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Simple and Efficient

I gotta say some people were saying how hard it is to figure out the temperature and it says it right on the dial. Now I'm sure it might be off, but I'm wiling to live with an offset of +/- 5 degrees. The instructions were with the package and everything was concise and easy to understand. My only objection would be that the quartz dish is loose(as in it wiggles around when i swirl the nail side to side and even up and down to a degree, even though the bolt that is suppose to fasten the dish in place is tight as can be. I don't know if it is an intentional design choice or just a lemon I got but it just feels a little flimsy; either way it works beautifully. I also kinda like the timer function as I can see myself leaving it on and forgetting about it. All in all I think this is the safest bet for a budget E-nail that is NOT an eBay Chinese POS. Would definitely recommend!

Perfect Bong

This is the best bong I've ever owned.

Cheap Plastic

Great clip, could have better materials

Cormac on 02/22/18
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

This mini bong is awesome!

I was looking for something to smoke out of that was small, portable, quality made, and that had quality glass. This mini bong rips like a champ! I love the way it looks and feels. It definitely doesn't have a "cheap" feel to it. If you're in the market looking for something small, portable and quality made than you need to get this.

I like it but..

The bowl doesn’t fit quite right and wiggles, plus I got sent the wrong color piece :/ luckily I actually prefer the one I got sent so it all works out in the end!

Awesome Little Bong

This is small but sturdy. Thick glass. Ice pinch works great with my ice I have. Nice smooth hits. Perfect size for myself. Suits all my needs and I'm super satisfied. Unique piece to add to my collection. In love!

Chelsea on 02/21/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Not what I expected but it's something

2 stars because great packaging and the 3rd star because it's a smooth hit BUT I bought this because of how the propeller perc was shown to spin and sadly that is not what I got. My alien green Prometheus' propeller does NOT spin at any rate similar to the video, if anything it reminds me of a laggy game of overwatch. Slowly but surely, some degrees at a time it does spin. I've adjusted the water level every way I could and not a single time would it rotate like it does in the demo video. I guess if I want another propeller piece it won't be a Sesh Supply one.

Hey Ron, we're re really sorry to hear that! We are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask:

Really Good slick

Really Really good, nice and deep (giggitti) but seriously i filled it with about 3.5grams of rosin once getting it.

Ian on 02/20/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Large Silicone Cube

Great piece, bad service

Ordered this piece to replace an identical one that had broken. Took almost 2 weeks for the order to even be shipped out, and when it arrived, it came with the wrong downstem which led to the piece eventually cracking and breaking. That being said, the SC team worked with me to find a replacement piece and got it shipped out as soon as possible. It's my second time ordering from smokecartel, and it's the second time my order has been delayed/incorrect.

The other ship!!!

This piece is amazing, it has a smooth draw and is one of the best pieces ive ever used. The showerhead perc makes the pull feel ljke nothings their. The ceramic nail isnt for everybody. Although it comes with the rig i would suggest buying the quartz banger because the ceramic isnt the easiest to use. Other then that i highly recomend this rig.

Quartz banger

This banger is great! It is durable and can take the heat

Hans on 02/19/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

Aqua Tusks

it's small but not too small. rips smooth and hard. plus it look sick.

Big A. on 02/18/18
Review of "Mr. Tusk" Mini Beaker

Perfect Pipe

Was searching for a gandolph style pipe for a while, figured at $30, I would give it a shot. Holds more than I imagined..and such a smooth hit. Glass is a bit thin for me (I am known to drop things) but overall a nice pipe. Free shipping and was sent super fast!

Dana J. on 02/18/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

My new favorite!

This spoon is super thick and smokes perfectly!! Very high quality, can't ask for much more!

Chris F. on 02/18/18
Review of Glassheads "Cubehead" Illuminati Spoon


This is an excellent hand made art work! I had it working the day I received it and have been smiling ever since. Great hand craftsmen! Thanks again SC!


Super smooth power hits easy pulls best bong I've ever owned love it . Thanks smoke cartel

It’s beautiful

It’s my favorite piece in my collection.

Adrien on 02/17/18
Review of High Tech Glassworks "Perk-a-Cola" Water Pipe


Wow this thing changed how my water pipe hit. It’s like I got a new piece!

Good Product

Came in good shape and works well!

So Cute

The necklace came within a week and is so cute. The only down side is personally, I think the chain is just a little short for my liking but other than that it’s an amazing necklace!!

Mackenzie on 02/16/18
Review of Smoke Cartel THC Molecule Necklace


Great pipe gets good hits just needs a plug nug 2 cover hole love the blue design.

Hector on 02/16/18
Review of Honeycomb Claw Style Spoon

Super Rad!!!!

Wanted a Turbine perc rig for a few years now, finally got one. Over all Super happy with the piece and service. Any question or anything i asked Smoke Cartel was answered fast. I took a super fat dab once I got it, took me about 30 sec to figure out the amount of water, it takes a little more man in it to draw but im good with that, action and everything else is superb. I have a new daily driver for my oils. Next one will be a flower piece for sure. Really am happy with my purchase, will defiantly recommend.

I have a question

Is it waterproof?

Love this thing

Battery is awesome, I only use it at night so I charge it once or twice a week. Its stylish and discrete and it can take a fall. 10 out of 10 would recomend

Billy on 02/15/18
Review of KandyPens Herbal K-Stick

Nice, but Heavy

So first off I want to say that this is a nice bowl. Good size, stays cool even during long sessions, is easy to hold etc. The main issue I have is its weight. I'm using this mainly in my UPC "Simple Guy" Bubble Base, and it almost makes it tip over. That being said, if you're careful, its an awesome bowl that makes your piece stand out a bit more. The one other issue I could see people having is that it has pretty high draw resistance for a bowl (I personally don't mind). I also haven't cleaned it yet, but that shouldn't be too difficult (I'll probably use some iso and rock salt). Peace! tl;dr: PROS: good size, easy to hold, well made, looks sexy CONS: somewhat high draw resistance, heavy and almost makes my piece tip over :(

Hi David! Thank you for your feedback on this bowl, we really appreciate your words. Keep smokin'!


awesome bong -nice and smooth hits - Great glass!!!! - the size make it easy to clean

Best Screen Ever!

Just made my second order and got 10 more actually. I've tried metal screens and glass flower style screens. These are amazing. They don't clog quickly, don't mess with the taste, and work perfectly! Do yourself a favor and buy a bunch! They seem to go out of stock quickly.

John on 02/12/18
Review of Honeycomb Glass Screen

New Favorite Piece

Bought this as a Christmas present for myself and it's easily my favorite piece now. It's the perfect size for personal use. Get one of the honeycomb glass screens and it gets even better. I would gladly buy it again.

John on 02/12/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Pan" Mini Beaker

When I opened this the first thing I said was WOW!!!!

Beautiful piece! Love the look, I bought the 13 inch in Green and it's a amazing! Fills up and gives you smooth hits! Just love it all around, I have it on my desk like a work of art! Thank you Smoke Cartel

Jonathan N. on 02/11/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Rather small but hits good

Despite the narrow size of the bong it hits real good only real problem is you cant add ice cubes and the bowl that comes with it is actually hollow to allow smoke into it making a basically useless normal sized bowl that is smaller than a basic bowl ill be holding a pipe to it until i can get a bowl

solarchaos420wakenbake on 02/10/18
Review of UPC “Simply Guy” Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe

Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I'm sure this information would be very useful for people looking to get this piece. If you have any issues be sure to get in touch with our customer service at or through the online chat!! Have an awesome day ;)

Dope piece

I ordered this for my bf for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!!. It hits beautifully & is now his favorite piece. I will defenitly be placing future orders with smoke cartel. I only have one complaint & that is that the color is not as vibrant as it appears online. I ordered the mango and I was a bit disappointed in the color. But overall still very much worth the money & Customer service is A1

Best ashtray

Built perfectly. Bowl casher works great. Love this ashtray. Will buy again.

KB on 02/09/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Debowler Ashtray

Love this pipe

Orange color is bright and vibrant. Stands nicely. Smokes smoothly. Glass is stronger than expected. Looks super cool! Love this pipe!

KB on 02/09/18
Review of "Vibrant" Bright Frit Gandalf Handpipe


decent bong, honestly perfect for dabs, buds not so much. Im gonna buy another bong from smoke cartel for dry herb, gonna try one of their ashcatchers as well. overall if you gonna buy for herb get a ash catcher adds a lot of percolation even though this bong puts out a lot, just not enough for me on the buds. BTW Smoke Cartel much love>>Will make future purchases.. Although shipping.. The anticipation is real

My man! Thanks for taking the time to review this piece. I am happy you like it, we try our best to cut processing time so even in case of shipping delays it would get to you quickly. (We're still waiting for you reply about the dry herb bong, we'll find something just perfect for you ;)) Hope you have an amazing week, get in touch with if you need anything ;)

Perfect. Just What Was Needed.

The 14" 7mm is thick, heavy, and built for easy maintenance over time. The high quality glass blowing from UPC combined with the excellent distribution from Smoke Cartel creates a perfect buy. Thank you!

Great piece

It looks great, pulls smooth, and is totally worth the price since I got a glass guard discount. 10/10

45 degree ash catcher

Again Smoke Cartel has brought me a great little ash catcher. With fast shipping and excellent packaging what more could want! Thanks again SC!

David on 02/08/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter

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Cute Little Starter Rig

I love this! It’s definitely smaller than I thought but it still rips great.

Perfect title! It really is a great first rig and compact enough to carry around.

Awesome to start but..

I bought this thing about a month ago .my wife and I absolutely loved this thing on beginning set it pretty low takes less than 5 min to heat up and the rips were so smooth and amazing WITH my carb cap Do a dab without the cap Kinda waiting it well it was sitting there at about 450 degrees 7 days a week after I bought it and the bowl cracked no worries we will order smoke caryels replacement bowl for it heck we ordered 2 Well only one bowl FIT The unit the other one was to big and it just rattled (we really really loved this thing in beginning so I let that slide Went to do a dab and my carb cap would not fit it was to small So I hit the guys up and they said there’s would fit no problem said they were sure cause the went to warehouse and took a replacement bowl out of packageing and the carb cap and it fit perfect Well it arrived and was to small so I sent it back it has been a couple weeks now and still no refund I asked why and absolutely no response I asked again same thing BEEARE !!

Oh it works

Was skeptical of a bong this small, but I’m high af so who’s laughing now. Solid smooth hit, feels good, and very portable.

Sam on 02/08/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Good filtration and taste

This rig is great for tasting and getting a cool hit from the filtration. The pull is harder than most of my rigs, and water is harder to get in and out which is why I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Hi Alexander! Awesome review, thank you so much :)

Second Time Purchasing

Great little bubbler. Incredibly convenient for travelling and physically durable as well. Bowl size is perfect.

Chris on 02/07/18
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

A little cumbersome

I had a few issues with this product on first use. Which ended up a semi-serious burn. Best advice I can give is, don't let yourself think this works like a hookah. It's not. Plus with no storage for the quartz wand it can be a bit of a fire hazard if you rig doesn't have a spot to hold onto it. While I do like it as an option, I wouldn't really recommend this, especially for anyone new to dabbing.

Josh on 02/07/18
Review of Headdies 3-D Printed DabVac Adapter

Hey Josh, thank you for your feedback and for 4/5 overall :)

Love a Honey Bucket

Probably my preferred way to use concentrates. Makes heating super easy and really reduces risks of burns. Plus it really gives you that full flavor that you are looking for.

Josh on 02/07/18
Review of Quartz Honey Bucket with Swing Arm

Simple but Sexy

This piece is pretty simple, but I like it. Compact for a bong, but it still has a downstem and the kink in the glass draws attention. 10/10 would recommend!

Just what I wanted

Love this rig, it has thick glass, nice design, easy to clean, and gives a perfect rip every time. First quartz banger had a chip/crack when received (it was a 2mm not very thick), customer service team was speedy with a response and replacement. Fast shipping and A+ service.

Kevan on 02/06/18
Review of UPC Hammer Barrel Perc to Vortex Oil Rig

Can't beat the price!

Lot's of overpriced quartz out there but this is what you need! Great heat retention, as any good quartz usually has.

Jackson on 02/06/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail

It's... okay

I'll just say that if you're looking for an effective desktop vape for concentrates, this is def not the one. If it came with an attachment specifically for concentrates that would hold them in the "filling dish" rather than one with a screen at the bottom, it would work a lot better. Also, one of the questions on this page talks about the use of bags... you can't use bags with this vape because it doesn't have a fan. Overall, the product does half of what it's supposed to do according to it's description.

Jackson on 02/06/18
Review of Arizer V-Tower Tabletop Vaporizer

Hey Jackson, thanks for your feedback! It is to our knowledge that you can use bags with this vaporizer. If there is anything we can do to make this experience a 5/5 for you, please don't hesitate to let us know :)


Thanks Zachw for the fantastic packaging, my piece arrived safely. This is my first glass piece from Grav Labs. Wow. I could only afford the Mini Hammer and I’m so happy with my decision to purchase this piece. It hits extremely smooth, I’m very happy, now I’m going to need to invest in other Grav Labs works of art. And as ALWAYS from shopping to shipping Smoke Cartel in beautiful Savannah Georgia is and always will be my go to smoke shop supplier!

Charles on 02/06/18
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

Good buy

When I first got it it wasn't my favorite, I'm very particular when it comes to my pieces. After about a week or so it grew on me. Very durable and the changing color is great.

Unable to put it down

Incredible piece of glass, smooths the smoke, cools the hit and bubbles as I had hoped. Pairs well with a screened bowl. Would buy again.

trippingonwires on 02/04/18
Review of "The Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe

My Go-To Dab Rig

Smooth, tasty pulls that are cooled off by the awesome perc and faberge egg design. The piece itself feels solid, especially the super solid base. My only hesitations when handling it involve the handle, but that's probably just me being careful. Only caveat with this piece involves using it for flower; don't. I mean, do, if you have to, but it's to be avoided. The taste and pull are nice, but the piece itself will get dirty very quick (especially the 90 degree joint) and its unique structure makes cleaning the interior chamber a pain... Otherwise, it's a dabber's dream!

Even better than before!

I bought an older version of the same piece a year or two ago and used it every day until I knocked it off the counter and the percs inside broke. This was my favorite bong ever, so I purchased the same one again. The new one appears to be upgraded - thicker glass, a much more effective glass guard, and a wider chamber. I'm almost glad I broke the last one!

Great piece

First larger purchase with glass. Website was really easy to use and the package came really quickly! The bong itself is secured nicely in an abundance of bubble wrap. Hits beautifully and looks just as good. Will definitely be ordering again. Thanks, Smokecartel 🙏🏿🔥

Female to Female 14.5

Communications has been top notch! Texts every step of the way. Shipping is fast and packing is the bomb! Fits exactly to my water pipe. Ahh I luv it when things go well. Thank You SC

David on 02/02/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter

Glass is good but angle is not

It's a nice piece of glass, sturdy and would probably work for certain pieces, but what I received appears to be longer than what is in the pictures. Instead of a short piece of glass with a 45 degree bend, it bends nearly 90 degrees and is longer than I expected. If you were to put it in a vertical female downstem, it will point horizontally back at the pipe or out forward, making it impossible to use a bowl or other pre-cooler. Sadly, that doesn't work for me, but I suppose I'll hang onto it in case I find a use for it on another piece someday.

Caleb C. on 02/02/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Bent Male to Male Adapter

Hi Caleb! Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear this item isn't what you were expecting, you can always give our awesome customer services a message. They'll fix you up in no time!

Doesn't work

I used this with a brand new rig and enail set up and after a long dab sesh, my rig got clogged yet their wasn't any reclaim.

Richman on 02/02/18
Review of 90 Degree Angled Male Reclaimer Glass Adapter

Hi Richman! Sorry to hear that. You can always give our awesome customer services a message and they;ll be able to fix you up!

It's ok

It's ok

Eric on 02/02/18
Review of UPC 3-Armed Tree Perc Ashcatcher

Hi Eric, thank you for your feedback. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with this ash catcher a 5/5. We are here 24/7 to help :)


I absolutely love this bubbler!!! It gives amazingly huge rips, you don't even realize untill you blow it back out!! Absolutely love it!!

Eric on 02/01/18
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

Nice piece

I really like the bowl, it does just what I needed it to do! Thanks a lot smoke cartel

Fenrir by BoroTech Glass in Red. Amazing!

Just got my order today! Glass was 100% undamaged and I received my whole order! This is a Brilliant Piece from BoroTech Glass I got my Fenrir In Red because it looks so Raw! Awesome Use for Rig and Water Bong. Both work great in this one and the water recycling through the bottom diffuser and 2 Swiss Disc Pers meet for an awesome swirl cyclone effect at the top of it before your hit is delivered! Cool, smooth, clean hits. Highly recommended! Thanks Smoke Cartel for my first Order! One of many I'm sure! 👍👍

BfromOhio on 02/01/18
Review of BoroTech Glass "Fenrir" Double Swiss Disc Recycler

Great piece

Durable thick glass, smooth and hard hits.

Super simple!

This is a great idea and similar to pvc etc pipes. One end is a different size, or the same, and the other is either the same or different in size. Very simple and I’m glad the SC carries it! Fast ship with great packaging and extra points too! Thanks again SC!

David on 02/01/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter

Really durable

Very durable and holds just the right amount of herb as needed. There is no telling how many times I’ve dropped this piece and it’s still with me to this day. Definitely a good replacement of your last bowl broke.


sickest looking hing ever!!! now only do they taste super good but its super fun pranking your friends into thinking your eating actual bud

aysha on 02/01/18
Review of Koko Nuggz Chocolate Budz Snacks

She’s a beauty, man!

Just the right bong for your moneys worth. She pulls like a beast and packs a punch like no other. Also great color choice

Ryan . on 02/01/18
Review of "Moody Blue" Honeycomb Stemless Water Pipe

Love it

I bought the 7mm 24 inch with a upc ash catcher. Awesome combo, smoke is nice and cool before it reaches you. Perfect for biger snaps. It is a little top heavy, but come on it's a 2 footer hahah.

One word...Dope!

This is favorite spoon pipe by far. Perfect palm size, smooth rips, and the GRAV logo is an awesome detail. I recommend this for sure. Great price too. Shout out to Zachw for the shipment.

dKF on 01/31/18
Review of Grav Labs Sandblasted Classic Spoon


On all fronts this water pipe is insane. First off, the glass is THICK. Really sturdy, which is good as I have a habit of breaking my glass. Secondly, this thing gives you the ability to RIP. I mean, you can fill this thing up easyyy. Even my wife was saying how dangerous it was and she’s a tiny human. Huge hits, and smooth as butter. Almost didn’t even feel much on the inhale even when the thing was white walled. Water level was pretty easy to figure out, although to get plenty water through the honeycomb, youll have to inhale a bit hard. One of the best water pipes I’ve owned, hands down at a fraction of the price of what this would cost at one of my local head shops. Will definitely be purchasing more from Smoke Cartel!

i liked it

very useful and strong

Ralf on 01/31/18
Review of UPC "Dozer" Quartz Banger

Hey Ralf! That's great to hear. Enjoy your new quartz banger and we'll see you next time!


I like it

Ralf on 01/31/18
Review of Elements Rolling Papers

Hey Ralf! Awesome to hear. Happy rolling!

Don’t like it

Hits good, looks cool, but I would recommend buying a different style. Very difficult to clean and

TODD . on 01/31/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Hi Todd! Thanks for your feedback. If you're having trouble cleaning this piece I would recommend you check out our spring cleaning page to help you out ;) :

14.5mm ash catcher with bowl and down stem

Again this has been a real pleasure with text msgs to let me know what is up, great packaging as is the price. The item is a pleasure to use! Thanks SC!

yeah it works great

everything fits and works perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised at the make of it all.

Good nail

I just love it . I get more flavour in my hits and ppl always rip with this nail

Really, really great.

This was my first piece and it's an excellent buy, both in terms of quality and looks. Not too big but it ain't tiny neither.

Nate on 01/29/18
Review of UPC Sleek and Simple Beaker Bong

Waterproof and smell proof

That's all you need to know

So nice

Beautiful, happy as a naked clam

A great pipe but looks nothing like what I ordered

Title says it all a fantastic five overall I'd give it 5 Stars had it actually looked the same as what I ordered

A very nice piece

Fast shipping even during the holidays they still came on time the price was right the color and became a beautiful purple and I would recommend this to anyone

Justyn on 01/29/18
Review of Slim Slyme Chillumeleon Pipe

💣a really nice pipe💣

A really nice pipe with beautiful craftsmanship and a great way to it it just doesn't look anything like the picture I ordered it from would have given 5 but it's dramaticly diffent

Hi Justyn! Thanks for your feedback. As each pipe is handcrafted and completely individual, they may vary from the photo. Of course, if you have received one that is completely different, feel free to reach out and let us know:

Great everything!

I’ll say this every order thus far has been fantastical! The texting to let me know what is happening each day to the very affordable, the ones I get that is, prices to the shipping and handling all A1. Thanks SC

Great Nail

High quality nail, no problems with it at all!!

Great cap

Works as intended. Love it.

Bradley on 01/29/18
Review of ELEV8 Directional Carb Cap

Great Little Squid

Ordered the 1" 4-Piece in Magenta. Seems to be of fantastic quality, anodized aluminum with a well applied screen print on the top. Honestly did not realize how small it would be, but all the functionality is there. Ordered this primarily because the mesh on my old 4 pc was too fine, but this guy collects da trics nicely. Perfect for concerts, picnics, can get about 4 med j's worth if u pregrind and also nug up the top

Mine was broken

So I bought this and an entire rig. I was glad to see in the package that this was the only thing broken, the handle is gone from the cap. Im not two up set since I can still use the cap and my entire rig is fine but it is a shame it was broken

Justin P. on 01/28/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

Hi Justin! I am so incredibly sorry to hear that! We have sent you an email regarding this issue and look forward to getting a carb cap to you in perfect condition :)

Natural Guy..

All I can say is this little piece rips. I needed a little piece to hook up to my Yocan torch and wow this thing rips like a regular size rig, also hooked it up to my nail same result don't underestimate the size you won't be disappointed

Totally! Size isn't everything ;) Have a smokin' day!

Water level?

Having a hard time finding the right water level. Any advice ? Using quartz banger

Casey on 01/27/18
Review of Green Flash Glass Showerhead Water Pipe

It's a bit of a trial and error process. Usually people say half an inch over the perc, but it depends on the person's preference. It would be best to keep trying until you get the hang of it :) If you keep having troubles feel free to get in touch with our awesome customer support team at and they'll take care of you right away.

A nice easy to use bowl (14.5mm)

I purchased this bowl to replace the one that came with my UPC 8” beaker bottom water pipe. I liked the other one, but the bowl was a bit difficult to aim at and fill and didn’t hold very much. So I grabbed the 14.5mm version of this one for it’s screen and simple handle along with the large cone shaped bowl. It fits very comfortably into the 14mm to 18mm downstem I also purchased with it. It’s well built and is pretty straight forward. It has a nice cone shaped bowl to make loading easy, be it a small or larger amount, it fits. The glass screen with multiple holes is a nice touch and should only require occasional cleaning to keep it free flowing. The grab handle is also a nice touch, I slipped a silicon sleeve over mine to keep it cool, it came off a pencil end and fits nicely. Loading a bowl is simple and easy to aim at, so less is dropped around the bowl, and it can handle a single hit or multi hit with your friends session. So far it works great and has a nice air flow. I think this is my fave bowl so far of the 3 I own and is the easiest to load and clean. Just rinse, dunk in some isopropyl alcohol and use a cotton swab and its clean. Then rinse, dry and re-use. Plus the price is right so if you break it, you aren’t out a bunch of money. And don’t forget to get GlassGuard on it in case you do break it. I give it a thumbs up!

Solid Downstem that fits comfortably and works well

I purchased this downstem as a replacement for the 3.5” I got with my UPC 8” waterpipe. I had a slight accident and dropped and broke the other. I found this 4” one fits the 18mm Ground glass hole perfectly and the end sits literally a MM from the base of the beaker bottom. It has nice diffuser slots for the air along with the 14mm ground glass fitting for most bowls of the same size. I found a 14.5mm or 14mm both fit it great. And the extra .5” of length puts the air output deeper in the water for more filtration. A nice simple and easy to use downstem for a nice price. Just don’t drop it, and if you do make sure you got GlassGuard on it!

It hits really good

Its just kinda small for the price. Great bong tho

Jay on 01/27/18
Review of Grav Labs Basic Wide Base Beaker

Glad to hear that you're enjoying this bong! Smoke on buddy ;)

Toke till you croak

Changes the game on design and practicality

glad to hear you like this pipe! It's one of our favorites here. Smoke on, my friend =!

Mmm donuts

Cute af and makes a bowl seem even tastier

Joe on 01/26/18
Review of Glassheads Donut Hand Pipe