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great banger

Comes in handy when I want to do something different.

james s. on 04/24/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

blaze buddy blowtorch

Love this thing. Easy to use and been needing one for a long time and smoke cartel had the color I wanted.

james s. on 04/24/19
Review of Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch

smoke cartel hemp rolling papers

Not bad pretty clean taste with no glue taste.

james s. on 04/24/19
Review of Smoke Cartel Hemp Rolling Papers

It definitely works

Arrived intact. Thick glass works great.

Brian .. on 04/24/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail


Quick cool down

shawn f. on 04/22/19
Review of 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

Better than I thought

Love it, thought the piece inside would spin though?

shawn f. on 04/22/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Comus" Spinning UFO Perc Mini Rig

Tiny and Mighty

I was pleasantly surprised how smooth this hit for how small it is and the little amount of water is uses. Super clean hits every time, easy to clean, and the rest of the travel kit makes it super easy to take on the go! It's my new favorite dab piece!

One pull hitter

Love this piece. Its exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for one pull hits.

Michael B. on 04/19/19
Review of 14.5mm Pinch Bowl with Handle

Little ripper

I can't fault this wonderful piece. I was a little concerned as I needed the base to be heavy as I use an ash catcher, and it is nice and stable, no tips or wobbles. Feels solid and well made. Customer service is exceptional and the entire order/delivery process was hassle free. Good products and even better service. 10/10

Michael B. on 04/19/19
Review of Green Orbit Recycler

bad fit

i bought this to use on my showerhead bubbler (purchased from smoke cartel). it does not fit the bubbler properly. i can use it, but it is very sloppy fit-wise.

"Stonehenge Steamroller"

Great Pipe, wish they made one a little smaller. Smokes well.

patrick b. on 04/18/19
Review of "Stonehenge" Colored Frit Steamroller with Marbles

Nectar collecter titanium tip

Got a Nectar collecter titanium tip, good price, arrived on time, works perfect!

Jesse C. on 04/17/19
Review of Nectar Collector Threaded Titanium Tip


quality product that does exactly what its supposed to :) never need to double bag again

brandon l. on 04/17/19
Review of Smell Proof Bags (Pack of 10)


Awesome graphic. Solid construction. It's small but feels and looks great in my hands. I've had wood trays previously but they get gunked up quickly. This is a nice upgrade. Thank You, Smoke Cartel!

Not used yet


Does what it's supposed to


Works well

Does the job well

Sam D. on 04/16/19
Review of Mini Fab Egg Seed of Life


Shipped separately from my pipe but 100% worth the couple days wait. So adorable - I get loads of complements and people taking pics of this mug.

Samantha K. on 04/16/19
Review of Sloth on a Bong Mug


The propeller perc makes all my friends go "woah" and the super thick glass with maria rings makes it a lifer. Love this pipe.

Love these batteries

#Thisthingsrips batteries are so good. Love the smart temp. I find the side charging port is much better than the bottom charging port. The silicone station that comes with it is really cool. Unfortunately I do find the coil less ceramic atomizers are much more finicky than a coil. One either came defective or clogged up immediately. The other one has good airflow but doesn't seem to get hot enough or simply doesn't vaporize as much product as a coil. Great batteries overall, but the roil series in particular needs some work.

Riggity on 04/16/19
Review of #THISTHINGRIPS Roil Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit

Thank you so much for your comments! We are here 24/7 if you require any assistance. Please feel free to let us know:

Good Little Chill

All of the glass blunts on the market are just high capacity chillums, but I find this one's ease of use sets it apart from others. This glass blunt is far easier to smoke, pack, and clean than the twisty glass blunts. Highly recommend, especially when the price is this right too.

Riggity on 04/16/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

We completely agree! Thank you so much for your 4/5 review. Enjoy ;)

Amazing piece

Hits so smooth and doesn’t take a lot of water and very high quality glass



Cole .. on 04/14/19
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail


Ufo doesn’t spin

Cole .. on 04/14/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Comus" Spinning UFO Perc Mini Rig

Breaking slabs

Love it using it as decoration and framing it 💚

leanne w. on 04/14/19
Review of ErrlyBird Breaking Slabs Silicone Mat

A few years of use

I loved this piece for awhile but over time it’s as though the smoke doesn’t flow through the same way. Even with a good cleaning, i never get the same smoke pull as those first few months.

Sara on 04/13/19
Review of Grav Labs Classic Helix Spoon

Hey Sara, thanks so much for your review, we will take your feedback on board!

Great product

Wonderful pipe very satisfied and happy with them!!

BRENDA S. on 04/13/19
Review of Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon in Assorted Colors

I very happy they have this Size

A 14mm to 14mm is very hard to find. I’m glad Smoke Cartel has it. I would love to find a 10mm to 14mm. Haven’t seen one yet anywhere

Richard L. on 04/13/19
Review of Sleek And Simple 14.5mm to 14.5mm Diffused Downstem

Quiet and ergonomic

this torch functions great as far as ease of use, quietness and even heat. Was expecting it to be a bit larger / higher powered for the price point. Doesn't beat the heat time of my 17$ chef torch but heats more evenly, hopefully that's good for the banger...

Andy on 04/12/19
Review of Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch

Awesome to hear it, Andy!

Smaller than expected

It's hits really well just smaller than expected

Caitlyn K. on 04/12/19
Review of KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen

Hey Caitlyn! Thank you for an honest review of the vape pen. Enjoy!

Not an oil vape

Not an oil vape

Goodie on 04/11/19
Review of Da Vinci IQ Precision Vaporizer

Hi Goodie, thank you for 4/5! This vaporizer is for dry herbs and waxy oils only. Enjoy!

Good draw. Solid build.

Ordered this after using a Dynavap M for a few months. The draw resistance is harder than the Dynavap but that is not a bad thing. Very solid build. Feels solid in your hand. Really stretches how many sessions you can get from one stem of herb. Shipping was fast and was nice being able to talk to something within minutes on site chat with a question I had.

Matthew on 04/11/19
Review of Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

Amazing Product

Best Q-Tip Swab I’ve used! Comes with a pointy end along with a large swab on the other. Awesome deal for the money!

Luke on 04/11/19
Review of ErrlyBird Tip Tech Cotton Swab Maxi

Amazing Vape Pen with One Problem

KandyPens Crystal has to be the best tasting vape pens I’ve ever used with its coil-less crystal quartz atomizer! Only problem is if you pack in anymore than .1 grams, the splash guard will clog right away. But when done right, after a little learning, .1 grams gets you massive clouds with an amazing amounts of sessions. Sesh Mode is now my favorite thing and every vape should have it.

Banger with Cup

Great. Keeps temps low for good flavor good effects.

TrishW on 04/11/19
Review of Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup


Yeah...It's mini. A little smaller than expected. I apparently didn't read the details. Still useful. Cute.

TrishW on 04/11/19
Review of Mini Glass Directional Carb Cap

Banger cup

Awesome. Very useful piece.

TrishW on 04/11/19
Review of 25mm Replacement Banger Cup

its ok

kinda small more like a steam roller shaped hitter

brandon l. on 04/11/19
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Steamroller with Grav Decal

Thanks for your review, Brandon!

very good

unsure on battery life yet

margaret B. on 04/11/19
Review of KandyPens K-Vape 24K Series Luxury Herbal Vaporizer

Ben K. Wtf are you talking about?

I'm glad I didn't listen to his review. That poor kid isn't even describing the right piece.. this piece doesn't sit on any "glass beads." He must either be autistic or can't handle his bud. Either way the kid's a retard. $100 is chump change so even if it sucks, does it matter?

John d. on 04/11/19
Review of Swiss Cheese Fat Can Incycler

nectar collector

this is the perfect piece for dabbing liked it so much I bought another

bruce b. on 04/10/19
Review of Honey Funnel Simple Nectar Collector Dab Pipe

perc rig

I am very pleased with the purchase

Awesome build and Color!

Love this thing!

Jarrell K. on 04/10/19
Review of "Dreamscape" Eccentric Dot Worked Flower Spoons

Beautiful Pipe

Ultra narrow just like I wanted. Thick glass tubing. But the base is incredibly thin. That’s the only thing that looks like it can break very easy. But other than that it looks and feels great in the hand

Richard L. on 04/10/19
Review of UPC 14" Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong



dragan g. on 04/09/19
Review of Empire Glassworks "Rickle Pick" Bowl Piece

It's only downfall is its size

I bought this for my sister and she thought it would be a cute little discreet piece but it's the size of an actual peach

René O. on 04/09/19
Review of "Oh So Keen" 🍑 Peach Themed Spoon

Thank you for your feedback, we'll take this into consideration for future production! Enjoy the peach!


I was using the same old grinder for years now and finally decided to get this as a new one. It works so smoothly, looks clean, and even has a little scooper for the bottom tier.

Jared on 04/09/19
Review of Smoke Cartel Medium 2.2" 4-Piece Grinder

Replacement Bowl Works Well

My 18.8 round glass bowl works well.

One of a Kind

One of a kind grinder that meets every need. Easy to use and great grind every time.

Tarzo L. on 04/09/19
Review of Kraken Grinders - 2-Part Dispenser Grinder


Perfect beyond expectations.

Tarzo L. on 04/09/19
Review of Grab Labs 4" Glass Blunt

New favorite!

Light weight, compact and beyond affordable, this peice is a new fav. Its pretty cute too.

A-Aron on 04/08/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Pan" 5" Mini Beaker Bong


I love it

Just perfect

As advertised and very fast!

Mixed feelings Read Full Review

So sometime last year I ordered this bubbler in purple & it was the best bubbler I had ever used, great filtration and very next level look / effect, probably a 9/10 out of all bubblers of all time, dare I say, flawless. About 9-12 months later I had an extremely heavy bottle of cologne, like a brick and it smacked against this bubbler and it broke the tip off. Side note the bubbler is very durable and the cologne bottle was very thick solid glass. Still pretty much perfect. Now I need a new piece, this is my go to favorite so I order another in mango, this is where things take a turn, the bubbler has 3 major differences or defects compared to my original that make it, to be honest, much worse. They are somewhat small but add up to a worse product First the bubbler is overall smaller, around 5%, the cube is slightly mishaped, more rectangle and smaller, maybe 20% compared to the original & the cube is raised off the bottom of the bubbler more. It doesn’t look like much but it’s about 3-4x more space that my previous bubbler & bubblers shown in picture. Also the bubbler has a black dot on the middle of the cube that looks out of place and I’m hoping it’s not a hole. These combined cause the bubbler to chug more, less of a smooth pull and it burns the weed more. I wanted to return it but I knew I had used it and I didn’t want to wait any longer for another piece, I give the second one a 7/10. I really want to order another and send it back if it’s not like the original. Very sad. I just want my original bubbler back. Good luck to everyone

Hey Josh, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with this piece the second time around! We take all feedback into consideration and will definitely take note of your comments on this bubbler. Feel free to contact our customer services if there's anything we can do for you:

Smooth grind

Great purchase

Five star

Love it. It is amazing. Best bang for the buck. Delivery was prompt

Rocky G. on 04/07/19
Review of UPC Simple 7" Showerhead Bubbler Rig

Exactly what I needed ! !

These are smaller than I remember but they work great.

Melissa E. on 04/07/19
Review of Replacement Quartz Dish For Hybrid Nails

5 stars

nice unit

thomas p. on 04/06/19
Review of UPC Simple 7" Showerhead Bubbler Rig

Have fun with it

My taste was great and the reclaiming works great. Haven’t had time to do a lot of Dabs but I’m glad I got the system. Thank you Ron

ronald m. on 04/06/19
Review of Dropdown Quartz Reclaimer

Nice compact water pipe

Nice compact water pipe. I am so pleased with the supplies and ease of use that I just ordered a second one as a back up.

Patricia . on 04/05/19
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

He likes it!

Smooth, soft and easy...nice

John B. on 04/05/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

A great piece.

Really love these. Have bought at least 3 because of dropping and breaking them. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Great product

Works well and really like it!!!!

Douglas S. on 04/05/19
Review of EYCE Rig II Silicone Water Pipe


Right now prompt! Quality glass with good draw. Thanks!

Robbin S. on 04/05/19
Review of 4.5" Multi Colored Striped Spoon Pipe

Love at first sight

When I opened the package I already knew what was in it but I was blown away by this beautiful blue pipe. I tried it out immediately, it was so smooth and brought back many good memories!

Rebecca M. on 04/05/19
Review of Grav Labs 3.25" Spoon with Donut Mouthpiece

Well worth the price

It's very awesome!!!! I mean it works like it's supposed to and for the price it's a steal. You can't really go wrong with picking one of these up, I found that it's less messy to wrap the parts that are doing the actual pressing in like plastic wrap for cooking or parchment paper. It makes it a ton easier to pull the coin off of the press platform and also fills the tiny space/gap around the parts that do the pressing. It's not a huge press but it should make a coin roughly to the size of a dime

xpseudonymx on 04/05/19
Review of Kraken Grinders Pollen Press

Awesome service and piece

Great smooth hits that knock ya on your ass. Great design and got it in 3 days with free shipping. 5/5

What have I been missing

This is my first bubbler that I have purchased. I have used others and didn't care for them. This guy is the cat's meow! Smoothest hit ever and my new favorite piece. My only criticism is that the particulates that travel down into the chamber are there forever. Had a few pieces of herb go down in and they are too large to fit through the small hole. Great job on this piece. I will def buy more for gifting.

Jason on 04/05/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Rips right

Excellent product and quality. Great customer service too. Thanks!

Chris P. on 04/05/19
Review of Swiss Cheese Fat Can Incycler

Very, Very Nice!!!

Very, Very impressed by the quality design the tools it comes with. Love the fact that it is a bubbler. That should be mentioned in the description. Most people wouldn’t realize that. A video would be good also posted on how to add water. A lot a people would used this dry with out the benefit of water. Only because allot of people are New to the game. If I didn’t have allot of experience myself I wouldn’t have realized that it is a bubbler. Love the product though. Recommend a better description so people understand what the are truly getting and how to use

Richard L. on 04/05/19
Review of Silicone Grenade Honey Funnel and Station


Great price, got here a day early and works perfectly with my vaporizer. Thanks!

Brian W. on 04/04/19
Review of UPC "Maelstrom" Vortex Perc with Splash Guard

Looks And Works Great

Good piece. Very small spider cracks around the mouth piece. But I was kind of excpecting that buy reading the reviews. Over all well made. Excellent price. For a price like that I’m ok with minute flaws that don’t effect the I am Integrity of the Glass. Would highly recommend to any one interested in the piece to get it

Richard L. on 04/04/19
Review of Honey Funnel Simple Nectar Collector Dab Pipe

Beautiful and functional

love it

Vickie P. on 04/02/19
Review of Marley Natural Black Walnut Taster


Haven't used yet, a birthday gift

Janet (. on 04/02/19
Review of Illuminati UV Reactive Hammer Sherlock

Love it! No more lighters or matches!!

I had a hard time getting it to light after charging for 24 hours. The directions that came in the box did not help and was so small I needed magnifying glass to read. I let it charge for 48 hrs and read the directions on the web site, and it lit, I love my V-Sparc.

Ssj4femme on 04/01/19
Review of VioSparc - The Flameless Lighter Designed for Pipes

Very satisfied

The experience I had with this piece was very good, functioned very smoothly. Will be buying more items

Steven W. on 04/01/19
Review of Grav Labs Helix Clear Steamroller

Looks Very Nice

I like the fact that it’s small only 5”. I plan to uses this as a Rig. The jointing looks very nice

Hard to clean

Nothing special, other than the cute mouthpiece that keeps some heat away. It is hard to clean, so I won’t use it often. Would not buy again.

Lola M. on 04/01/19
Review of Marley Natural Black Walnut Taster

Hey Lola, I'm so sorry that you were not 100% satisfied with this product. We're always here to help should you need any tips for cleaning or anything else:


My second one! Works great!!

Grav Labs Rolling Tips

I live these tips

Lesia A. on 03/31/19
Review of Glass Rolling Tips

Cool Shirt

Very nice shirt and good quality

Steven B. on 03/31/19
Review of Smoke Cartel Crew Shirts

Not really sure if I like this type

First time using a ceramic nail

Leonardo N. on 03/31/19
Review of Male Universal Domeless 18.8mm or 14mm Ceramic Nail

It works

It works well

Leonardo N. on 03/31/19
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

It’s good

It’s good

Leonardo N. on 03/31/19
Review of UPC Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe with Splash Guard

Quartz carb cap/dabber

It works really well, hardly had to try to break my shatter with it.

Dalton B. on 03/31/19
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End


Nice piece and addition to my collection

Wig Wag

The carb is too close to the bowl so half the time I end up burning my fingers. Other then that, its a decent unit.

Alex J. on 03/31/19
Review of Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon in Assorted Colors

Hi Alex, I'm sorry to hear that! If you think you've received a defective unit, please feel free to reach out to our customer service at and they would be very happy to assist!

Glass Blunt

I loved the first one I ordered so much that I bought 2 more!!!!

Paulette . on 03/30/19
Review of Grab Labs 4" Glass Blunt


The best yet

Glad I found this place online

The item worked great, just as expected, delivery was prompt. And I was notified every step of the delivery, up until actual delivery!! Great place. I will definitely use them again

Josh S. on 03/29/19
Review of KandyPens Galaxy Replacement Coil


exactly what I needed

Great product

Love this and works well in wind.

Christopher M. on 03/29/19
Review of VioSparc - The Flameless Lighter Designed for Pipes

All in All great product.

I love this piece. The one thing I think it could use is to be able to have more water capacity. Other than that I have no complaints

Christopher M. on 03/29/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Thanks for your honest thoughts, Christopher! Enjoy :)

Everything I expected

Exceeded expectations

Maleek H. on 03/29/19
Review of Honey Funnel Simple Nectar Collector Dab Pipe

Cool Rasta chillum with thick glass. Looks/works great.

The Cartel sells quality glass and service. Thanks again.

Pat D. on 03/29/19
Review of Chill Variety One-Hitters

Great rig

Was shopping for a new rig for a few months and finally landed on this one, I'll never regret this purchase. Hits very smooth and I love the function on it, it's become my new daily driver

Ian T. on 03/28/19
Review of "Mr. Orbs" Alien Green Incycler