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Dope piece

This combo is dope and will definitely last a while. I definitely recommend this carb cap.

Steve P. on 01/20/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

I definitely recommend this piece!

THIS LITTLE THING CHUGS!! I love this piece it’s perfect for a daily driver and it’s easy to take on the go. Go with this if you want a simple piece but still hits like a CHAMP!!

Steve P. on 01/20/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Hestia" Mini Fumed Banger Hanger

Very impressed....

Shipping was fantastic, wrapped nice and secure, like everything I have ever ordered, customer service is impeccable. This is the first perc I have ever owned, perhaps I’m too old school, that said this is a fantastic piece. The double perc cools unlike any water-pipe I have used (I’m over 50 years young) so I think I would know. I own a double chamber two foot bong, this perc puts it to shame. I would recommend a ash-catcher to keep it clean. This is a thick glassed quality piece, wide base, great design overall. Very impressed.

Great rig, low quality nail

Love the feel and quality of the actual rig, but the nail broke within the first week of using it and Smoke Cartel would not replace it.

Glad to hear you're enjoying this piece! I would suggest you check out our bowl section [] You'll need an 18.8mm female for this piece.

Different Size

I ordered 3 and they are all bigger than the original so as stated in a previous comment the carb cap I just purchased no longer fits.... Which sucks because it fits the original perfectly and I was stoked... Until I put on the new one.

Thomas on 01/19/18
Review of ELEV8 Replacement Quartz Dish For Hybrid Nails

We love this pipe

The square head is unique and feels really cool. The bowl is the perfect size for two people. Colors are beautiful, the solid craftsmanship is apparent. Love Smoke Cartel and love this piece!

Kristin on 01/19/18
Review of ELEV8 Replacement Quartz Dish For Hybrid Nails

Great except

Works great, a little pricey, the aroma therapy doesn’t work real well. Overall a great machine. The service after the sale is excellent!

Jcbarbwire on 01/19/18
Review of ELEV8 Replacement Quartz Dish For Hybrid Nails

Glad you are enjoying this piece!! Have a great day ;)

Fun little pipe

I'm not usually a fan of these bubbler pipes, but this one stands out. The second chamber really makes a difference in keeping the nasties out of your mouth. Not really a daily driver, but absolutely worth pulling out frequently to mix things up.

Glad you are enjoying this bubbler! Too bad to hear it's not as great as you would like, but your review will be helpful for people looking at this item. Have great day!

Solid Recycler

This a really nice build. The glass is very slightly thinner than I would like, but it's solid enough. The recycling action is fantastic, though. One of my best performers.

Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. This is a fantastic piece and I am glad you think so too. Smoke on, my friend :)


I didn't purchase myself my girlfriend bought it as a birthday present and I have to say its the smoothest hit I've ever had I absolutely love this piece

New torch

This is the perfect size for small nails and delicate rigs. It heats up well.

Nicholas on 01/19/18
Review of SToK R-Mini Butane Torch

New dome

I ordered this dome but they were all out. So they sent me a slightly different design but that's not all. They sent me 3 domes to make up for not having what I originally ordered ! ! Love the excellent service at this company.

Nicholas on 01/19/18
Review of SToK R-Mini Butane Torch

New nail

This nail heats up well. It turned a beautiful rainbow of colors after seasoning it. I bought this for a small, delicate rig and it is perfect.

Nicholas on 01/19/18
Review of Flux Titanium Nail in 10mm, 14.5mm, or 18.8mm

It's great

Hits great. Great Suze arrived in perfect condition.

Nice carb cap

The cap is pretty nice and works well. I do like the attached dabber end. They could have done a better job at drilling the draft holes since there is jagged but that doesn't affect the function at all. For the price it's definitely worth it.

Kraig on 01/18/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

Beautiful bowl

This bowl makes my Grav piece hit a lot smoother now plus it matches it

RICARDO . on 01/18/18
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen

Absolutely amazing

Thank you to the people at Smoke Cartel! I just received my Dab Rig not even ten minutes ago. I could really see the effort put forth to make sure the rig got to me safely. It looks amazing and I cannot wait for the look on my partners eyes when she sees it! Amazing job!

Robert on 01/18/18
Review of “The Inception” Internal Tunnel Dab Rig

Best pipe ever!!!

This was pipe was well worth the wait . Durable conveniently small and a dope design. Dropped 8 times not one chip. Not bad price for a reliable pipe. It would be awesome if you made more like it.

SMK2LPK on 01/18/18
Review of “The Inception” Internal Tunnel Dab Rig

nice for the price

heavy, changing color already. fast shipping

jeff on 01/17/18
Review of “The Inception” Internal Tunnel Dab Rig

NIce lil rig

I didn't buy this from SC but, I did get a slightly different version made by Kali Kut's. It's identical to this rig but it has a cupped base with a wax wallet hidden in the cupped base. This "popper" rig has some nice filtration but the glass isn't exactly as thick as I'd like. As long as your careful with it it'll last. Cleaning this is actually a LOT easier then I thought it'd be too. All in all this is a solid smaller rig/flower pipe if your looking for filtration and savoring the flavor of your smoke ; )

Easy Slider Glass Blunt

When i placed the order, i've never smoked out of a glass blunt before, & then i stumbled upon this piece of artwork right here. What i really love is this product includes a video so you can see it in action, watching the video & actually having one makes you feel like you're apart of something amazing and it gives you an inspirational vibe. If you ever hated smoking DUTCHES/BLUNTS/WOODS like me this will never fail you, or maybe you want to smoke a little cleaner. You get fresh tasteful hits every time, perfect for putting in rotation and if you face it you'll be baked! I love my Sesh Supply Easy Slider Glass Blunt, i believe this is way better than Grav Labs Glass Blunt. I only smoke Joints & glass so this is perfect. anyway this is something you should buy its my every day smoker & remember always pass to the left! happy toking everybody!

Zay L. on 01/16/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Bad ass

Love it solid rig and custom etching was perfect!!! Will buy again!

Sandman on 01/15/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Great Bowl - Some Drawbacks

This bowl is great, hits hard while being very effective. Its relatively easy to clean, id recommend filling a bag full of iso alcohol and salt, and putting only the bowl piece into it, suck in (dont inhale) and breathe out, it'll get all those annoying stains out. Then just clean it like a regular bowl. Some cons are that the bottom hole is very small, and my bowl was clogged for a week and I could barely hit it before I found out it was clogged, so remember to have a paperclip or something on you. Also if the bowl is almost out the flame can go through the left hole and burn your finger, I have a few burns already. Still a great bowl and with the discount I had it was pretty cheap too.

Glad to hear you're enjoying this piece! Thanks for the detailed instructions, especially that finger burn warning, I'm sure many people will benefit from your review :) For the harder stains you can always check Smoke Soap by 420Science.

Good pipe

I ordered one of these a month or so ago and I'm happy with it. It's a great pipe for the price, it hits fairly smooth and is not too hard to clean. The hole in the bowl is a little bit big and a little bit of herb usually falls through each time, but other than that it is a great piece. I didn't feel that the whole was big enough that a screen was necessary. It works perfectly well without one. It's a little bit tough to get the right amount of water in it, and to ash out the bowl without dumping all your water out. Overall it's a nice piece and I would definitely buy another one.

Great to hear you're enjoying this piece!! Thanks for taking the time to review this item and state what you don't like about it as well. It takes some experimenting to get the water level just right, hopefully you'll get used to it :)

A Dream Come True!!!!

Easy to use and easy to clean with just hot water. Smoke Cartel was very fast, despite the holidays of getting me this awesome product. Nothing but the best!!!!

Newhouse75 on 01/13/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nyx" Passthrough Mini Rig


I love it. Good price, good quality, small but handy. Definitely would recommend.

Tresure on 01/13/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nyx" Passthrough Mini Rig


It’s small and handy. I love it I would recommend. The price is always really good.

Tresure T. on 01/13/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nyx" Passthrough Mini Rig

Beauty & Function

This piece has some fantastic filtration. My concentrates didn't stick to the sides after use, but gathered in the water and floated around in a big glob which made it super easy to get out. It's also very beautiful, but the drops break off fairly easy.

Jackson on 01/13/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nyx" Passthrough Mini Rig

This beast RIPS

I got it in the mail yesterday and immediately took some of the best and biggest hits I've had for a while! I like the design of the bowl that comes with it, interesting placement of holes and I'm finding less ash in the rig! I have a very small mouth and the mouthpiece is very large, but once you find a position of your mouth that works it's basically effortless! The ice catcher is nice and the rig is really easy to hold on your lap despite its larger base/size. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this purchase!


Exactly what I wanted and no more toothpicks! More durable than I expected

Matthew . on 01/12/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Debowler Ashtray


The egg honeycome perc is amazing and the beautiful ring in the bottom spins when you pull, making this a very dope rig to have. One of my favorite rigs I have ever gotten tbh.

VAs v. on 01/12/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Debowler Ashtray

Solid build, draws like a pencil.

This piece is fantastic. Really solid build and glass, really really smooth hits. Small and compact but still packs a punch.

Matt on 01/11/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Debowler Ashtray

enail disapointment

everything is as it apears in avertment and it is well built the heater gets up to 900 degrees. Yea But the quartz dish does not heat up past 475 degrees. not enough to do low heat dabs. I turned it up to a past the 1000 temp on the dial and dish just would not heat up any more than 485 on one side 400 non the other side of the dish, cked with heat gun. I cant believe everyone is happy with temp for dabing. The dish doesnt notlay flat on the titanium - the dish to conduct the heat should be touching. The dishes have some imperfections that stop it from being flush.

Must have piece

Short and simple must have piece got 10$ add it to the cart so worth it

Joaquin on 01/10/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Awesome Rig

Just got mine today it's next level quality glass art and function is nothing short of amazing must buy

Absolutely Blows me away

When I bought this, I has some concerns, being that i'd only ever used straight tubes and beakers before, never really messed with percs, but this thing just blows me away, cleanest hit ever, and you can't go wrong with the size.

Pan Mini Beaker Water Bong

Just got my mini bong and I absolutely love it. Just the right size, design is awesome & priced just right. It is small which is what I wanted however not so small that it is cumbersome to use. Thank you - will be ordering more!!

Perfect little tool

Just the right size. Small enough to not be cumbersome but large enough to be comfortable to use. Tips are perfect and handle any task with ease. The mvp though are the relief cuts in the tool itself, makes for a solid grip

Roger on 01/10/18
Review of 4" Titanium Grade 2 Dual End Dabber Tool

To all who complain about the size...

Did you not have a ruler on hand when you placed the order? 1" is 1", very small but that's part of the charm of this little grinder in my opinion. It's tiny but every bit as as tough as grinders twice it's size. If you're looking to grind herb for days to roll a whole lot, this isn't what you need, so look for a bigger one. But if you're like me who prefers bowls this little guy grinds up exactly what I need for each session. So small and cute, fits right into my pocket!

SolarMisae on 01/10/18
Review of Kraken Grinders - 1" Solid Color 4-Part Grinder

Smooth Criminal

Hits smooth, smokes great. Little bulky, but didn't but it to be portable. Very durable, highly recommend

Jess on 01/09/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Great Rig

Piece pulls really nice and you can really taste the dab. Sadly the piece shipped with a broken part. Luckily I ordered an extra quartz banger.

Kale on 01/09/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Hi there! Thank you for 4/5, I'm sorry to hear about a broken part. You can always contact our customer service team who are here 24/7 to help :)

Nice piece

It does exactly what I expected it to do. Pulls easy. Nice smooth smoke without robbing the terps. Cleans fairly easy, just clean it often.

Wade on 01/09/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe


Sleek design, great pull - sweet craftsmanship

Amanda on 01/08/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Nice entry price point. Great starter rig. Smooth hits.

Cheap price great product. This guy does what it should and does it well. I don't like wasting money on glass. 300.00 for taking medicine? If I went to the doctor and got pain pills would I pay an extra 300.00 for a glass to take them? No. Why would you? You like wasting money? Who does? This rig gets the job done on the cheap. I got lucky and got all the accessories and rig for 70 bucks. This pits the savings towards medicine. Be smart people. Save your money pick this guy up. You will break it eventually.

So cute!

I call him, "Fang". He is so cute and hits so great. Wonderful piece!

Audrey on 01/08/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe


This pipe is beautiful! Really beautiful! In more ways than one. It is big, stunning and fabulous to use😉! Worth every penny!

Audrey on 01/08/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe



BW on 01/08/18
Review of Cinderwitch Double Jet Flame Torch

Great buy

Would buy again

Saul on 01/06/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Hey Saul! Thank you so much for 4/5. These glass blunts do come in handy I'm sure you'll agree!

Perfect size...

I was curious about the container thinking it would be too small or too large, this is the perfect size. Fits in a pocket and completely smell-proof. What more could you ask for.

As advertised...

These are truly smell-proof, I have tried others in the market with the claim they are smell proof, these deliver. They are quality, can’t ask for a better deal.

ANTHONY P. on 01/06/18
Review of Smell Proof Bags (Pack of 10)

Simple Piece

Decent quality all around, be careful with the fittings though, my downstem got stuck & promptly fell out of the piece & shattered. However, main body of the piece is more durable

Anon on 01/05/18
Review of Grav Labs Basic Wide Base Beaker

Hey! Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear about your downstem, you can always check out our Glass Guard warranty for accidents like these:

Great for the price

Well made product but it needs a keif catcher. The keif gets static stuck on the sides and gets spilled. I love my keif man!

Hey Brandon! Thank you for the suggestion! Enjoy your Medtainer :)


everything about this bong is great& perfect size, build is really high quality, much much better than many 300+ dollar bongs ive bought!!!

very goo adapter

perfect accross the board

Gregory on 01/05/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter


this is a piece of functionally sweet art. it rips ggood, looks sweet, and it even was signed by the artist personally etched in on the bottom with a scribe etching pen. just like when the grade school teacher has the little kids put theirs names with toothpicks before firing their clay art scurptures.. heh cool touch!

Gregory on 01/05/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter

worked great when working

At first I loved using this piece. It had great cloud production for such a small piece. But today it fell over and the whole stem wad destroyed. Is there any way i can get a refund or anything for this damage.

Hello Peter! I'm sorry to hear your piece has broken :( you might like to check out our Glass Guard warranty for future purchases:

Works great

Perfect fit just sure you know your size.


Mine came kind of wonky for some reason, I’m not too sure what happened but it could possibly be a defective model or something but I don’t know what to do

Ali R. on 01/05/18
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS OG Four 2.0 Rip N' Go Pen

Hi Ali! I'm sorry to hear that. Please shoot us a quick email to and our awesome customer service team will be waiting to help you!

works like it's supposed to

Would recommend trying it if your looking for a small to medium difference in your toke or just looking to keep your setup clean longer whichever you prefer

jesse on 01/04/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

First time buyer, new forever customer

The piece is not only quality and came VERY well packaged, but Smoke gave me the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. From them sending you texts of updates, to replying ASAP, they are great. The piece is AWESOME and will definitely be coming back for more future pieces!

Great mini beaker!

This is a really great beaker! It hits like a champs and it’s the perfect size to travel with and to put way in those small spots. It’s really easy to clean as well! Thanks a lot smoke cartel! This is dope pic up right here..

Shawn. R. on 01/04/18
Review of "Dabbin' Diablo" Concentrate Rig with Glass Dabber

My first real rig.

I was buying cheap crappy rigs at a local shop then decided to go with something from the Cartel. This piece does not disappoint. Paired with a quartz banger , it is the smoothest dabs I have ever done. The spinning percolator is very cool. Good shipping. A+++

Josh on 01/04/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

Best bong ever

The bong is small but i love it. Although when i first purchased this i thought it would be 1x bigger than it was. I'd love it if you guy's made the same bong but 1.5x bigger than it is then it would be perfect

Richard on 01/04/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

Simply the best

I am a daily bong smoker and I recently acquired this to give bubblers a second try. This is the best smoking experience I have had. The draw is amazing and the bowl holds heat really well. The construction feels extremely strong and sturdy. I think I will be storing that bong for a while. Buy it now, you wont regret it.

Ian on 01/03/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

Such a well made little beaker with beautiful fumed glass

I got this little beaker today and I'm very happy with my purchase. Very nice quality, thick glass and the fumed glass is beautiful. It's not big but it's bigger than I thought it would be. For me it's the perfect size for my chair-side table when relaxing in the evenings.

Solid glass and well filtered smoke.

Provides a well filtered smoke even when doing a good amount. The glass is solid and seems unlikely to break easily. The only down side is that when using a taller (enail with quarts pan) rig it gets uncomfortably close to your face, workable and I'd still buy it if I knew that ahead of time.

Michael on 01/03/18
Review of ELEV8 Replacement Quartz Dish For Hybrid Nails

Gud 2 Go!!!

Lovely design & handy 4 wen taking time outs @ the PC:-) Delivery was quick & efficient.

Robert G. on 01/03/18
Review of The "Fab Mini" Faberge Egg Style Bubbler Pipe

Good morning have a blessed day today

I purchased“Simply Guy” Bubble Base with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe, It arrived yesterday. It is perfect for my needs. Works great, great hit. I wonder if there is a bowl with a glass screen . for this item

My new favorite little pipe!!

Very durable and portable. I love it!!

Simple but perfect

Love the size and durability. Hits very nice. Thanks SC

Blake on 01/03/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker


Another perfect experience from smoke cartel. I love my new UPC!!

Blake on 01/03/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Great little piece that's sure to put a smile on your face

Well made, sturdy, and beautiful! Only downside is that it's a bit smaller than it seems - about the size of a small tobacco pipe

Perfect lil' sherlock!

The shipping was very fast and discreet, product looks even better in person, and it looks like every piece is a little unique <3. Love the piece! Works like a charm and is made quite solid👌!

Ian G. on 01/02/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Great piece

Shipping was very fast. Only took 8 business days, but that was due to the post office messing up and returned my package. Smoke Cartel was prompt about resending the package. I was a little worried this piece would be more decorative but it’s definitely a good everyday piece. Thank you everyone from Smoke Cartel.

David on 01/02/18
Review of “The Inception” Internal Tunnel Dab Rig

for Real Review

Main reason I got this piece; the down stem pulls out, makes it EASY to CLEAN. Double filtration & hits Very Well, for the size. I got a couple Honeycomb glass screens, otherwise green falls through, waste.

Hao L. on 01/02/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker


I like this little pen for concentrates more than that the service after the sale is unbelievable! You will never have to worry about any problems with your device in anyway! They get answers back to you soon and accurate!

John on 01/01/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Smoke Cartel and Sesh Supply are Awesome!

I just wanted to say that this is the most legitimate business with the most noticeable and sincere integrity I have ever dealt with since I've been alive. Thank y'all for all you do and for the impressive amount of customer service you guys offer. I don't usually shop often for smoke products but when I do I know where I will be getting from. Thank you Smoke Cartel and Sesh Supply for keeping me and many others satisfied ✌

Works perfectly

Needed this bowl for smoking flower since the piece I ordered came with a dome and nail instead. So for that purpose it does the job. Built in screen is nice if not a slight pain to keep clean. Seems very sturdy. Would definitely order this again!


The build quality was great, and the debowler in the middle works perfect. Fast shipping and amazing customer service.

Jordan on 01/01/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Debowler Ashtray

Tiny but mighty

I knew going it was going to be a tiny piece. It came boxed discrete and covered in bubble wrap. It fits perfectly in my hand and hits like a champ. This is probably the hardest hitting rig I’ve used, and definitely the tiniest. Great purchase, and even better customer service.

It rips!!

Smooth hitting with a nice ash catcher! Super durable, I dropped it a few times and it has never broken or chipped! I love mine!

Brittany on 12/31/17
Review of Grav Labs Large Colored Steamroller

Merit of Durability

This piece was slightly smaller in terms of depth and a little on the irregular side of the depiction shown. The performance on the other hand, merits a five star. The customer service exceeds in the above and beyond department. The durability of the piece has surpassed any if not, all of the gripes. It stood the time. More than 3 years and still going to the next person it belongs to now. From party to session after session. This one piece did the trick every time! Thank you Smoke Cartel.

The King of Chillums

Great feel, smoking , quality , service & packing . Definitely quality

The green tank is peeling

Small strips of the cap fall onto the coils was wondering why I was getting this weird taste pen works great wish they would of did a better tank fucked up the twin coil on my 1st week

Tim on 12/30/17
Review of Cinderwitch Double Jet Flame Torch

Looks like this thing really is ripping for you! Email us at for help although if you believe you have a defective pen and need to use your warranty, just head on over to and they'll get you fixed right up! The green tank doesn't peel this quickly for an average user.

Nice daily driver

The Swiss cheese peculation is nice.. probably my second favorite piece for concentrates

okay torch

i like it but i always have to refuel it but the flame is quite big so it’s a fair trade off

Brandon on 12/29/17
Review of SToK R-Mini Butane Torch

I'm glad the flame size is suitable for you, thank you for giving us your feedback it is valuable input for everyone. Have an amazing new year :)

Such a nice bowl😂

i wanted this bowl but it was really a kinda big investment for a bowl but i’m so happy with it

Brandon on 12/29/17
Review of "Toilet Bowl" Flower Bowl

i love it

i bought my new bong and and this ash catcher is helping me keep it clean

Brandon on 12/29/17
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher


i got this bong yesterday and i couldn’t be happier!

Brandon on 12/29/17
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher

Not bad!..but...

I got this for a good sale price so I had to give it a try... at first glance I thought it was a pretty good size it fits in my hands nicely. I was confused about how much water to put so I made options depending on how I feel I could handle that day. Since the pull is intense I noticed the more water equals more tornado action but harder pull. Whereas less water equals easier pulls for quicker hits. I did notice the bowl it came with is a good size also can be used among more than 1 person. I will say the hole in the bowl is sorta big.. but its perfect size for a joint tip to stand in. I smoked a pre-roll in it between friends and let me just say sooo fat and milky.. rips like a champ once you get passed the pulling. Overall I'd say this is a great piece to use among friends, its fun to look at, packs fat bowls, as for filtration and pull like i said is intense and the perc can get clogged a bit I think its a fun piece and I'm glad to own it!

Evangelina on 12/29/17
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher

That was an amazing review about the different water levels. It does take time to find the prefect level! Thank you for taking the time to write this descriptive review. I am sure you helped out people viewing this piece as well as people who already have it. Have an amazing year :)

Mega Huge Rips

This piece definitely does as advertised. Super smooth and the pillar perc makes the pull so strong you really can take just massive hits. The splash guard is essential but works perfectly. I'm using it with a little showerhead-recycler ash catcher and with that maintenance is no issue. Without an ash catcher you probably will want to make sure to clean it out often as the tree percs will definitely clog if they get too much solid matter in them.

Richard on 12/29/17
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher