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My favorite, just not EVERYDAY...

I worry about if it breaks and why it doesnt have a screen, but I do have the insurance. It is so super adorable. Get one if you can!

norriesastar . on 12/07/19
Review of The 🍳 "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe


Friggin sweet


Friggin sweet

They redeemed themselves

I was gunna cancel my subscription not gunna lie but they came through with this box the little egg was sick. And a nice slide , and a spoon. The papers saved the day because I had just ran out. My problem is with the shipping man it takes way too long, even if you are experiencing more demand that was the plan wasn’t it? Let’s kick it up, you guys are dope the pics a little misleading on the boss box but I’m Going to continue to be a customer I feel like this company has potential.

Cody D. on 12/06/19
Review of The Boss Box


I received my smoke cartel box but one of my pieces were broke and I thought there was going to be a dab rig in my box but I was miss informed still a okay box to open kinda upset my piece was broken

Jason S. on 12/06/19
Review of The Executive Box


You guys are the best I will be ordering from you again in the future, thank you so much!! You guys have a great Christmas!

Corry S. on 12/06/19
Review of 4.5 inch Marble Holed Hand Pipe


Merry Christmas to me!!!

Corry S. on 12/06/19
Review of "The Void" Bubble Trap Hand Pipe


For the price it’s going to be smaller than expected. I have used this rig everyday for 6 months or so. The jolly rancher type diffuser needs a serious rework. It clogs up with concentrate res in less than 2 g’s thru it. Other than that it is a very nice piece. Strong thick glass. That’s the only reason I give it 3 stars. It is a great rig when clean but the diffuser clogs so easily just is a hassle. Along with the nice “Diamond Glass” writing comes off from cleaning it often. You can unclog one of two ways. Put hot water in it and hit it til it all clears or use a good abrasive cleaner. I literally have to do one of the two weekly.

Love it.

Very nice piece, i bought for a gift. Amazingly quick shipping. Would definitely buy from them again.

Alicia B. on 12/05/19
Review of The 🍳 "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe

$50 concentrate box

absolutely shocked by how much I got in my box. multiple handy tools and containers, a small but nice sized rig, nectar collector, stickers, pin, rolling tray, cleaner and probably a thing or two I'm forgetting. clearly with the money. I'm blown out of the water by how nice all the pieces and tools are as well. overjoyed by my purchase.

gets the job done

works well enough where I would be happy to have this when on hikes and stuff, but definitely not an everyday thing. silicone is pretty thin so if you pull too hard it collapses. pretty hard to clear it when, at least in my case, the bowl kept getting stuck after using the spring eject feature.

Great Filtration Never Spills

The filtration on this piece is superb and build quality is overall good. Not the thickest glass but its durable enough.

Works great!

Arrived today and I must say I am very impressed with this lighter. Works as well as a flame and is very quiet. Build quality is very good and hopefully it will last a long time. Pull the trigger and spark up!

Little chipped

My piece arrived good but a little chip on the outside banger overall works good I guess that’s showing it’s high quality lol thanks again

Jameson w. on 12/02/19
Review of Dab Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail


do not have it yet

Janice B. on 12/02/19
Review of "Ellie" The Silicone Elephant Bubbler Pipe

spherical bubbler

like the grav spherical pockect bubbler only thing to make it better would have been a carb on it

Janice B. on 12/02/19
Review of "Ellie" The Silicone Elephant Bubbler Pipe

Great piece

Very clean and smooth hit but after about two bowls you will need to put new water and try to blow it out. Basically it's high maintenance and a pain to clean.


One of my favorite pieces!

ANTHONY W. on 12/01/19
Review of "Dino Time" Dinosaur Themed Recycler Dab Rig

Great surprise.

This is a great surprise box. You definitely have to have patience after ordering, but when it shows up.. Wow.. It came with some really great things. Again patience will pay off.

G. S. on 11/30/19
Review of The Executive Box


From between the time I purchased this and got it I found some cool stuff I wanted to buy and this morning I got the package and got everything i saw and wanted plus more! Really amazed at all high quality products I received. AND IT WAS ALL A SURPRISE IN A BOX chosen at random! Thank you Smoke Cartel seriously !!

Austin C. on 11/30/19
Review of The Cartel Box

The evei is ok but think its too expensive

Product is alright but too expensive and made with cheap marital the coil is way to thin to properly vape your dab so it gets clogged very easily the whole ceramic tip should get hot and not just the coil that is a hair strand thin

Steven L. on 11/30/19
Review of EVRI Triple Use Vaporizer Starter Pack

it’s a Christmas gift

Haven’t tried it cuz it’s a gift, but it’s beautiful!!!!

Peter G. on 11/30/19
Review of Grav Labs Gandalf Pipe


Thin and nice even burn!!!

Peter G. on 11/30/19
Review of Elements 1 1/4 Ultra Rice Rolling Papers


I used the pipe for the first time 10 minutes after after opening the box. The pipe exceeded all expectations. American craftsmanship, a high quality water pipe that is everything you need with style.

Brian S. on 11/29/19
Review of Snake Skin Bent Neck Bubbler

Love this thing

Perfect for travel but sturdy no issues at all with it for the first five months.

Stephen H. on 11/29/19
Review of Snake Skin Bent Neck Bubbler


To Infinity and beyond! Best above and beyond the normal. My favorite MJ Aresenal

Dope Bong

Big ass bowl, light, and nice design.

Xzavier S. on 11/26/19
Review of China Vase Unique Glass Bong - Jin Dynasty

Very nice

Just what I was looking for, completes a nice new rig

Marcos S. on 11/26/19
Review of Grav Labs 18.8mm Male Octobowl


Other then I may burn my nose if I use a crack lighter. It’s works amazing . Bought a new bowl because I thought it didn’t come with one when I looked. But when I picked up the trash it fell out. Lucky me I got 2 . Packaged very well and secure . Thank you

Exceeds Expectations

So I was a little skeptical about buying this, but I've gotta say that I am thoroughly satisfied and will be keeping this vape. My favorite part is that it barely smells. 10/10 would buy again


This is the best bubbler I have ever had.

Gloria U. on 11/23/19
Review of Snake Skin Bent Neck Bubbler


Built like a tank. Heats up fast. I like it.

Scott on 11/23/19
Review of Pulsar Barb Fire Vaporizer Kit

Pretty good

good quality and nice design but it makes it a little hard to cash the bowl when it’s done. Other then that perfect

Nick H. on 11/22/19
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl

worth every penny!

the recycler aspect of this piece is honestly everything! it hit veryy well and it wasn’t as tricky to clean as i thought it’d be. also it’s beautiful i think i’m in love

Carolina G. on 11/22/19
Review of "Dino Time" Dinosaur Themed Recycler Dab Rig


The idea is good however if you are familiar with "Original Bongs" of the 70's WHEN YOU COULD NOT PULL the bowl out to release smoke you had to draw hard until you drew the bowl/smoke in and the ash sucked in, sometimes you needed a poker to release the smoke AND THUS MY PROBLEM WITH THIS DEVICE IS when you draw to hard the bong sucks in like a thin water bottle. So if you are more traditional you will probably not like the bong as the sides suck in with a strong draw. Portability is good and for those that may draw easier this will be a good travel bong, HOWEVER I found that it easily tips over as it is far too lite weight with no base to be a leave out bong, it tips over very easily. SO RATING is based on starting with a 5 STAR for the construction of the device and a very good price. HOWEVER I DEDUCTED 2 Stars for the collapsing/sucking in the TUBE when drawing hard and the fact the bong tips over very easily. OVERALL RATING 3 STARS

Worked well for about 2 weeks.

The Gravitron Gravity Bong was a great piece for a small period of time. A small amount can go a long way when using this piece so it is great for someone who wants to conserve their sack. Unfortunately after around 2 weeks I was using it without any issues and set it down after a nice long hit. When I went to pick it up again to pack another bowl, the glass beaker that holds the bottle just collapsed in my hand and glass and water went everywhere. I couldn't believe it just happened and sat there dumbfounded as I was always very gentle with it because the glass beaker felt thin. Sad that I can't use it as intended but the bottle works just fine so I can salvage it to use with another container for the water I guess. I wish the beaker was of better quality or possibly there was a defect in the glass.

Joshua R. on 11/22/19
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl

Natural black walnut spoon

I really like the pipe, I like the black walnut wood.

Lori P. on 11/21/19
Review of Marley Natural Black Walnut Spoon Pipe


Definitely feeling this mystery box deal. Nice selection and a definite bargain they hook it up quite nice and give u way more than what u pay for. I wish mine would have came with a carb cap instead of the multiple quartz bangers. But still loving this deal.

Jason .. on 11/20/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

too dark

maybe i dont know how much water to put in it, no directions. but its too dark to see?

Gina C. on 11/20/19
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

2 day shipping failure

I paid extra to get 2 day shipping and it took 8 days to arrive including sitting in Jacksonville FL for 2 days. I will say that once it arrived and I opened and looked up the value of the main piece it was worth it in the end. I just hope next month's box doesn't take 8 days to arrive.

Kevin M. on 11/19/19
Review of The Executive Box


This will be my first using this item, it came in quick and undamaged. Great experience with first time order.

Chris N. on 11/18/19
Review of "The Typhoon" Spiral Coil Recycler Rig

Starter Kit

Got my second starter box. Great deal well worth $20. Think I'll move up to the next level for next month.

Daniel on 11/18/19
Review of The Recruit Box


Wife loved it. Very long piece.

matt on 11/18/19
Review of Long White Gandalf Style Pipe with Hearts

Best pipe ever

The best pipe by far

Troy on 11/18/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Awesome box

I was surprised by how much came in the box. Well worth the money

Joe I. on 11/16/19
Review of The Cartel Box

Awesome box

I was surprised by how much came in the box. Well worth the money

Joe I. on 11/16/19
Review of The Cartel Box

Awesome box

I was surprised by how much came in the box. Well worth the money

Joe I. on 11/16/19
Review of Route Shipping Insurance

works as advertised

Once again, very prompt and classy service by Smoke Cartel. They know what they're doing. This piece hits pretty damn smooth for a grav bong, and the ability to clean it so easily is a huge plus. I'm honestly surprised glass GBs haven't taken off more as a concept (maybe Grav has a patent?), it's so efficient and hard-hitting. Only thing I'd mention is that all the little glass pieces knocking around seem easily breakable, so be careful when using this around inebriated people!

Tevan on 11/14/19
Review of Route Shipping Insurance


Easy to use and the temp settings and remote were really cool

kaleb.craun98 on 11/12/19
Review of Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


Great little piece I really like it for on the go!

kaleb.craun98 on 11/12/19
Review of Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

Good product


Metal stick

Looks like and does exactly what a metal stick should.

Chanse H. on 11/06/19
Review of 4" Titanium Grade 2 Dual End Dabber Tool

Good product

Everything works like it should. The banger fell from the top of the box to the counter (less than 6 inches) and broke, but it also works with the parts I had on hand.

Chanse H. on 11/06/19
Review of 90 Degree Angled Male Reclaimer Glass Adapter

Quality glass pieces, surprise spider in the gandolf.

Well, the funny yet disturbing part is that the gandolf had a spider living in it when I removed the bubble wrap. Seemed like it had been on a shelf for a while. Probably my favorite piece out of the whole box though. Contained a black China Glass water pipe which is pretty fancy and cool and a few other glass pieces. Not a fan of crossing kids stuff in to this adult lifestyle, so the Pokemon dab tool I didn't particularly care for but would have been more useful if the box had come with a banger for the water pipe. Hoping the next one comes with a rig and torch....maybe a rolling tray?

Brian W. on 11/06/19
Review of The Boss Box

Does the job!

I've needed a place to store my bud for a while, and this does the trick better than anything I've used previously. With this I can expect my bud to stay humidified and fresh without getting dry or stale.

Lisbeth R. on 11/06/19
Review of CVault FreshStor Storage Container

Big bowl

A good party bowl o ya.

DENNIS G. on 11/05/19
Review of Grav Labs Hammer Hand Pipe


Love the colors I'm a vet and them are the same colors on my veit nam ribbon.

DENNIS G. on 11/05/19
Review of "Caribbean Dream" Flat Mouth Rasta Frit Hand Pipe


Love it🙃

DENNIS G. on 11/05/19
Review of Grav Labs Mini Spoon Pipe

Second month 👌👌

Second month was awesome! The pieces were definitely a unique addition to my collection :) can’t wait for next months!! This is the only themed subscription box I’ve found myself getting excited for, it’s so good!

Marie on 11/05/19
Review of The Cartel Box


Nice pipe. Definitely a beautiful piece. Great filtration, just over all a beautifully engineered piece of glass

Love it

Great perc. Can’t stop using it. Easily became my favorite

Solid, heavy, well made, but...

Clogs very easily at the mouthpiece. And because hole is small, it makes cleaning difficult, but mandatory every couple days - otherwise it won't draw. Few modifications would make this great.

Trumpet glass spoon

This pipe is gorgeous. The pics don't even do it justice. Ordered Thursday received Monday. Heavy, thick, everything you could want. A+ on the product and A+ on the company and delivery. Never disappointed when I order from smoke cartel

Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

decent but need more of a curve

Jennifer M. on 11/04/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Perfect for micro-dosing

Was looking for a tiny grinder for micro-dosing in my dynavap without having much ground material left over. This is perfect for that.

Matthew S. on 11/04/19
Review of Kraken Grinders - 1" Solid Color 4-Part Grinder


Received 11/2/19 and so far so good. Thank you.


I’d have thought a bowl with 6 holes would be a hexobowl. Regardless, this nicely sized bowl will serve you well if you care for it and not damage the fixed glass screen.

James C. on 11/03/19
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl

Modular Pipe

I wanted a simple pipe to accept various 14mm bowls. This seem sturdy and well made. I might have skipped the tapered mouthpiece. I wish there was a bigger market for interesting handles; the only requirement having a female ground opening. As far as this piece, exactly as expected.

James C. on 11/03/19
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm J Handle


I’d have thought a bowl with 6 holes would be a hexobowl. Regardless, this nicely sized bowl will serve you well if you care for it and not damage the fixed glass screen.

James C. on 11/03/19
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl

Near Perfect

Great addition to any pipe. I even bought a glass 14.5mm neck to use this as a nice one hitter.

James C. on 11/03/19
Review of Grav Labs Helix 14.5mm Taster Bowl

Could be great without defect

I own a GRAV piece and love the thick glass construction. It’s the only glass pipe that has survive years of abuse. This large bubbler had the potential to surpass it. Only poor design and quality control leave it with a very annoying defect. The female opening of the downstem is not ground to mate with a bowl. It is also where the downstem is fused to the body, leaving a slight ridge right where the bowl sits. So the bowl sits on just two points; wobbles and leaks. If you at pictures, you might notice the bowls seem to sit at different heights. Maybe from that issue, or the necks of the bowls may have different lengths.

James C. on 11/03/19
Review of Grav Labs Helix 14.5mm Taster Bowl

Basic Bubbler - No Banger

I’m no wordsmith but I thought the bowl pictured was not a ‘banger’. It was however what I expected and wanted. The bowl is a bit close to the mouthpiece but not overly so. Glass is sturdy, the horizontal part of the downstem being the weak point that might not survive a fall. Biggest complaint is the same as most bubblers. The holes in the diffuser are smaller than the hole in most common bowls. How do you reach something that gets past the bowl and stuck in the diffuser? But, it was exactly what I expected and a nice value for those on a budget.


Interesting love the coffee again.

Reginald J. on 11/02/19
Review of The Executive Box

!!Good product please read!!

MEDIUM DOES NOT HOLD AN OUNCE ( unless popcorn nugs) in my opinion I fit a half ounce of decent size nugs in this without crushing them. Other than the size this product is amazing and works like a charm will definitely be buying bigger ones in the future!!

Lilli . on 11/01/19
Review of CVault FreshStor Storage Container

First bong ever

This piece is my first self bought bong ever. It’s cool. Used it only twice so far. It’s very cool looking but tinier than expected I like it.

Joe S. on 11/01/19
Review of "The Nucleus" Twisted Octopus Arms Water Bong

Nice for a portable

This is perfect for what it is designed for. Which is to be portable. It is very portable and can be really discrete. My parents saw it on my coffee table and thought it was a remote for one of my games lol. It does an ok job properly vaporizing dry herbs. You end up with the result you want it’s just not as tasty and takes a little more than a table top.

Compact bong

It's a pretty nice and compact bong. If I had a complaint it would be the downstem and bowl are the same piece, but that's also one less piece to manage while traveling.

Suiseiseki on 10/31/19
Review of The "Double Trouble" Double Perc Glass Beaker Bong


Works as it should. Can’t wait to see how long it lasts

Felix R. on 10/31/19
Review of Integra Boost 2 Way 62% Humidity Regulator


Just what I needed. Will be ordering more

Felix R. on 10/31/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Just add water!

It's cheap and does exactly what it says it does.

Suiseiseki on 10/30/19
Review of ResRemover Pipe Cleaner Solution - Just Add Water

Broken 💔

Looove the piece, but the glass was warped and chipped around the stem. Almost no suction, had to glue & tape now it hits

Leanne A. on 10/30/19
Review of "The Orchid" Fume Worked Glass Bong with Dots

Not bad

The first thing is this torch is HUGE and a little hard to hold. The double jet is cool, but it doesn't seem that practical for heating up nails. Even though the torch itself is quite large, the tank seems somewhat small, only holding enough fuel for two or so sessions. It's also a bit pricey. That said, it does do it's job so it's overall not bad, just kinda average.

Suiseiseki on 10/30/19
Review of Cinderwitch Double Jet Flame Torch

Flower Good Box $200

I ordered the good flower box for $200, I got express shipping but it took about a week to get to me. However I loved everything in it. I got a small bong with a twisted next and horned bowl, I got about 20+ smell proof bags for storage, a whole bunch of rolling papers, a rolling tray and I roller as well at a glass joint tip. I got an adorable flying pan pipe which was cracked but they immediately sent out a new one. I also got a silicone collapsible bong for hiking/outings etc. Sticker, a hat and a mat for standing my bong on/rolling etc. and more! Great value and customer service.

brittany on 10/30/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Slightly Disappointed but over all good box

This box is advertised as 10+ items and I received 11 with three of my items being stickers, while I was disappointed about that I was satisfied with everything else in the box, I got a china glass bong, a joint bubbler, and two pipes as well as two packs of rolling papers with tips, and a pretty good sized jar for storing. Shipping was a little slow 2 1/2 weeks but again everything else was great!

Brittany M. on 10/30/19
Review of The Boss Box

Requite box

Loved everything I have gotten both times... Shipping takes awhile but it's worth it!!

Felicia on 10/30/19
Review of The Recruit Box

Best portable vape EVER!!!!

This is my second solo classic and it is by far the best vape for the money. Ive used mine on average twice and day for the last 7 years without a single issue. Past drops, low temps, and even falling in a pool this thing keeps chuggin’. The glass mouth piece/ bowl makes packing a breeze no screen required(unless you want one) so the maintenance is as simple as soaking straw in rubbing alcohol every once in a while to clean it off. I recommend this vape to everyone. GET IT!! You wont be disappointed and with the caps to go on the bottom of the bowl makes taking it on the go even easier then ever. THANKS SMOKE CARTEL!!!

Miller . on 10/30/19
Review of Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer


throw a banger on that rig and its amazing

Zizu A. on 10/30/19
Review of The "Potter Hive" Incycler Recycler Dab Rig

Perfectly happy

Works like a charm - love that it’s light and portable!


it's gift shoping

Miguel R. on 10/27/19
Review of Grav Labs "Tankard" Sherlock Pipe


Finally, a portable dry flower vaporizer that actually hits!!! I have previously owned a Pax 2 and it was complete and utter garbage. I chalked it up to all portable vaporizers being complete garbage. Well, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The ability to manipulate the temperature to the degree is perfect.

Jonathan H. on 10/27/19
Review of Storz and Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer

very nice for price

Nice cool smoke - compared to my smaller/cheaper one. Glad i purchased it.

Gary C. on 10/27/19
Review of "The Nucleus" Twisted Octopus Arms Water Bong


Three different temps makes this a must have. Besides that, its unique design allows for incognito smoking, and fucntionally, I have yet to owm a better product for vaping.

Chris S. on 10/25/19
Review of Kandy Pens Special K Portable Vaporizer

$200 worth of value!!!

I was very skeptical about ordering any sort of mystery box at first and ended up only purchasing the $50 glass and gear box. The mystery box arrived in 3 days as promised and included a beautiful 12 inch water bong, a hand crafted 10 inch bubbler, a Sherlock pipe, grinder, glass blunt, joint roller, and plenty of assorted papers!!! Everything was hand wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap and the box was filled with packing peanuts to prevent any sort of damages. Literally couldn’t be happier with my purchase and will most likely be purchasing a more expensive one in the future.

Michael V. on 10/25/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear