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She Rips.

Matthew . on 03/22/19
Review of Mini Beaker Bong - Pan - 5"


This is my first bong and I absolutely LOVE it. The eject bowl is helpful, too. So smooth and easy to fold over and store.

Awesome skull

Works well.nice and big!

Tony on 03/22/19
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide

Works well for price

It's just hard to find the right replacement quartz dish.i got one that was a little too big and doesn't work the same.


Little hassle, quick to load, rips like a champ. Just take good care of it, and it takes great care of you.

Grecia on 03/22/19
Review of PuffCo Plus Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

Looks Beautiful

Looks Besituful. But it came cracked. I can’t wait to receive the replacement so I can use it

Good nail but broke first time.

Nail works great but my dish broke right after the first dab. 😭

New to Vaping

New to vaping, so far so good easy to use. Fast and discrete shipping,

Right on the money

This kraken is perfection. Smooth operating, fits great in my hands, effortless to use, its a beast and i just love it. Plus i got a catalog from smoke cartel and a really nice sack for the grinder. Thanks SC

Even better than I expected

Obviously a novelty piece, this thing rips great and looks amazing! Definitely a skillfully made piece I’d recommend to anyone looking for a neat little orange dude to burn out of.

Phillip T. on 03/21/19
Review of Empire Glassworks "Agent Orange" Trump Hand Pipe

Glass Blunt

The glass seemed to be rather thin.

Joseph S. on 03/21/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Best nail ever

Best tasting nail ever 1min 45 to two min cooldown can take massive flavorful dabs mind blowingly better than even a thick banger ive tried my only complaint is they dont sell spare inner buckets or i would stock up

Michael A. on 03/20/19
Review of Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup

This rig kicks

Thick glass, great color and superb percolation. Real deal at sale price, its my new bedside buddy

kerry on 03/20/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Hestia" Mini Fumed Banger Hanger

Great for price

Gives a great hit, but mine does not spin, just moves around a little.

Corey S. on 03/20/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Comus" Spinning UFO Perc Mini Rig

Hey Corey! I am so sorry to hear that. Please ensure the water level is correct in order for the perc to spin. Feel free to reach out to us at if you need any assistance!

Great dual function beaker

This puppy is small! But that said it works well as both as a flower bubbler or as a mini dab rig. great quality and fast shipping are just icing on the cake!

alex t. on 03/19/19
Review of Mini Beaker Bong - Pan - 5"

Great replacement

This is an amazing replacement! Only issue was that it's a bit short but that's my fault for ordering the smaller one.

Christian P. on 03/19/19
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem

Hey Christian! Awesome to hear that! If you need to make an exchange for a longer size feel free to head over to our returns page here: as long as your item is unused we can get that processed ASAP!

Nice piece

Its a big pipe, bowl can hold alot for longer sessions, its got good weight to it and it fits comfortably in my hand and i have big hands. Best deal for the money too. Thanks smokecartel

Ryan J. on 03/19/19
Review of 4.5" Multi Colored Striped Spoon Pipe

Smooth Vaping

Use Brain Fogger without bubbler attachment and coughed hard. Purchased bubbler and coughing is nearly gone, so YES it works great for me. There is not another vape that I would use for my concentrates except the Brain Fogger.

It's alright

Smaller than I expected and yeah like other comments a lot more yellow than what's pictured but that's fine with me. It'll do the job for now.

Michael . on 03/18/19
Review of Glassheads "Mister Twister" Illuminati Twist Spoon

Hey Michael! We hope you're loving this pipe just as much as we are. Enjoy!

It Chugs

Works like a dream and pulls huge bubbles.

Joe F. on 03/17/19
Review of Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem


We smoke both leaf and concentrate from this you gotta have strong Lungs to hit this right. But man let me tell you gets me every time. Beautiful thick glass, stable bottom. The only down part is the Turbine get stuck if it gets to dirty but as long as you keep nice and clean ill rotate like a helicopter blade.( I will be fixing this issue by adding an ash catcher to prevent all the tar from going into the turbine. STAY HIGH MY FRIENDS !!!

Great piece

Have tried a few vapes in the past and never really enjoyed them, till this little guy...only bought it because it was on flash sale, but damn, i would pay full price for it...definitely on my top 5 pieces i have..the flavor is insane...some herbs smoke better at different once you learn your best vape temp..ENJOY

Christian G. on 03/17/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

That's awesome to hear Christian!! Enjoy :)


I like it, but Grav's is a tad better.

Suzette D. on 03/17/19
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Round Glass Bowl in Multiple Colors

Sesh bowl

Very good bang for your buck. It's looks great, works very good, and cleans easily. I would def buy again.

David J. on 03/16/19
Review of Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl

Thank you, David! Enjoy!

So damn cute!

It's not only adorable but great quality!

Clarissa . on 03/16/19
Review of Sloth on a Bong Enamel Hat Pin

fits great just wish it had a handle for quick hits


Paul L. on 03/16/19
Review of Glass Diamond Slide Bowl

Great quality

This is a super quality find at a most decent price. Happy with the quality, great product.

Great downstem

Downstem fit perfectly, good price as well

Matthew C. on 03/16/19
Review of Sleek And Simple 18mm To 18mm Fire Cut Downstem

Happy customer!

This is my third Sesh Supply piece. It is really well made, thick glass, nice color. Packaged really well. Delivery was a bit long (two weeks) but that was USPS - not you fault. Thanks!


I Haven’t used it yet, but its a high quality piece. Wish the hole was small enough to not need a filter.

jacob c. on 03/15/19
Review of Glass Diamond Slide Bowl

Looks Great

Great texture. Looks like it’s well made. Would by another

Richard L. on 03/15/19
Review of ErrlyBird Basketball Silicone Mat


I saw one of my bfs friends using one and i must have! Its portable and easy to clean! Comes in a nice box that can easily be carried anywhere and stored.


This is a must have! I hate rolling and its so much easier to use and clean!! I recommend this to anyone who loves to get a quick smoke in :) packs pretty nicely and easy to remove the residue ❤️❤️❤️

Megan on 03/15/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Surprised by this thing!

Firstly, I must say I’m a regular user of Firefly2 and a Storz & Bickel Plenty, and in the cheap vapes I stepped-up to over 3 years before finding best for me, I recently moved and wanted a novelty pipe vape (Watson), and knowing what my expectations are with cheaper vapes now (nil to low), I have to say this Watson has great airflow, convection, and simple. Daily vape for me? No, but watching sunrises on my balcony porch early mornings and my Watson will be fun for sure. Only negative and maybe silly one because I can’t help but realize Soke Cartel needs to advertise, but I for one immediately placed black duct tape over the lightening bright ‘Smoke Cartel’ logo, which no offense but it does cheapen an otherwise stealthy sophisticating look going for. Duct tape works on everything. Such first world problems, right?! Nice vape and SC CustomerCare rocks!

Robert on 03/15/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

Thank you so much Robert! We're looking forward to taking care of your glass and vape need in the near future :)

Meh, art work was cool

But, torch quality is not great. Wish I got a blaze for the money.

Taylor C. on 03/15/19
Review of ErrlyBird Torch Art

Hey Taylor, thank you for your comments! We're sorry to hear the quality of your torch was not 100%. We appreciate your feedback and will certainly take this into consideration for future production!


The Dipper works just as it advertises the three controlling levels are great for adjustments for how you prefer to smoke easy to use for a newbie as well veteran I purchased the Chrome it's slick heavy easy to use Sharp on its Chrome the ease of using this product is tremendous it's great to use it at private social functions I would recommend the Dipper to anyone that would like to dab easily without all the hassle #happydipping

Justin S. on 03/14/19
Review of Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer

Soft case

Does its job insides really nice keeps my Chrome dip from scratching awesome enough space to stick a couple other things in there with it if you choose to. The clasp is made of a heavier plastic I would have preferred a metal as more of a safety feature but it's pretty durable as is I would say this is not waterproof

Justin S. on 03/14/19
Review of Dip Devices Soft Carry Case

Hard shell

I was really surprised by this convenient little case well worth the added buy the medical grade silicone pops out for EZ wash if need be the case itself is pretty sturdy

Justin S. on 03/14/19
Review of Dip Devices Hard Shell Container


Always good to have a couple of these handy bought a two pack

Justin S. on 03/14/19
Review of Dip Devices Quartz Crystal Atomizer

Dip mat

Perfectly fits my larger pieces with extra space very well built .sporting logo as well as great color

Justin S. on 03/14/19
Review of Dip Devices Dip Mat


Always good to have some extras bought a pack of 5 to always keep the dip going.

Justin S. on 03/14/19
Review of Dip Devices Vapor Tip Atomizer

good bubbler

doesn't exactly fit my battery but, i still like it; it works well...

Great beginner nail!!

This nail is absolutely first problem is that the carb cap i got from them as well didnt even fit it the nail. Why offer that carb cap as an add-on when it doesnt even fit? But quickly got over that once i saw how great it hit. Then the next day, it kept heating up to red hot without even being on too high. And ever since, it keeps doing it. Have to unplug it and let it cool down and plug it back in. Kinda annoying, but once its good to go, its Good to Go!!....but for the price cant beat it at all...but after seeing this thing get so hott like its been doing, dont think ill have too long sadly.. other than that i love what I got for the price i paid lol

Hey Christian! Thanks so much for your feedback on this e-nail, it is greatly appreciated. If you believe you may have a defective item, please don't ever hesitate to get in touch and we'd be happy to help:

I like this a lot but...

There's a lot of things that bug me about it too. It's a great concept but the design needs a little improvement and the quality isn't very great. My biggest complaint is the 18mm female to male fitting; this is not a standard fitting at all but rather a cup that's pretty close to 18.8mm it's probably (in the lack of a caliper) around 19.2 so it wobbles. Why isn't this frosted glass on glass??? Second, the dewar's joint is a bad weld; skinny and poorly tacked. And lastly, the bowl isn't as thick as I'd like it to be so it's kinda hard to get the heat right. I'd gladly have paid more for it to have been better made but until there's a good option for that, this will do.

Wolfgang D. on 03/13/19
Review of Dropdown Quartz Reclaimer

It's a dab tool with a ball point....

And that's exactly why I bought it. It is - as expected

Wolfgang D. on 03/13/19
Review of 4" Titanium Grade 2 Dual End Dabber Tool

Good carb cap

This item is good for the price. I just really wish there was a plain one like this without the long dabber side. A short handle would be fantastic since I prefer my titanium dabbing tools. It bugs me how far this sticks out. Also the cuts aren't as clean as I'd like them to be. But again, it's good for the price.

Wolfgang D. on 03/13/19
Review of Banger Carb Cap for Thick-Style Quartz Banger

Thank you for your feedback!

Little piece of art

A small but beautiful high quality glass. Packaged very well and shipping was fast.

Rebecca M. on 03/12/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Male To Male Adapter

Very nice

Very high



David T. on 03/12/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Male Drop Down

Love it. So well made

I got the large and it’s gigantic. For the style of tray it is. I believe it’s the best on the market. High High quality. Very reasonable priced. Thanks to Raw & Smoke Cartel

Richard L. on 03/12/19
Review of RAW Metal Rolling Tray

Great rolling tips

Great filters so easy to uses.

Richard L. on 03/12/19
Review of RAW Rolling Tips

Great paper

Well made sticks well

Richard L. on 03/12/19
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

Well made

Nice and thick

Richard L. on 03/12/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail



Kendall E. on 03/11/19
Review of Kraken Grinders - 2.5" 4-Piece Diamond Ridge Grinder


by far my favorite piece‼️ it hits so’s sturdy for sure on my second day of attempted use i dropped it..👎🏻 however it only broke in three pieces..i bought another as i said goodbye to my three pieces.. enjoying life one strain at a time

original g. on 03/11/19
Review of Illuminati UV Reactive Hammer Sherlock

Love it!

Easy.... Enjoy it a lot. Cool design too.

Deborah T. on 03/11/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

VioSparc Lighter

Great lighter no more burnt fingers.

NEVER a harsh smoke!!!

Love how long these are and without being harsh on my lungs. Very thin and very very good. My fave!!!!

Raymond P. on 03/11/19
Review of Smoking "Thinnest" Rolling Papers

Works well

Great carb cap works well until I dropped it and it broke!

Cassian . on 03/10/19
Review of Directional Quartz Bubble Carb Cap

No excuses not to use an ashcatcher

I buy UPC because I like the look (semi-industrial) and its performance in the past. After dropping my last ashcatcher I went without one for two weeks. The people at Smoke Cartel were amazing in helping me with the glass guard guarantee and getting a new piece asap. My new ashcatcher makes the hits smooth as silk. I honestly don't get how anyone goes without one.

Kenneth S. on 03/10/19
Review of UPC Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher

Best case ever!

It's just what I needed for my small dab rig.

Works great.

It's the perfect size and fits a good amount of wax. Very happy with it. :)

StoneyP on 03/10/19
Review of ErrlyBird BudderBlocks PocketSlab


eh its ok kinda hard to get the hang off

Thais P. on 03/10/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

Hey Thais! We're sorry to hear that. If you're having any trouble using the vaporizer, please reach out to us and let us know and we'd be happy to help! We're here 24/7 :)

Exclent add on

I'm very happy with this little device. I'm always looking for something to stir my bowl with and now that I have this I'm golden.

D.L.B. on 03/10/19
Review of Kasher Multi-Purpose Lighter Tool

Tickle my pickle

Awesome bowl, great detail

Stickygreen on 03/09/19
Review of Empire Glassworks "Rickle Pick" Bowl Piece

Great piece

Keeps my rig cleaner does exactly what I needed it to do

William H. on 03/09/19
Review of 90-degree Female Reclaimer Glass Adapter

Nice thick glass. Leafly emblem really makes this a remarkable addition to any collection



bad taste and doesnt really work

Bobby C. on 03/09/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

Great ePen

The epen works great! I would recommend this to everyone. I’ll just have to see how long this will last.

Christtopher M. on 03/09/19
Review of Med-ePen "Hand Held Rig" Dab Vape Wax Pen

Nothing Mini About It

This is a nice sized rig, that packs a punch. I love it. Mine came on a gorgeous emerald green, just in time for St. Patrick's Day fun, and the smokin O' the green. The turbine disc perc swirls up a tiny tornado, as you smoke, vape or dab. You can hear the roar of the cyclone as you pull. It hits quick and hard. I love it, and got it in a flash sale for only $30.25. Next time it comes up, I'm getting a twin in cobalt blue.

Lisa B. on 03/09/19
Review of Med-ePen "Hand Held Rig" Dab Vape Wax Pen


Exactly what I thought I was getting!

Dustin . on 03/08/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Great piece

We love this piece! It hits hard but smooth! Does get dirty fast but that’s not bad! Exactly what I thought I was getting and it came fast!

great for price

great for price

Brady M. on 03/08/19
Review of Med-ePen "Hand Held Rig" Dab Vape Wax Pen

Leafly “OG” bong

Very nice piece. It’s my first water bong so I’m in love with it. The glass is super thick and it hits super smooth. Only down side is it came with super tiny bowl. (It has no depth so if you pack a bowl and stand up bong the bowl dumps. And mine came with some chips and scratches along the neck of the bong. I tried to polish them best I could but it’s scratched in the glass. Still a very nice bong.

Silver Concentrate Box

Easily $150+ in merchandise in the box. Nectar collector, timer, two carbs and a dabber, and wax containers!

EBB on 03/08/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Couldn’t be happier! This thing rips!

Quick shipping, and piece is better than I expected. Very well made, doesn’t splash back, and rips!!

Joe T. on 03/08/19
Review of "Nyx" Pass-through Inception Ball Mini Dab Rig

Perfect piece

Reminds me of my first bowl!

What I needed!

This will bus used for more camping and such but I tested it out and it is very nice.

Great mini rig!

This is a great little rig that's well worth what I paid for it. I bought it on flash sale for $33 but it's still worth it at $55, maybe a little more. The free shipping was surprisingly fast this order as I received it only 3 days after I ordered it. I bought a few other things yesterday to go with it that I think will work nicely. Thanks SC :3

Wolfgang D. on 03/08/19
Review of Med-ePen "Hand Held Rig" Dab Vape Wax Pen

Sloth on a bong

Puts your life style on in a glance!

ronnie m. on 03/08/19
Review of Sloth on a Bong Enamel Hat Pin


This is my first bong ever, and I'm so obsessed. It's such a smooth pull and so relaxing to use. Very pleased with this purchase.

Awesome little dude

super duper filtration and solid glass. Love it.

Never worked and getting run around from Smoke Cartel Customer Service

In the past returning defective or broken products was painless with smoke cartel. But this is the second $100 purchase (Other was electric sipper) that they have requested multiple videos showing that it doesn’t work and never offering credit, refund or replacement. I am at wits Nd and if smoke cartel will not stand behind the products it sells and guarantees, then I will have to seek an alternative supplier.

David O. on 03/07/19
Review of Replacement Quartz Dish For Hybrid Nails

Nice but small

Works as it should just wish it was bigger.

Robert S. on 03/07/19
Review of "Release" Rolling Tray: Smoke Cartel Artist Series

Hi Robert! Thank you for your thoughts on this rolling tray. We appreciate all feedback!

Awesome box

The box was great. Recieved an awesome $100 Kandy pen, a great little dab water piece and an over $200 piece from the China Glass collection. The overall value was way over what I paid. Would definitely recommend. Good job Smoke Cartel and thank you again!

Charles M. on 03/06/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Gets the job done, but the battery is absolutely terrible

Battery is so bad I can watch it go down as it heats up. Only able to heat it up 3 to 4 times before it is completely out of power. It also has poor air flow though the mouth piece. I took the metal filter out and replaced it with a piece of screen and it made a dramatic difference. The holes are just way too small. Im giving it three stars because it does get the job done and efficiently heats. A better battery and better air flow would make this an excellent piece.

D. on 03/05/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

Thank you for your feedback on this vaporizer, our customer service team are here to help 24/7 if you are experiencing any issues at all. Just let us know and we'd be happy to help!:


I like the look and it fits well

Mason S. on 03/05/19
Review of Rubber Ducky Flat Carb Cap

Simple and great air flow

Fits great and i like the flow

Mason S. on 03/05/19
Review of Directional Quartz Bubble Carb Cap


came a little bigger than expected to fit on my rig but we made it work! Very nice and clean and smokes very well!

Lisa U. on 03/05/19
Review of Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl

Hey Lisa, glad to hear you made it work! Thanks so much for a great review. We look forward to taking care of your glass needs again soon!

great product

my go to battery. easy to use and great build. love not having a button

Mason S. on 03/05/19
Review of Med-ePen CCELL Palm Battery

great battery

my go to. easy to use and I love not having a button

Mason S. on 03/05/19
Review of Med-ePen CCELL Palm Battery


After losing money on a faulty pen from a gas station this pen was a life saver. Love the cute little case it came in. It heats up quick and provides the perfect hit.


Nice artwork very functional


No problems here. Works Great..

David .. on 03/04/19
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Great for one person

Hits greats love the design.

Austin on 03/04/19
Review of Empire Glassworks Rickle Pick Spoon

Spoon pipe

Beautiful pipe but it was a bit small for the price

Kendall E. on 03/04/19
Review of Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon in Assorted Colors

Hey Kendall! Thank you for your feedback. We think this pipe is beautiful too :) enjoy!

Nice thick bong! Perfect hits!

This bong is a killer! This bong is not for beginners. Overall the quality to this bong is grade AAA.


Very nice

Scott on 03/03/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear


Very nice

Scott on 03/03/19
Review of Wattson Sherlock Vaporizer for Dry Herbs