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I love it

Just what I was looking for

Becky M. on 08/20/19
Review of Eyce Hybrid Silicone and Glass Spoon Pipe

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

A great product for a great price...

Cynthia Y. on 08/19/19
Review of Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

Like the bong, can’t find spare bowls!

If I knew getting a spare downstem was going to be an issue, I would have reconsidered my purchase! Wrote to Gravitron, no response. Bummer!!

Debra O. on 08/16/19
Review of Grav Labs Gravity Bong - Medium Model

Hi Debra, I'm so sorry to hear that! Did you contact Grav Labs through the email address ? Please let us know if you still don't hear a response through this email address. You can also call them via 800-420-4728. I hope this helps!

Well made

This pipe has a nice draw and is a great weight for its size. Very well made !

Anthony B. on 08/16/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Quality product outstanding price

Nice weight and very comfortable to hold. The draw is smooth and the glass doesn't get too hot.

Anthony B. on 08/16/19
Review of Grav Labs Hammer Hand Pipe

Great Piece

Very well made. I got the amber color. The bowl is huge and one will last me all day. The ash catcher is a nice feature. Fits nice in the hand. Can’t go wrong.

Ryan W. on 08/16/19
Review of Grav Labs Hammer Hand Pipe

Sherlock Pipe

This was my favorite pipe out of my order. The bowl is a good size and the smoke comes out really smooth. The pipe feels more fragile than the other ones I have.

Cassie C. on 08/15/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

average piece of glass

quite a bit of drag due to the two tree percs but hits very smooth. the glass is super thin so if you are looking for super thick glass, this isn’t it cheif. however, for the price, this bong can’t be beat. really good starter bong.

Thank you for your review, Taz. Enjoy!

do exactly what they need to do!!

these are the only smell proof bags i will ever buy!! they keep every smell inside the bag. cant even smell my green when i press my nose on the seal!

Taz on 08/13/19
Review of Smell Proof Bags (Pack of 10 Baggies)

Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe

Excellent quality,very smooth.Very happy with this product!

Derek G. on 08/10/19
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe

Jane West Taster

Arrived promptly and is exactly what I wanted. Sturdy and compact.

Marilou . on 08/10/19
Review of Grav Labs Jane West Mint Taster

Simple and Solid

This is my first bubbler and I wanted to keep it simple. Very strong glass and nice feel.

GEORGE K. on 08/09/19
Review of Grav Labs Small Upright Bubbler

My new Pennywise

I purchased this with 2 black claw bowls and a 3 bowl adapter. loving it #FLOATING

Tristan R. on 08/09/19
Review of Glassheads "Clown Prince" Male Flower Bowl

Groovy Gimmick

I kind of feel mixed up about this grinder. It looks great and is well built with easily moveable parts. I like that the bottom piece for kief collection is contoured for easier scraping with the small plastic tool that is included. I already know that I'm totally going to lose this tool someday. Indented on the underside of the top piece is a pattern that basically a mirrored design of the "grooves". The pattern's depth is very shallow. I estimate its only about 1/10 of an inch deep. The "teeth" of the grinder are the outer edges of the design. I wish I could post a picture to show what I'm trying to describe. (hint hint, webmaster.) It seems that form was chosen over function here, as I find that its really only efficient if the nugs are broken down into small budlets before being put into the grinder. Grinding a large nug is possible but only if you apply considerable pressure to crush it while grinding. This grinder was designed for quick grinding, as the groove openings are larger than the normal holes of other grinders. Personally, I prefer to have finely grounded bud if I'm using a grinder. Using this one seems to leave some large chunks. I highly doubt the contoured kief collector part will be put to much use, as I've only seen kief buildup when grinding buds into fine dust. I suppose if I tried grinding the buds a second time through, I may have more favorable results but doing so seems very impractible. Perhaps I'm just spoiled. Still, it can be used as a great conversation starter. Girls in particular seem to react with excitement when they hold it but I'm pretty sure it's just the "Groove" on the cover that causes their lower humidity levels to rise. You know what I mean...

Aaron . on 08/08/19
Review of Groove 4-Piece Aluminum Grinders

Hey Aaron, thank you so much for this in-depth review of this grinder. We appreciate your feedback!


Love it


Was a bit tough to get it because the holes protrude a tiny bit but if I get at the right angle it will go in fine.

Justice on 08/08/19
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

Awesome little hitter

I have 4 of these, recommend cleaning after each load for maximum efficiency. Just wish I could get replacement rubber tips.

GEORGE K. on 08/08/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

One Of The Best Grinders. Period.

This Kraken 2.5" Diamond Ridge Grinder is very easy to grip, it cuts without problem, especially for those with arthritis, because of the sharp teeth. It looks beautiful, like a cut gemstone, which beats any other grinder on the market for looks and style. It's also an incredible value. This could be sold for $100 and I bet it would still sell! The box states that this grinder is 7075 aircraft aluminum, which is a very high quality material. The build quality the the piece I received is 4 stars because of a few spots where there are slight defects. There's what looks like porosity in the aluminum on the inner edge of the kief catcher. A jagged CNC cut where the lid meets the o-ring. Also a drop of epoxy coming out where the screen was installed. None of the slight issues alter the incredible performance, value, and the ease of use that this grinder provides. It's a highly recommended purchase.

Thank you so much for this in depth and awesome review, Joseph! Enjoy :)

Great pen

Very good hits with this pen . Love it . Thanks guys

mauricio a. on 08/04/19
Review of KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen

Best I've ever had

This piece is gnarly. Its cereal the best one I've ever owned out of 5 or 6, most being UPC too. The glass is super thick the beaker bottom is wide and stable and having one perc is plenty, any more it's too hard to draw and/or too hard to clean. Only bad thing is upc stuff is always out of stock everywhere.

Grav labs sherlock

Great piece cool color not a pocket pipe but not what I was lookin for anyway came with a free gift sweet little one hitter great price great brand thank you much

Justin G. on 07/30/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe


Great for camping incognito

Craig C. on 07/30/19
Review of MiG Vapor Brain Fogger Armor Top Replacement Dome

Battery was defective

Smoke cartel as always had my product to me beyond fast I was so pleased till the pen needed charged and didn’t ever function again after reaching out to puff co directly it was lengthy process but they are replacing the battery and charger only hoping we don’t have any other issues with this product

Victoria . on 07/30/19
Review of PuffCo Plus Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

Hey Victoria, I'm so sorry to hear your pen stopped functioning, but I'm glad that the manufacturer is fixing this issue for you! If you ever need our assistance, we're here 24/7 to help :)

Perfect cute

Love this 4 slap pack

Victoria . on 07/30/19
Review of Smoke Cartel 4x4 Sticker Pack


Have not received yet

Tom C. on 07/30/19
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe


This is the best😁

Very Awesome!

I'm just getting into concentrates and was looking for a way to stretch my money. I took a chance on the silver concentrates box, and I'm real glad I did. It's an awesome value, and I had everything I needed to start dabbing. I received a mini rig (including a quartz banger, bowl, and titanium nail), a dab tool, mini silicone mat, 2 peice carb cap, butane torch, grenade honey funnel & station, and a timer! Value exceeded what I spent, very happy! Thanks!

Matthew on 07/29/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Oh baby yes

Smoove mooves and fancy af as always from SC good looks

Nick C. on 07/29/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

A New Favorite Bong

The Smoking Experience is 5-star. The hits are as big or small as the user wants and never produces overly thick, harsh smoke. Taking little hits is easy too. Extremely easy to clean. I purchased for the simple and efficient design featuring a single honeycomb percolator packed in a medium sized body, for a great price! The Shopping Experience was 4-star because of a few scratches that I noticed when unboxing. It wasn't enough to return, but even minor handling damage still shouldn't happen. It also arrived a bit later than expected. It also shipped directly from Grav. No fault on Smoke Cartel because they never handled the item. I am overall extremely happy with this purchase and it's a new favorite! This doesn't deter me from shopping Grav products on Smoke Cartel in the future. Great value on Grav products, winning Smoke Cartel Customer Service, and Free Shipping! The Points Program is incredible too!

Hey Joseph! Thank you for such a wonderful review! If your order ever arrives in an anything less than perfect condition, please don't ever hesitate to let us know and we'll replace it for you right away. So glad to hear you give this piece 5 stars, enjoy!

Excellent Grav Dab Rig!

This water pipe hits wonderfully. Beautiful artistic design paired with a compact body makes this a satisfying dabbing experience. It's the perfect size for me too. The filtration via percolation is minimal, which is desired for concentrates. The Orbis Sphera is another winner from Grav! A+ Customer Service from Smoke Cartel!

Joseph K. on 07/29/19
Review of Grav Labs Orbis "Sphera" Water Pipe

Very Helpful

It's a handy little tool for cleaning bowl heads and poking joints. I wish Smoke Cartel sold the Clipper Kasher too!

Joseph K. on 07/29/19
Review of Kasher Multi-Purpose Lighter Tool

Great peice

Great dab rig all it needs is a carb cap to be complete.


1st time dry herb vaping once I got hang of it wooow!!

Leon J. on 07/28/19
Review of Pulsar APX 2 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Hits Like A Water Filtered Spoon

Hits very smooth, but not enough to force a cough like the dry, hot, and soot filled smoke from a spoon or a joint. Great for anyone who has trouble taking hits from a small bong, but still wants water filtration without large hits. The base is a perfect addition to the piece for stability/durability and was the deciding factor when comparing this Grav Upright Bubbler vs all other bubblers.

Joseph K. on 07/27/19
Review of Grav Labs Small Upright Bubbler

Worthwhile Upgrade!

The function of the banger is fantastic. The small cup makes the whole setup much easier to cleanup. The flavor is enhanced and with a carb cap, concentrates burn much more efficiently and helps vaporize all of the oil, while putting out bigger, more consistent hits. I had an issue with chipped edges on the first one, but Smoke Cartel Customer Service is top notch and they solved the problem seemlessly!

Joseph K. on 07/27/19
Review of Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup

Thanks so much for this awesome review, Joseph! Enjoy :)

Functional And Cost Effective

I had an issue regarding some warping in the glass and the lack of seal it created, but Smoke Cartel Customer Service made it right! They aren't perfectly spherical pieces, but they'll get the job done. If not, don't hesitate to contact a Smoke Cartel Representative.

Joseph K. on 07/27/19
Review of Directional Quartz Bubble Carb Cap

Awesome to hear we resolved your issue, Joseph! We look forward to taking care of your glass needs again in the near future :)


Came in two days and works amazing great peice of equipment well worth it

Brandon . on 07/27/19
Review of Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer

Excellent Products

This Bong is awesome and at a great price.

Thomas G. on 07/26/19
Review of UPC 8" Beaker with Color Lip Wrap

Pretty good

I opened my box yesterday and was pretty pleased with the assortment of items I received. Next time ill def get a higher priced box, but I liked my assortment.

Connor O. on 07/26/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Awesome to hear, Connor! Enjoy :)


Bought ceramic the first time. They lasted 1 day before I shattered them. These are awesome. DONT BUY CERAMIC. These can be silicone or remove it and they are metal. Awesome product.


Great for a one hitter or packing with 2 grams and pass it with friends. Best part is you get 2 for like $10. So I gave one to my bro. My new goto piece. I LOVE THIS.

Edward H. on 07/25/19
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Always amazing

All 3 items I ordered worked as expected. The metal and silicone dabber tool is way better then the ceramic ones. Delivery was fast order was accurate and as always the employees friendly and knowledgable. Thanks for another great experiance.

Edward H. on 07/25/19
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen (5 Pack)

Perfect fit

So good. Perfect fit for my banger

Luis B. on 07/25/19
Review of Banger Carb Cap for 2mm Quartz Banger

Quality product

As expected a very nice product!

Keith R. on 07/25/19
Review of Grav Labs Sandblasted Classic Spoon

Cool bowl!

Nice bowl , not the most fun to clean.

Leticia P. on 07/24/19
Review of Glassheads Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl

Quartz banger

Great as always!

matthew h. on 07/24/19
Review of Dab Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Excellent Products

The Best Products and High Quality !

Cheryl G. on 07/23/19
Review of Glass Diamond Slide Bowl

Great tool

Really works like they said keeps a burn going.

Michael N. on 07/22/19
Review of Mini Glass Directional Carb Cap

The Little Rig that keeps on chuggin'

I am new to smoke cartel and I was both impressed by their large selection, they use borosilicate on most of their pipes and their rigs. I have not tried to smoke any flower as I am a daily dabber but nothing tastes as good as GOOD Flower...gonna give it a try. As for dabbing....this pipe delivers on hell of a hit but it is smoooth. I have deliberately tried to pull water just to satisfy myself. I pulled on this bad dad HARD & HARDER....I could not even come close. Not so much as a drop. I have read many reviews that say that maintenance is a pain...I totally disagree. The Klien Sprocket has been No Problem for me; crystal clear every time! I clean my rigs with 91% isopropyl alcohol, kosher salt and 3-5 minutes of shaking and it is.clean as brand new. I reccoment the black accents. Doesn't make the rig hit any harder but it looks cool as hell and only $10 bucks more. You can even buy your rig via Sezzle and pay it over time. DOPE! Makes buying that kick ass borosilicate rig or bong is easier than shelling out a Franklin & Grant. Even better it is shipped directly to burning gas or using your time to get your new rig. Just grab the mail and Medicate!!

#1Bruceman on 07/22/19
Review of Grav Labs Klein Sprocket Recycler with Black Accents


Very nice piece! When I opened the box I knew I was pleased. It was a tough decision between strain decals. (Maui Wowie and Grandaddy Purple are both excellent) Great quality and easy to clean. Haven’t used a bong in a while so the first hit knocked me on my butt. Lol. Nice and smooth. Very happy!


I haven’t been able to use it since it was broken when it arrived and I have not received a replacement yet! Despite having

Jacqueline R. on 07/19/19
Review of UPC Beaker Bong - Multiple Colors - 8"

Bought the wrong item

Well I was looking for a dry herb bowl ended up buying the wrong item so delivery was fast no issues . I’ll make the right purchase next time

Neal S. on 07/19/19
Review of Glassheads Clear Female Cylinder Dome

Hey Neal, I'm sorry to hear you purchased the wrong item! We accept returns on all unused items and we'd be happy to exchange this for you :)

I Love This Bubbler!

I was initially skeptical about the Purr2Go. I'm not a fan of acrylic smokeware. However, the fact that this bubbler breaks down into 4 pieces makes it SO EASY TO CLEAN!!! I'll never go back to a one-piece bubbler. I've also knocked it over enough times to appreciate how relatively spill-proof the design is, too.


Nice solid piece. Was the perfect size for my needs. Very nice!


I have only tried it once on a fairly new pipe. Seems to work well.

Keith R. on 07/19/19
Review of 420 Science Smoke Soap in 32oz or 8oz Bottle

First Dab Rig!

Wow!! You always remember your first! Thanks Smoke Cartel for making my first experience a a epic one!

Patrick E. on 07/18/19
Review of Super Thick 9mm Bent Neck Fat Can Concentrate Rig

I’m still waiting for it and you want my review???


It's great

It's good it works perfect

Jesse V. on 07/18/19
Review of Directional Quartz Bubble Carb Cap

Best on the go wax 'Dab' pen.

Never leave home without it is my moto. I am so in love with the device. Mine has been through hell and back. Wish I could replace for a new one. It rocks. It gets the job done. Also some hits are better than a rig's. Love Love this Product. I want to give it 10 stars. Perfect rating from me.

TARA A. on 07/18/19
Review of Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer

Very nice😶

Works great even without the glass stem. And when you remove the glass stem it fits 18mm.

Marty L. on 07/17/19
Review of EYCE Beaker Silicone Water Pipe


Very nice and full flavor vape!!

Anthony C. on 07/16/19
Review of Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

Awesome pipe

Was delivered fast and in one piece and looks beyond cool, would be cool gift for really anyone who smokes

Joe L. on 07/15/19
Review of Grav Labs Large Colored Steamroller

The Box IRIE

One very Nice Chllum Green Yellow Red . All the other Goodies are IRIE ROOTS .ONE LOVE for Box worth the $ .ROOTS NATTY NYAHBINGI AFRICAN ✊🇪🇹

Anthony C. on 07/15/19
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Charon Unique Bong

My first time using this I wasn't too excited, the propeller perc just wasn't functioning the way I thought and wanted it to. That was until I found the correct water level. FOR ALL BUYERS my recommended water level for this pipe is about 1 and a half inches. A good way to measure this is making sure there is a water bubble in-between where the chamber and downstem connect with water. The perc is a little loud but I got used to it, rings at the top make it easier to hold and this bong stays in place when set down firmly. This is a great piece for the price.



ANGELO F. on 07/12/19
Review of "Dino Time" Dinosaur Themed Recycler Dab Rig


Love it, so pretty!

Ashley G. on 07/12/19
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

Glad you love it, Ashley! :)

Super cool

Awesome design and works like a charm. Easy to clean and non stick!

Darius on 07/12/19
Review of ErrlyBird Basketball Silicone Mat

Excellent experience

Works well. Workmanship is disappointing. Appears to have been assembled by a novice or a sloppy worker. Sharp edges on mouth, and overheated joints.

Nolan B. on 07/11/19
Review of Grav Labs Klein Sprocket Recycler

beautiful pipe

Great pipe. Large bowl, big enough to share. Smooth hits. Easy to clean

It's smaller then I expected

It works good

Hey Jesse! Great to hear this piece is working well for you. Enjoy :)

Small but mighty

See above

Jonathan N. on 07/11/19
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

grav pipe

Bigger than I thought. Perfect with friends. Awesome!

william c. on 07/10/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Pleasantly suprised

At first I thought what is this tiny thing but its actually the best one ive ever owned. I love it

Megan M. on 07/10/19
Review of Kraken Grinders - 1" Solid Color 4-Part Grinder

Still undecided

This is my first on this kind, it seemed simple enough but i seem to be having a really hard time with. Its like just wasting the stuff inside. At the 2 lower levels I get no vapor at all and when i go up to the highest it shuts off before its actually green and it smells burnt. Idk if this is normal but it doesnt seem worth the stars. I didnt think it would be so hard to figure out

Hey Megan, thanks so much for your review. I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time with this vaporizer, you can always reach out to us with any issues you may have at and we would be happy to help.


I love this pipe and am very impressed with the service from Smoke Cartel. The pipe is so clever in the way it's built (including a poker, silicone doesn't get hot, doesn't break, the bowl is removable and the pieces washable). It flows very well and I'm very happy with it. I ordered an out of stock color and Smoke Cartel handled the e-mail to update my choice very efficiently. I received texts on the progress of my order and it arrived right on time. GREAT retailer. THANKS

Molly on 07/10/19
Review of Eyce Hybrid Silicone and Glass Spoon Pipe


Excellent so far, would have liked the accessories

Smaller hits

The main problem is you can’t take huge rips without it touching your lips a quarter of the way through. Gets the job done and going halves on bowls is the best way to enjoy this piece.

Thanks for your feedback DC, we hope you're enjoying :)

Sherlock Holmes

Great pipe smooth smoking, a good fit in my hand ✌️

Jeff N. on 07/09/19
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe


Item worked flawless and def did the job!! Would recommend to anyone.

Matthew R. on 07/09/19
Review of "The Enchantress" 7.5 Inch Rose Gold Fumed Bubbler

Love the drop down!

The products are awesome, and so is Smoke Cartel. If anybody is hesitating about online business, I attest that the good folks at Smoke Cartel are 100% honest, knowledgeable and worthy of your trust.

Guy W. on 07/08/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Drop Down

first timer

New for me so far so go just hope I’m doing it right?

Patricia Y. on 07/07/19
Review of Roll Uh Bowl BIG 12" Silicone Bong with Eject-a-Bowl

Hey Patricia! If you have any doubts about how you're using the piece, feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help :)


Hits so much smoother and fills the chambers twice as much compared to a regular slitted downstem

Micah M. on 07/06/19
Review of Sleek And Simple 18mm To 18mm Fire Cut Downstem


If u have somethingas big or bigger than a 16in beaker i would recommend buying two packs but this stuff works unbelievably fast and broke up almost all the gunk in 2 of my larger pieces

Micah M. on 07/06/19
Review of ResRemover Pipe Cleaner Solution - Just Add Water


This base pared with the tree perc and angled mouthpiece make an amazing combo extreme suction and water filtration

works perfectly. portable.

quartz gives amazing clouds. ceramic makes the dab last longer. hard to pack once warm. this is my go to traveler for flying and driving

darkweb628 on 07/05/19
Review of KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

It does what it's supposed to do.

Nothing else to say really. It wasn't broken when I got it, and it works as advertised.

Hunter Q. on 07/04/19
Review of Sleek And Simple Male To Female Adapter

Love it

So well made. It came with a 3.5” downstem. 14mm so it gives you options to add an ash catcher. Of course you don’t want to make it to heavy in front because the body is silicone. Even though it looks like a beaker. It’s really a straight tube. The beaker design base was actually more constructed for storage. Smoke great

Richard L. on 07/03/19
Review of EYCE Beaker Silicone Water Pipe

Sweet Piece

It's difficult to find a nail this small for a 14.5 mm joint. I searched all over the internet and could barely find any that I thought were of good quality. Smoke Cartel delivers! Fits my dab rig perfectly. Heats up quickly and evenly for smooth hits. Thank you!

Mary K. on 07/03/19
Review of Domeless Quartz Nail for Heating Coils

Fits perfectly

Fits my 14.5mm Domeless Quartz Nail perfectly. I like the long handle because the cap itself can get quite warm after sitting on the nail. Love it. Recommended!

Very nice piece of glass

I'm using this piece with an XL-size, 25 mm diameter, thick-bottomed quartz banger, 3 quartz terp pearls, and a vortex carb cap. The flavour intensity and vaporization speed are great (once you get your preferred temperature and/or heating/cooling times figured out). When everything is dialed in, the mouthpiece produces a warm jet of thick, tasty vapor...yum! If you're want a fancy-looking banger-hanger, this is a great choice (but you're paying a hefty premium for those looks). Construction is excellent (but not perfect). Mine has a slight alignment issue in that the joint and mouthpiece are not on the same plane, so it looks weird from some angles, but you have to look for it. Other than that though, it's sturdy and well built. Functionality is excellent (but not perfect). It's designed for a very low water line, but maybe a bit too low? Even with the fancy mouthpiece, you have to be careful not to put more water than is required to cover the holes in the downstem or you'll suck in some splashes. But, once you get the water level correct, it works great and maintains good flavour intensity (doesn't have a lot of excess air to dilute the vapor). The quartz banger that comes with it is mediocre -- it's not terrible, it's just not the more common XL size/shape for use with bubble or "air-spinning" carb caps. Worth keeping as a spare though.

Chris on 07/01/19
Review of Grav Labs Orbis "Coppa" Water Pipe

Thank you so much for this in depth review, Chris! We appreciate it and look forward to taking care of your glass needs in the near future! Enjoy :)

Great grinder

Love how it can hold a lot of your flower (:

Jakob P. on 07/01/19
Review of Santa Cruz Shredder Premium Grinder (4-Piece)

Awesome container

Love how it contains the smell of your herb😁 loving it!

Jakob P. on 07/01/19
Review of CVault FreshStor Storage Container

Love it!

It’s a great piece to take on hikes or picnics. Hits better than a bubbler of this size should.

Rick . on 07/01/19
Review of Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler

Fantastic piece

This little guy is great. It's durable, its got a good size bowl and I was sent two, instead of one. Nothing but upsides!

Ren C. on 07/01/19
Review of Black Frit Body Spoon Pipe

Fantastic piece

This little guy is great. It's durable, its got a good size bowl and I was sent two, instead of one. Nothing but upsides!

Ren C. on 07/01/19
Review of Black Frit Body Spoon Pipe

Great Piece

My only complaint about the product is that it needs continuous cleaning. The bowl feeding directly into the bubble will brown out the area very quickly. Otherwise, fantastic pipe.


Love it! After clumsily shattering two pipes in two days, this thing is a minor miracle.

Jason on 07/01/19
Review of Eyce Hybrid Silicone and Glass Spoon Pipe

Overall its poppin

I've had this for I'd say over 2 years and its done very well I've even let friends & family borrow it! Downsides real quick I'd say would be the scooby snacks that are too big to get out- yeah those suckers will never come out if you don't make sure your product is ground enough in the first place. I'm a frequent smoker and don't mind the cleaning but I did have to clean it quite a bit after a good session or two because there is little water required. Besides that it hits fat don't let its size fool you! and you can bring it pretty much everywhere. I was also impressed by the bowl size great for sharing bowl and the hole in the bowl can double as a joint bubbler- you just have to pop it off to ash it every now and then. Overall it's a great piece to have!

Eve on 06/30/19
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Hey Eve! Thanks so much for your honest review, we're glad to hear you love this piece overall!