my girlfriend and she loved it she likes the ice stopper

Love it

Deep, strong, pretty, and easy to clean.

Yevheniy S. on 08/17/18
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide

nectar collectar

works well i would recommend this to anyone

Andrew b. on 08/17/18
Review of Honey Collector and Silicone Pineapple Bundle

Awesome Recycling action

Mine arrived packaged well, and unbroken, which was awesome. The pipe itself works amazing, and the rips are smooth, and flavorful, works perfectly for dabbing. One of the best parts is I never get water in my mouth no matter how hard I pull on the inhale! Glass is decently thick, with a nice wide base at the bottom to prevent tipping over. Overall great piece, I would highly recommend it for a nice dab rib

5" with 10mm titanium tip

I have to say it is perfect for me. Its smaller size makes for a smooth hit. Doesnt make me cough as if I were using the larger funnel. The glass tip on the other hand is too big for the size of the honey funnel. But I overall love it! :)

Sayre R. on 08/17/18
Review of Honey Funnel with 10mm Titanium and Quartz Tips

We're so stoked to hear you're enjoying this so much! It is indeed perfect for the right people!

Exactly what I ordered!

I ordered this add on after falling in love with a bong I purchased as well! Needless to say I am never disappointed when it comes to Smoke Cartel!

Candace D. on 08/17/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail


I love how simple and unique this piece is all at the same time. I got the green one and its super cool! Very smooth. ♡

Candace D. on 08/17/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Gramps" Solid Color Sherlock Pipe


This is my new favorite soon! Amazing quality and even more beautiful in person! ♡

Candace D. on 08/17/18
Review of UPC Slyme Spoon with Dichro Accents


great product!

We're so stoked to hear you're enjoying the Simple Guy!

Good bowl

Nice smoking bowl

Awsome customer service!

Bought this for a wedding gift. The person that helped me was Daniel V. I had a short window of time to have it etched with the names of the couple and even a design. She got it done on time and it turned out exactly as I pictured it. I highly recommend these guys. Now I want a custom piece for myself. Thanks again Daniel!

The Perfect Bowl

This bowl is amazing it fits perfect and wastes absolutely nothing! I will never buy another bowl from anywhere else.

Really holds heat.

I haven't been using the insert because I have terp pearls but the banger itself holds heat really well. I heat for about 30 second and wait About a minute thirty.

Eluid S. on 08/16/18
Review of Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup

quarts nail

very happy with purchase. even tho i ordered to small for my current bong. it still mounts up with my universal nail so i can use it. will be purchasing a new bong next from this site

Clayton V. on 08/16/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail


I really love this when I first got it I felt like I was sucking on a penis! LOL

Patricia on 08/16/18
Review of "Bishop" Wide Body Chillum


Great love them

Brad B. on 08/15/18
Review of Juicy Jays 1 1/4 Flavored Rolling Papers

Elegant and Surprisingly Powerful

I bought the single tree perc classic beaker to replace my old bong. After years and years of service it was time for it to retire. At first I was surprised at how slender this piece looks. Although beautiful, I worried it might not hold enough smoke to do the job. Man, was I wrong. This perc is deceptively powerful and will get you blasted. It's like it was designed to look good and function effortlessly! The design is simple/sleek, the glass is strong, and pieces are easy to remove and clean. I recommend cleaning regularly and using small ice cubes (if you like to cool down your smoke or vape). It will not take regular size ice cubes. I also recommend getting some sort of protection for the bottom base in case you are worried about setting it down too hard or scratching/breaking the bottom. No big deal. Great piece. Love it. Will buy from UPC/Smoke Cartel again.


Love the tray! Great size. Just right for my needs. The design is unique and quite the conversation piece.

Margot J. on 08/14/18
Review of "Release" Rolling Tray: Smoke Cartel Artist Series


First glass dabber ive had and its lit thanks

Julian G. on 08/14/18
Review of Empire Glassworks 🍯 Honey Bee Themed Dabber

14.4 mm 3.5 inch

It arrived in Ireland safe and sound and fits my equipment. From the advert I read it as a 18.8mm female open top to a 14.4mm connection. For some reason i thought I could attach an 18.8mm Ash-Catcher into it, but it won't fit, I need an 14.4 to 18.8mm adapter which i have and it works great. I may need to buy another one with an 18.8mm opening that fits into a 14.4mm hole. I love this service so much I added myself to the share email list, so I can buy a few shares when the stock os out, that way buying something, i'll get a little bit back.

David on 08/14/18
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

It rips.

Definitely worth every penny

Amber G. on 08/14/18
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS Roil Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit

Another Awesome Purchase

Super fast delivery. Well packaged. Savannah Steamroller - awesome quality. I feel like family. Thanks Smoke Cartel - you guys rock!

Cloud pouring water

It's a perfect fit bubbler


This high quality art glass arrived super quickly and absolutely chugs.

Alex C. on 08/14/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Hootie and Friends" Mini Rig

A perfect fit!

I have a Ghost gravity bong w/ ice pinch & I managed to drop & shatter the original downstem into six million fragments of glass. This downstem fits the 16” Ghost perfectly- it has the percolator skits at the bottom. Super fast shipping & great customer service. I’ll be back! ;)

Jennifer B. on 08/14/18
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem


This item is awesome. It feels like it'll keep everything fresh. And it's a lot bigger than I thought which is great.

Amber F. on 08/14/18
Review of ErrlyBird BudderBlocks XL Block

I love it

It’s so cute

It’s great

So easy to use


Hits so smooth

John on 08/14/18
Review of Kandy Pens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen

Smoke cartel inc

Always satisfied by smoke cartel

Special K Vape

Most excellent choice! Quick charging, easy to use, two glass fillable !!

Chef K. on 08/14/18
Review of Kandy Pens Special K Portable Vaporizer

Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizer

It took a couple of tries to get the hang of it, After 50 years of smoking, I developed COPD. I was afraid I might go nuts. The Fez is easy to use, Most important , it WORKS. Thanks

Jane P. on 08/14/18
Review of Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizer

Good but little improvements

Bowl size could be a little bigger and I think there should be better filtration

Hey Rena! Thank you for your feedback!

Good overall filter

It's a filter pretty plane and simple just smoosh it into a bowl its best wit a pipe and it makes the hits way cleaner

Rena C. on 08/14/18
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen

Good piece good price

For such a cheap price that mo fucka get you high as shit


These smell proofs bags are a great size!

Zane . on 08/13/18
Review of Smell Proof Bags (Pack of 10)

Peach pipe

This pipe is adorable and hits well!

Zane . on 08/13/18
Review of "Oh So Keen" 🍑 Peach Themed Spoon


Works ,looks great. Travel buddy.

William G. on 08/13/18
Review of Kandy Pens Special K Portable Vaporizer

Gorgeous piece

A perfect gift for my bff- the hearts look sooo much better in person!!

Kathryn H. on 08/13/18
Review of Long White Gandalf Style Pipe with Hearts

Great pipe

Great pipe for the price would buy again !

Scott L. on 08/13/18
Review of Smoke Cartel "Gramps" Solid Color Sherlock Pipe


Timely shipping and great product. Nice thick glass to help it from shattering if dropped from low enough levels

Beau D. on 08/13/18
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen


So I got this with two other bowl pieces and gotta day. The purchase was well priced, came in a very timely manner, showed up several days early. The products are clean with no breaks and really just a great bowl piece


Felt like my birthday opening my well packaged and handled item from smoke cartel! I could just kids everyone. Love the logo the brand and quality of the items sent. You guys rock! Thank you so much

Sabrina . on 08/13/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

I’m in love with this bong

Great quality and it is the perfect size. Officially obsessed with it and this website!

Elizabeth D. on 08/13/18
Review of "Screw Driver" Internal Spiral Coil Showerhead Bong

Longer than expected

Longer than I expected, but in my case it’s a good thing since I ordered the wrong size and ended up getting the 3 inch which turned out to fit well.The 3 inch will probably fit nicely if you originally had a 3.5 inch. Sleek and simple like it says.

Hey Aaron! I'm glad the size you ordered ended up being the right fit! Enjoy :)

Great for fat bowls

I have another skull bowl but it’s depth and width is nothing compared to this one. Plus it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size so gotta be careful,l. 10/10 will reorder

Aaron M. on 08/13/18
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide

Third time's a charm!

This is my third vape pen.Tried the Flytlab Lift and Titan I and was disappointed with both. The chambers were too small and you only got 3-4 hits before you had to refill. They also burned way too hot and harsh. Not so with The Fez! Much bigger chamber allows for a good 8-10 decent hits, very smooth from start to finish. Long lasting battery, too. "I say good day!"

Susan on 08/13/18
Review of Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizer

Love it

Absolutely love it. Sesh Supply has become my favorite easily. The last 2 I’ve bought have been flawless and this one is included. Recycler works well, and is pretty trippy to watch. Definitely would recommend.

Jordan K. on 08/13/18
Review of Sleek And Simple 14.5mm to 14.5mm Diffused Downstem

Smell Proof Bags

Work as advertised.

Jordan K. on 08/13/18
Review of Smell Proof Bags (Pack of 10)

Beautiful rig!

It's super cute and hits amazingly! Definitely one of my favorite pieces :)

Samantha S. on 08/13/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Fruity Detox" Mini Rig

Good but small

Honestly I have really big hands and this grinder is just too small for me lol. Its a nice grinder defiantly works perfect just to small for me

Casey O. on 08/13/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Small 1.5" 3-Piece Grinder

Hey Casey! I'm sorry to hear that :( maybe next time you'd like to try a Kraken Grinder!:


THIS SHIT HITS. It came very fast in the mail I was out of town when it came so that probably helped haha. It is small but honestly after awhile you really get used to it and it looks nice. First time I hit it me and my girlfriend were high for an hour this thing packs a punch I would def recommend if you want a nice simple bong to get you high. AND IT CAME WITH AN EXTRA BOWL LIT.

Casey O. on 08/13/18
Review of UPC 24mm Slim Straight Tube

Nice Press

Love it.

E W. on 08/12/18
Review of Kraken Grinders Pollen Press