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This rig i tried from friend it hit like champ easy to use and setup was easy most of the product here are high quality and amazing.

Andy C. on 07/22/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Herb Chambers Works Great!

The additional Herb Chamber for a classic smoke is right up my alley! You can really tell the amount of medicine you are getting with each draw, leaving the guesswork up to lesser units. Solid design and quality materials. Great Job Pulsar!

malleohheh on 06/25/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Best of Both Worlds

One of the only products I use that looks as good as it performs. All style and ALL performance. Don't even have to turn it on to be happy with this purchase! Best of both worlds with the added herb cup and herb carb cap. Stupid easy to clean. Yay me!

FlyButter on 06/25/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Pulsar Rok E-Rig

Best E-Rig out there. Made of high quality materials (metal and glass, but doesn't get too hot) and I love 'RoK Mode'. Easy to clean and sexy design!

tenamoore.afg on 06/25/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Award Winning for sure

This unit is by far beating out its competition. With the wide array of easy settings, you can use the Rok with flower or top shelf concentrates. It makes it impossible to burn your dab! Very user friendly. Pulsar does it again! Great job on another award winning product.

TerpDon3000 on 06/25/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Love the Rok

Super clean flavors. LOVE the metal top and glass bottom. Super high-quality. Heavy and substantial.

Don K. on 06/25/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Pulsar Rok Rocks

Love the feel! Gnarly rips on red setting! Cant believe the dry herb coil works as well as it does. Is it true that Joe Rogan endorsed it?

Smokeweedeveryday710 on 06/24/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Great rig

Initially loved everything about it! Worked just fine about eight times then the atomizer died. Try to Quick Fix but apparently it was burnt out. Had to purchase new one so not very happy.

Michael D. on 05/01/20
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig


Loveee this thing, the best I’ve had

Madelyne C. on 04/06/20
Review of The "Thick Boy" Super Heavy 9mm Thick Beaker Bong

Broke my bong when washing it during the Covid-19 shelter in place oh No! :)

I just bought one of these today and wanted to say its really nice guys! Heavy duty, takes ton's of water, very elegant with the Logo and black trimming, has a ice catcher, beautiful stem, fat bowl, yup this one is a keeper for myself until I graduate from this hopefully. Anyways, I spent $100 out the door at a local smoke shop so think I did good seeing that it is sold out here. I went into the store for a simple bong that would have cost me around let's say $30 to do the job, but after the store clerk showed me a rig, various bongs, and when he was like, "hold on for one sec I know". When I held it I knew it was like the slipper on you know who's foot so now time to pack my second bowl and head down the yellow brick road. Also this thing smokes Soooooo good thanks for the quality build.

longduckbong on 04/05/20
Review of Diamond Glass 9mm Extra Thick Beaker Bong

The Best

Raw is always the way to go they are the best

lucas w. on 04/05/20
Review of RAW King Size Slim Rolling Papers

Alright Grinder

This grinder is a perfect day to day use grinder it’s not the best quality but it all works for a basic grinder.

lucas w. on 04/05/20
Review of Standard Hard Top 4-Piece Grinder

Nice compact two piece grinder

If you’re looking for a small two piece grinder, this is the one. It does a great job and creates a nice even cut to your goods.

James W. on 04/05/20
Review of Aerospaced Anodized Aluminum Grinders

Smooth and cool draw every time

This bubbler is exactly what I was looking for. Classy looking, stays cool, never a harsh or hot toke.

James W. on 04/05/20
Review of Snoop Dogg Pounds "Lightship" Hammer Bubbler

Over price in here

Cost 62 dólar in Marley natura site everything it’s overpriced here

Victor .. on 04/05/20
Review of Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler

Pretty good

Pretty good for the price

Aric S. on 04/05/20
Review of Round Glass Bowl in Multiple Colors

Great service

I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. I was also very pleased with the customer service experience.

Adriana424 .. on 04/04/20
Review of Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps - 15 Pack

Just What I Was Looking For

Searched the web for awhile. Found exactly what I wanted at Smoke Cartel at a very competitive price.

William C. on 04/04/20
Review of The "Meta-Pipe" Metal Cap Hand Pipe

Good Product/Poor Price

Local Price $1.00 each

William C. on 04/04/20
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen (5 Pack)

Solid rig, bigger than expected, which is a plus.

This things rips HARD.

Elliott E. on 04/04/20
Review of EYCE Sidecar Silicone Rig

Not the best but ok

Its ok just a lot better options

Aaron on 04/04/20
Review of Glassheads Pendant Rig Style-Style Carb Cap

Love the mystery box

Thanks smoke cartel for another great box! Definitely doing the platinum box soon

Aaron A. on 04/04/20
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Good Deal

Not much to say about the product, it's a basic mass market adapter. What I can say is the price was fair, shipping was fast and I was pleased with the purchase.

joshua m. on 04/04/20
Review of Sleek And Simple Male To Female Adapter

great glass pipe

easy to use, great bowl, easy to clean

Robert E. on 04/04/20
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe


Love the small bowl. Helps me budget my bud during this quarantine.

Jose M. on 04/04/20
Review of Grav Labs Helix Taster Chillum

I don't read enough- waste of money

Well, I stupidly thought this would come with seeds, so I excitedly bought it for my husband that was laid off work. He appreciated the thought, but we don't have the money for seeds now- so it was a complete waste of money. I could have went to the dispensary and at least gotten something for this month for his pain (born with cerebral palsy) So, while it might be a nice set up to do something fun and helpful. It is incomplete-

PennyC . on 04/04/20
Review of A Pot For Pot Desktop Mini Edition Grow Kit

Bubble bubble

Just got new rig and luv it was the hit at my card game last night

BRIAN o. on 04/04/20
Review of Ooze "Trip" Silicone Bubbler Rig

👍You guys are the best 🤙

I love the service there and products thanks for being there

Anthony C. on 04/04/20
Review of Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker

Good one!

Amazing way to do the smoking EASY, and fully! I wish it came with instructions...I'm slower to learn!

Glenn M. on 04/04/20
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Great Product

Arrived in a timely matter and in comparison to my recently deceased ash catcher (which was practically identical), this works just as good and I was pleasantly suprised with how much larger this piece was than the other. Not nearly as much cleaning needed as the smaller one I had. Overall a great piece at a good price.

Cristian S. on 04/03/20
Review of Pulsar 90° Honeycomb Ash Catcher


quality was awesome customer service was awesome

Manuel G. on 04/03/20
Review of Grav Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler

grav labs classic spoon

Received in about a week, well packaged high quality everyday peice very well priced for quality, will continue purchasing with the smoke cartel.

Jeff H. on 04/02/20
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe


Super convenient

Andrew G. on 04/02/20
Review of RAW Adjustable Rolling Machine


Beautiful piece, and most importantly it works awesome! Killer price, great quality! #respect

Miroslav .. on 04/02/20
Review of Empire Glassworks "Honey Drip" Bubble Carb Cap

My New Smoke Shop!

This was my first purchase from SmokeCartel and loved it. My item arrived 1 day earlier than originally stated and shown on tracking. Been using it about a month now and every hit is still just as smooth! I wash it out a lot but it's about time for a full clean, haha! Definitely will be purchasing from here again, who knows, maybe right after this review ;)

Customer service

I would like to say that smoke cartel is one of the best sites to go and purchase a bong. I purchased a higher standards bong and was very happy with the quality. What was even better was that they matched the price on the bong I purchased. I bought it, then saw it on a competitors site for less while it was being shipped and Joseph sent me a refund for the difference before it even arrived!!! If this isn't the best service then I don't know what it. Thanks Joseph from smoke cartel!!!

Ricky G. on 04/01/20
Review of Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker

High quality

An excellent piece to have. I’m a relative newb so the biggest thing I noticed is that the hits are super easy and absolutely huge, so be careful. I love that it’s heavy and the lab quality glassware is amazing. The hits don’t cool quite as well as I thought they would and I kinda wish I went for a larger one, the 12” is a little small. But I’m more than happy with it, it’s my first bong over $100 and it’s worth it!

Look no further...

This is the ash catcher you need for quality sessions. Recommend to all!

Jose U. on 04/01/20
Review of Pulsar High Class Ash Catcher


Its actually perfect. And it fits nicely in my hand. So far so good.

It’s nice.

Works good & it serves its purpose.

Jacob S. on 03/31/20
Review of Pulsar "Not a Butt Plug" Hand Pipe

Perfect item for the job!

Does exactly what it says it does and works well. No smell escapes this thing. Looks really cool and feels sturdy. Almost feels like you have some space type gadget. I definitely recommend getting this larger one and it should fit what you need. 5/5 would recommend. Also super fast shipping especially with what's going on in the world. A+ job.

Just as advertised

They are exactly as described. High quality heavy glass. Ordering and delivery were painless and fast.

Deborah H. on 03/31/20
Review of 9mm Fumed Funnel Pull-Stem Bowl

Horrible Product!

I ordered your vulcan stix vape pen and within 2 weeks of having it, the plastic mouthpiece and screw on plastic adapter BOTH melted and will no longer screw on to the pen making it completely useless. And NO....I did not keep hitting it while it was hot, as I always tried to let it cool down between hits, but the plastic threads still melted away.

Lucille C. on 03/31/20
Review of Yocan Stix Portable Vaporizer

Awesome box

This was a great buy and worth the money

Danielle H. on 03/31/20
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear


This is one great product for a very quick glass cleanup! Worked great on my bong and pipe and even took of a smudge I haven’t been able to reach with multiple ridiculous tools I’ve adapted🤣

Sherry E. on 03/31/20
Review of Orange Chronic 16oz Cleaner


really cool pin, even cooler sloth

Luke U. on 03/30/20
Review of Sloth on a Bong Enamel Hat Pin

Beautiful and functions exactly how you would except

It keeps the bong clean, it doesn’t change the percolation like other ash catchers, So you can have your Bong percolation without your bong getting so dirty.

Jack H. on 03/30/20
Review of Pulsar 2 Tone Ash Catcher

The best blunt

I was looking for a way to smoke that didn't let me smoke ashes so this blunt with a built in ash catcher is perfect. I am also clumsy so being mostly metallic it takes my worries away!

Alberto P. on 03/30/20
Review of MJ420 Adjustable Glass Blunt

Great product

These little filters are great for using in my bowl for my bong so it doesn’t suck in all the special ingredients.

lucas w. on 03/30/20
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen (5 Pack)

Almost perfect

The pipe itself was alright it hits a bit hard but it was only $10 so not Mitch you can ask for. Mainly the 4 star is for the website itself it shipped my package so fast and got here like it was prime on amazon.

lucas w. on 03/30/20
Review of "Caribbean Dream" Flat Mouth Rasta Frit Hand Pipe

The one

Perfect everyday durable beaker

Phoenix ash catcher

This thing works good for a bong like it a lot wish it was thicker.


Always like having extra.

Jordan C. on 03/30/20
Review of 2mm Wall Quartz Banger


I'm still using it only tried it like twice so far I got good dabs.

Egg perc

It was good got a lot of egg rigs to go with it use it on most of those.

Jordan C. on 03/30/20
Review of Pulsar Egg Perc Ash Catcher

Platinum box

It was a nice box got a dab rig I use all the time pretty much as it says a starter kit for buds and dabs.

Jordan C. on 03/30/20
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear


Looks, great bowl depth is a little small. But it’s 10mm female joint, so it’s expected. But this is a tad to extreme.

Protect your lungs

Best vape for the price. Keep those lungs healthy considering we have a world wide virus that attacks the lungs!!!

Andrew S. on 03/30/20
Review of Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


I am extremely happy with my purchase and will be making more in the future.

Krista .. on 03/30/20
Review of Smoke Cartel "Swirl Cane" Hand Pipe



Jacob G. on 03/30/20
Review of Genius Pipe


Love the glass super thick smooth hits great quality got the price.

Smoker’s Delight....

Fantastic!!! As always. Moist, and they stay fresh. Great taste, burn slow and I will definitely order again and again!!!

Jannette .. on 03/29/20
Review of Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps - 15 Pack

Nice rig at a decent price

This is a compact, high quality, durable rig at a decent price. Great filtration and the swiss cheese design creates many small cyclones. Hopefully they come back in stock soon so you can pick one up!

battery does not work

I need a blue battery for my wonder bible

Charlie R. on 03/29/20
Review of Samsung INR 18650 2500mAh Mod Battery

Good stuff

Great product. Fast shipping. No more broken stems!

Ryan H. on 03/29/20
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem


Works as expected. Good value


Owned another Grab and great quality. Cool tornado type smoke shape and clean but strong hits. Build quality seems good but I have a tendency to drop these things some we'll see haha. Overall, this is one you will not be disappointed by🤙

David B. on 03/29/20
Review of Grav Labs Small Upright Bubbler


Bought this as an anniversary gift to my long-time boyfriend and he loves it! It’s something that is unique in looks and beautiful in color. I am very pleased with what i paid for 🥰

Works great!

It works as intended and cleaned my glass pieces fast and easy. However, the bottle leaked during shipping! This would be easily remedied if there was a piece of electric style tape wrapped around where the cap and bottle meet. Kind of disappointed with how much the product cost and the time it took to get here.

Kasey C. on 03/28/20
Review of Formula 420 Original Glass Cleaner - 4oz

Quality product

This is my first dugout, so I odnt have much to compare to, but I know quality craftsmanship when I see, and this thing is quality. It feels good in my hand, nice and heavy aluminum. The pipe, packing chamber, and cleaning tool all work well.

Jeremy B. on 03/28/20
Review of Grav Labs Dugout Pipe


I love this thing only wish they had a matching bong

Michael A. on 03/28/20
Review of "Tako" Octopus Tentacle Hand Pipe


Taste great the smoothest hits I’ve taken I would recommend anyone looking to get this one

Ive used these kits before

Ive used these kits before for about erm, 2 years now. They work pretty awesome and following the simple instructions you really can't go wrong. When you buy they include a 10% off of a seedery that is really good selections. A P4P uses their own blend of super soil so feeding is not necessary. Just good ph balanced water and light. The light you get you can use something small with a decent spectrum and your good to go. Excellent for autos, I don't know if I would use this kit for reg/fem but for autos this is the "kit" to get. Ive also used their 2gal kits as well. Only thing I wish is that they wouldnt put all that leafy decoration all over the boxes. I live in a state where this is still highly frowned on :(

Stargzer on 03/27/20
Review of A Pot For Pot "Balcony Edition"

Not what I ordered

The piece I got looks nothing like the picture above....the one I ordered was blk and purple....u sent me a terrible looking not like it at all....very disappointing :(

Christopher G. on 03/27/20
Review of Grav Labs Classic WigWag Spoon Pipe

Best Torch EVER!!!

Super happy with it. Would be lost without it! I use it throughout the day and it’s really good on ‘tane. The only downside and the reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that after a few months it doesn’t always light on the first try. My girl gets annoyed by the clicking but whatcha gonna do? I’m still stoked on this torch.

Bridgette on 03/27/20
Review of Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch

Great Bong

Simple and effective. Perfect for those who want to put ice in it.

cain c. on 03/26/20
Review of Pulsar "Simply Big Guy" Thick Glass Beaker Bong

Very satisfied!

It came very fast. Shipping insurance very recommended! Will be continuing ordering these items!

so cute

no this thing is adorable and i like the sleek ergonomic design. mainly i like that it’s not as skinny and sleek and a typical pen, so lol i probably won’t drop it as much and crack the cart :/ bc it protects the glass part. but yeah my only issue was that i thought ONLY the cart it came with was compatible bc ONLY that cart had the magnetic piece. I thought you had to keep refilling the one they gave you. Like, how annoying.. but okay.. Lol then i read that it’s removable and totally slips on the other carts. so yeah i love it. no complaints anymore. I would say that if i designed it, i would want a heat control option (red, blue, green strengths). anyway I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes cute things. Tbh 💯 I have the best luck with the pricey This Thing Rips batteries but they haven’t been in stock 😭 they last years and are much thicker. but this is cool too :)

Clean design

It arrived in perfect condition. Can’t wait to see how it works! I will buy this again.

Erin J. on 03/26/20
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe


Recently purchased Otto. Great little tool for getting beautiful joints. Highly recommended so far....hopefully it will remain so.

Brian W. on 03/26/20
Review of OTTO Automatic Cone Filler and Grinder

More impressive in person

Extremely happy with product, very well made. Delivery was shockingly fast. Will definitely continue to give business

Works great

Love it makes dabbing hella easy and more discreet

Jake E. on 03/25/20
Review of Grindhouse Trident Wax Vaporizer

its perfect!

Haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it works great. It arrived on time and in excellent condition. Its exactly what I ordered.

Erin J. on 03/25/20
Review of Metal Cigarette Chillum


Is a sreen

Jeff A. on 03/25/20
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen (5 Pack)

Happy, Happy

New customer, customer for life! Love the bowl.

I like it

I love most of the stuff that came in, and might try another one, to get a torch, hopefully. They sent cleaning wipes & coffee, which is badass, with what’s going on in the world today.

Samantha D. on 03/25/20
Review of The Boss Box

Dont buy!!!!!!

I'll be honest I was super excited for this peice, I really was. Until I had to fight with them about shipping for two whole months. I ordered it on February 6th and it was suppose to arrive February 11th to the 13th the latest. I didnt receive it until march 24th. Never once could actually talk to a real person only automated responses. Now the peice is definitely not worth the price. The pinwheel arrived with a pressure crack down one of the prongs couldent see it until filling it up and is loose and constantly rattling no matter the amount of water and then plugs after a few uses. This is my worst purchase yet and after this experience through smoke cartel will never order through them again. So I'm hoping you learn from my mistakes. Don't buy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frit Spoon

Beautiful piece. High quality. Speedy delivery.

TL K. on 03/25/20
Review of Grav Labs Frit Spoon

Awesome colors!

Love this bowl. The bowl size is perfect for 1 or 2 people and the colors really pop. Feels good in the hand, too.

David H. on 03/24/20
Review of Grav Labs Bubble Trap Spoon

Small size is seriously small

I absolutely and completely underestimated the small size. It's tiny. Even though it is only for me and small amounts, I still will be buying a bigger sized grinder in the next few weeks. Gave it three stars because while it does work, the holes are too small because the teeth kind of do a bad job at shredding the herb. It'll do in a pinch, but I'm upgrading ASAP.

David H. on 03/24/20
Review of Standard Hard Top 4-Piece Grinder

Good quality

I would buy this again. Shipped quickly and sold a a great price. Works great for grinding.


Throws bubbles well, inside even drains perfectly but was smaller than expected


One of the best, well made, super smooth bubblers on the market.

Josh A. on 03/24/20
Review of Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler