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Not a bad piece.

My order was delayed due to Smoke Cartel moving locations. Not a big deal. Their customer service is great. As for this piece? Well, it’s crafted well. Pretty thick. I find the bowl is too large for me though. The pipe feels a little too big and clunky. If it was a little bit smaller overall it would be perfect. That’s just my opinion though. It does it’s job.

Mike on 03/17/18
Review of Glassheads "Cubehead" Illuminati Spoon


What an improvement over the previous add-on bangers Smoke Cartel sold. I love how it's not quite a 90 degree bend so the reclaim runs down the neck for you. Cleans really well also.

Amy on 03/17/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

Hits like a bong!

Cute design, and well-made. Hits harder than most spoons I've used, smokes very well. Watching the bowl fill with smoke is satisfying and the piece never fails to get a comment from friends. Got some ash in the bowl and it looked like pepper on the eggs, 10/10. Would recommend.

First e-nail...

Nice hybrid design that works perfectly. But it is heavy, awkward and too large.

Honey Bee Dabber...

I love the colors of this and how detailed it is. Short and beautiful dabber. It's really sweet lol

Nicholas on 03/17/18
Review of Empire Glassworks 🍯 Honey Bee Themed Dabber

Not newbie friendly but not difficult

I was shocked that there were no clear instructions on setup. Yes it's easy to setup and the temp instructions are on the bottom. Just a bit confusing for new people. I searched the net until I found a video of someone reviewing one to make sure I set it up properly. Also I learned by looking in the question area more about using and precautions for using it. I just wish that this site offered instruction videos for new people starting out and better recommendations for accessories. I didn't know anything about drop downs to protect your pieces from the heat. Also I would recommend purchasing a few more of the quartz tops as I broke mine trying to clean.


Such a sweet price, and hits soooooo nice. Thick glass, and excellent height for table use.

Christopher on 03/16/18
Review of UPC Hammer Barrel Perc to Vortex Oil Rig


Great cap for a great price.

Christopher on 03/16/18
Review of ELEV8 Directional Carb Cap


Thick Banger, banging price.

Christopher on 03/16/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail


lasted me a very long time, just recently broke but very happy with how long it stayed in nearly perfect condition.

Jane on 03/15/18
Review of Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon in Assorted Color

Pretty good

Keeps my mini upc flatbreaker clean and really makes the hit smooth. Would recommend for medium to large rigs because with a mini bong it can cause balance issues. For an added bonus if you let the smoke enter the ash catcher, gravity causes the smoke to slowly fall into its main chamber like an hourglass. Since it’s a 4 arm you really got to be delicate with it, but overall I highly recommend it

Asher G. on 03/15/18
Review of UPC 4-Armed Tree Perc Ashcatcher

Amazing Bowl

I love this bowl to death. Even though it may not be for everyone, due to the pink spirals, it’s a very lovely bowl. I hope it gets back in stock soon so I can buy it again since I lost mine :(

Buy the insurance. You will need it.

Beautiful smoke and easy to hold and use. But design flaw on stem to bowl connection. Broke the first one with a clumsy drop. Bought second with insurance and it fell 4 inches and broke the same place. Bought 3rd using the insurance on 2nd. Love the pipe but get the insurance.

Hi Robert! I'm sorry to hear you've gone through three of these already! Glass Guard is a life saver. Glad you're loving the piece, though :)

Great buy

Has a good weight to it and just looks awesome in general happy I bought after my other tool broke.

A review after a year of use.

Ive had my inline ashcatcher for about a year, and I use it often. This piece is meant for your bigger-than-a-foot bongs. Heavy hitters with a solid base, because when you add water to the ashcatcher, it can throw off the center of gravity of a smaller piece. The filter has been solid, pulling in resins and tars + more while passing off smooth smoke to the next step of the bong. It’s charming (lol) design looks, cool. Not the easiest thing to clean however, and I’ve been forced to use small amounts of shaken acetone to really get it clean. then its at least 5 minutes of rinsing with icy water. I dunno if its the smartest way to clean a piece, but it’s the most effective method i’ve found. Overall a really functional piece that requires a lil elbow grease and tlc to keep clean. I highly recommend it. My highest recommendation goes to the staff of Smoke Cartel however. Some places may have better sales or better prices on a piece, at a particular time, but vs. the rest of the web weed world, the Cartel is the dopest.

Alfred on 03/13/18
Review of UPC Genie Lamp Inline Ashcatcher

Alfred! Thank you so much for this amazing review, I absolutely loved reading this. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

Whirligig Winner - Propeller to Daily Driver

Ok, so this piece was my 3rd choice. I knew I wanted a Sesh Supply bong or recycler, but the beaker base pieces had my attention. They were also sold out. So was a faberge Sesh offering sold on Smoke Cartel, so I went with this piece. I am very, very pleased. The Charybdis in Sea Foam is a sexy looking piece from top to bottom. The base has an accent ring of sea foam color around it and is sufficiently wide to provide good footing, even with a small ash catcher attached. I’d recommend an ash catcher or a carbon filter, just to keep the piece clean, and the holes of the spinning propeller perk clear of flower debris. Gold accents on the curved mouth piece are neat, the feel of the mouthpiece is solid and smooth, and the narrow bent neck alllows for great draw control and absolutely no backsplash. I’ve read that the propeller doesn’t always work, but gratefully, mine spins like a top. Dope! I poured water in to the top of the “Sesh Supply” logo on the barrel and have had no problems with filtration, which is great in this recycler or water traveling where it shouldn’t... I have several pieces, but this is my fave. The combo of filtration, style, functionality (its ergonomic enough to hold in your hand comfortably), effective gimmicktry (the very useful propeller) and price combine to make this a great buy and my new Daily Driver. Thank you much, Zena and all at Smoke Cartel - you made this a good experience.

nifty & neat

Elements slim width papers are dope. The case that they come in is solid frosted plastic, with a simple hinge and gripping teeth to cut your paper, saranwrap style. The light rice paper is airy and tasteless - the chocolope i ground into a joint was extra tasty as a result. Highly recommend this item. The folks at Smoke Cartel are helpful, will work with you to get things right (so work with them...!), and stand by their word. I couldn’t ask for more in terms of customer service.

Alfred on 03/13/18
Review of Elements Rice Rolls 1 1/4 Length Paper Rolls

Best Purchase of the year

Get this nail temp dialed in and you won't want to stop puffin. Soon you'll wonder what happened to your stash

Smooth Recycler

Smoothest hitter of all my rigs. Great taste. Even better with one of SC's Elev8 e-nails. With that bad boy dialed in to the perfect temp, you won't want to stop puffin. Soon you'll wonder what happened to your stash!


I bought 2, broke the first one cleaning it 8( Will order more when they are back in stock, They work very well for such a small think.

Sal on 03/12/18
Review of Small Glass Flower Screen

Great Pipe

Great pipe. I have not smoked in 30 years, just started again. this is a great pipe and great people

Sal on 03/12/18
Review of UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler


This is a real pretty piece and hits super smooth; I use an E-Nail and love the 90% downstem cause the cap stays on the enail without having to hold it there, along with the bent neck that keeps water from splashing up into my mouth and the interesting mouth piece that makes it easy to hit and delivers a super smooth experience it really all comes together as a very well thought out design... Tho Could tell while filling it up with water it's going to be though to clean but that's why I bought a dropdown 😁


It’s a great product. It’s small and easy to use. I can take it with me on the go. I’ll for sure be buying another one.

Andrea on 03/11/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Best $200 I have ever spent

After a year of ownership and daily use, I can tell you that this machine is phenomenal. For the money, it offers a better value than even the top notch Volcano desktop vaporizers. Depending on the experience you are going for, you can use either the whip or the balloon bags. If you're clever (or have some extra silicone tubing) you can even hook it up to your favorite bong or dab rig, making for an even smoother experience. It's cool to the touch on the entire machine itself, it comes with lots of accessories, and is great for either solo or small group sessions. For the first time, thanks to the Arizer Extreme Q, I find myself truly enjoying and appreciating the FLAVOR of my herb. It would be a steal at twice the price.

Nicholas on 03/11/18
Review of Arizer The Extreme-Q Vaporizer


it hits good, a little hard to clean the neck if you don’t have the right tools but other than that it’s great

Love It!!

Love this Piece Great Craftsmanship and Thick glass. What else could you ask for!! Great Customer Service too. Got it Today going to put it to good use! ;) #SmokeCartel


Got my Order Today!! Great Craftsmanship and thick glass. Satisfied customer here!! Just purchased a Bong aswell. Only place I'll be purchasing from for my smoking needs is Smoke Cartel from now on. 🤘

Zach on 03/10/18
Review of "The Jumanji" Honeycomb Fumed Spoon


This pipe is pretty awesome and I think it's almost like taking dabs out of a pipe. Gets you pretty off you're your ass.

Iris on 03/09/18
Review of Grav Labs Classic Helix Spoon

This is what i was looking for

This product is really good but i found it much cheaper here:

SammyR on 03/08/18
Review of Elements Rolling Papers

Perfect until you have to clean it.

This vape is fantastic with its multi use, low smell, and smart touch battery saver but I can never get it fully clean and in the state I live in I cant find a cleaner that didn't strip the wonderful matte coating on the side and for those of you using rubbing alcohol on your pipes, don't.

Alex on 03/08/18
Review of Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizer

Hi Alex, thank you for your feedback! If you ever need any help with your vape pen please feel free to reach out and let us know!:

Good Banger

Good banger, good price. Not the thickest out there but it's great for the price and heats up quick, gets the job done.

ED on 03/07/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

Smooth Rips

This rig is exceptionally well made, thick glass and good percolation. Looks good and rips very smooth. Great for concentrates and flower. Definitely get a quartz banger to pair with.

Great bowl

Very thick glass with beautiful fuming you wont be dissapointed with this bowl here

joshua on 03/07/18
Review of "Fumodo" Male Bowl with Fumed Metallic Dots

Love it

Simple bong, but it works great! Quality product and is easy to clean.

Daniel on 03/06/18
Review of UPC Sleek and Simple Beaker Bong


Great quality and works very well!

Daniel on 03/06/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Not Good

Works better without the water. Horrible design for a bubbler.

Daniel on 03/06/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Hey Daniel! I'm sorry this bubbler was not what you were expecting. I would advise you to have a play around with the water level, it can be tricky to at first but once you find the right level I'm sure this will enhance the experience for you!

Pretty Good

I got this in pink. It's bright and does the job. Pop a quarter on the screen and keef will fall through the bottom section easier. I've had this for months & the color hasn't faded. It still works very well too.

Tanna on 03/06/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Medium 2.2" 4-Piece Grinder

Great product

My only issue was that the bowl was completely hollow, no way of holding the product.

Daniel on 03/06/18
Review of "Bong-o-saurus" Dinosaur Water Pipe

Hi Daniel, I'm sorry to hear that! Your bowl should not be hollow. Please feel free to send us over a photo to and we'll see what we can do for you ;)


Once you get the water level just right this thing is a beast. A mini beast but a beast nonetheless. Good luck cleaning it ! The bowl is on the smaller side. It doesn't hold a lot..But, it's a decent size.

Tanna on 03/06/18
Review of Grav Labs Clear Glass Mini Hammer Bubbler

Nice bowl size

I got the pink. It soon turned black from resin of course. The bowl is a great size. Cleaning it however is difficult. I've tried alcohol/boiling water/everything..the color will never be pink again. But it still works & I still use it.

Tanna on 03/06/18
Review of Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Hi Tanna, I would advise you to check out our spring cleaning FAQ here!:

Great design

This tray is small. But so colorful and perfect for rolling !

Hi Tanna! Thank you for your review! We agree, we love these trays and think they're awesome for rolling! Keep on smokin'.

Worth it

Nice little ashcatcher easy to clean an hits like a truck.

Killacam on 03/06/18
Review of UPC Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher

super durable

It was my first rig so it was only a matter of time i broke it trying to melt out reclaim. the amount of abuse i put this thing through was unimaginable for the amount i got out of it. 5/5 stars would buy again. Perfect daily driver

works great

happy with my purchase, it seems to work amazingly


Haven’t gotten it yet but I can’t wait to use it

Flower bowl

Amazing smooth hits

Noah on 03/03/18
Review of Glassheads Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl


Amazing banger

Noah on 03/03/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

14mm natural guide



Portable, but if you're worried about the glass breaking, I just got the bubble wrap from the package and put it in the "Chrontainer" I bought from here as well. Mine didn't break yet. I only had a gram in there and it smoked like I had a lot more lol. I am definitely going to buy it again until I get every color.:)

Cherry V. on 03/03/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Wig wag

Great small piece. Delivers good air flow and easy to clean.

Hector on 03/02/18
Review of Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon in Assorted Color

Best Bong ever!

This bong is Big and i love it the beaker bottom holds a nice amount of water and so do the double percs. This causes awesomely smooth hits me and my wife both love it. my wife got Inline Perc to Domed Showerhead Rig for her birthday and we thought that mini pipe was smooth this takes smooth to a whole new level. i had issues with my first order but smoke cartel really did great this time super fast shipping! i did get a new downstem but the dome on the downstem would not fit into the bong it was just barely to wide to fit into it. I also plan to buy a ashcatcher for it and find another downstem with more diffusion to the smoke. only thing that made me sad is no smoke cartel stickers to put onto my bong! Love you guys you have the best prices and best bongs!


The torch itself worked great, then i had to buy a new can of butane and I guess it was just enough of a difference that it broke the clips making it unusable. I loved using this torch head but sad it broke before it could even go through a full can

W. on 02/28/18
Review of Cinderwitch Jet Flame Torch Head

Hi William, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm glad our customer service team were able to solve this quickly for you, though. Thank you for your review, happy dabbin'!

all moneys worth

first vape i've ever bought. so far im loving it! definitely will recommend this. shout out to the "smoke cartel" staff by the way. their customer service is far beyond amazing. just straight positive and genuine energy. big ups peace

rha on 02/27/18
Review of Flytlab "Lift" Portable Vaporizer

Awesome and Fast

I ordered my items last week like on thurs and fri and I got it today monday.. I am so happy with the service and the products

MaryJane on 02/26/18
Review of Hemp Rolling Papers - 40pk

Awesome Lil Guy

I'm new to vaping, so I thought I'd give this a go since it seemed so simple to use. I Love it! I didn't like using the dome and nail (it cracked, I guess it was too hot), so I bought the 2mm quartz banger and I am in heaven using it. So easy to clean, keeps the wax nice and hot- I made a great choice. Now I'm getting the Rip N Go pen! Thanks SC- I'm now an official dabber.

Vet64 on 02/26/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger


I got this banger after deciding I didn't like the glass nail and dome that came with my Natural Guy bubbler. This lil banger is sturdily made and can hold the heat! It's easy to clean, but don't get it too hot or you WILL burn your material. Great buy for an exceptional product.

Vet64 on 02/26/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

Awesome Lil Guy

I'm new to vaping, so I thought I'd give this a go since it seemed so simple to use. I Love it! I didn't like using the dome and nail (it cracked, I guess it was too hot), so I bought the 2mm quartz banger and I am in heaven using it. So easy to clean, keeps the wax nice and hot- I made a great choice. Now I'm getting the Rip N Go pen! Thanks SC- I'm now an official dabber.

Natural Guy Review

It came in an unmarked box and shipping was very fast. It works well but residue builds up pretty quickly. It's nice for me because it's really essy to store. Overall, it's worth the price.

Works well

I would buy again

Zach on 02/25/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Nyx" Passthrough Mini Rig



Nate on 02/25/18
Review of Grav Labs Tall Basic Beaker


Love this! Figured at half-off I may as well give it a try. Usually I use a chillum when I am out and about, but this is a way nicer hit, super smooth, and holds just enough. Super great travel piece!

Dana J. on 02/24/18
Review of Incredibowl m420 Pipe Standard Edition

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DarylHip on 02/24/18
Review of Over the Hobbit Hole Gandalf Pipe

14.5 mm female clear flower bowl

Great bowl, great crafting, super communications via txt, fast shipping and a great price! Thank You again SC!

David on 02/23/18
Review of Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl

Simple and Efficient

I gotta say some people were saying how hard it is to figure out the temperature and it says it right on the dial. Now I'm sure it might be off, but I'm wiling to live with an offset of +/- 5 degrees. The instructions were with the package and everything was concise and easy to understand. My only objection would be that the quartz dish is loose(as in it wiggles around when i swirl the nail side to side and even up and down to a degree, even though the bolt that is suppose to fasten the dish in place is tight as can be. I don't know if it is an intentional design choice or just a lemon I got but it just feels a little flimsy; either way it works beautifully. I also kinda like the timer function as I can see myself leaving it on and forgetting about it. All in all I think this is the safest bet for a budget E-nail that is NOT an eBay Chinese POS. Would definitely recommend!

Thank you for that detailed review! I am sure that this is more than helpful for many people viewing this product. Please get in touch with and send us a picture or two (a video would be a lot better) of the wiggle in the dish. We'd be happy to get this sorted out for you as soon as possible :)

Perfect Bong

This is the best bong I've ever owned.

Cheap Plastic

Great clip, could have better materials

Cormac on 02/22/18
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

Glad you like this clip, sorry to see that you don't like the material. Feel free to get in touch at if you are having any issues :) Have a wonderful weekend!

This mini bong is awesome!

I was looking for something to smoke out of that was small, portable, quality made, and that had quality glass. This mini bong rips like a champ! I love the way it looks and feels. It definitely doesn't have a "cheap" feel to it. If you're in the market looking for something small, portable and quality made than you need to get this.

I like it but..

The bowl doesn’t fit quite right and wiggles, plus I got sent the wrong color piece :/ luckily I actually prefer the one I got sent so it all works out in the end!

Oh no, sorry to hear that you received the wrong color, please get in touch with our customer service at and we'll make it up to you ;) Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Have a smokin' day!

Awesome Little Bong

This is small but sturdy. Thick glass. Ice pinch works great with my ice I have. Nice smooth hits. Perfect size for myself. Suits all my needs and I'm super satisfied. Unique piece to add to my collection. In love!

Chelsea on 02/21/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Not what I expected but it's something

2 stars because great packaging and the 3rd star because it's a smooth hit BUT I bought this because of how the propeller perc was shown to spin and sadly that is not what I got. My alien green Prometheus' propeller does NOT spin at any rate similar to the video, if anything it reminds me of a laggy game of overwatch. Slowly but surely, some degrees at a time it does spin. I've adjusted the water level every way I could and not a single time would it rotate like it does in the demo video. I guess if I want another propeller piece it won't be a Sesh Supply one.

Hey Ron, we're re really sorry to hear that! We are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask:

Really Good slick

Really Really good, nice and deep (giggitti) but seriously i filled it with about 3.5grams of rosin once getting it.

Ian on 02/20/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Large Silicone Cube

Great piece, bad service

Ordered this piece to replace an identical one that had broken. Took almost 2 weeks for the order to even be shipped out, and when it arrived, it came with the wrong downstem which led to the piece eventually cracking and breaking. That being said, the SC team worked with me to find a replacement piece and got it shipped out as soon as possible. It's my second time ordering from smokecartel, and it's the second time my order has been delayed/incorrect.

The other ship!!!

This piece is amazing, it has a smooth draw and is one of the best pieces ive ever used. The showerhead perc makes the pull feel ljke nothings their. The ceramic nail isnt for everybody. Although it comes with the rig i would suggest buying the quartz banger because the ceramic isnt the easiest to use. Other then that i highly recomend this rig.

Quartz banger

This banger is great! It is durable and can take the heat

Hans on 02/19/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger

Aqua Tusks

it's small but not too small. rips smooth and hard. plus it look sick.

Big A. on 02/18/18
Review of "Mr. Tusk" Mini Beaker

Perfect Pipe

Was searching for a gandolph style pipe for a while, figured at $30, I would give it a shot. Holds more than I imagined..and such a smooth hit. Glass is a bit thin for me (I am known to drop things) but overall a nice pipe. Free shipping and was sent super fast!

Dana J. on 02/18/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

My new favorite!

This spoon is super thick and smokes perfectly!! Very high quality, can't ask for much more!

Chris F. on 02/18/18
Review of Glassheads "Cubehead" Illuminati Spoon


This is an excellent hand made art work! I had it working the day I received it and have been smiling ever since. Great hand craftsmen! Thanks again SC!


Super smooth power hits easy pulls best bong I've ever owned love it . Thanks smoke cartel

It’s beautiful

It’s my favorite piece in my collection.

Adrien on 02/17/18
Review of High Tech Glassworks "Perk-a-Cola" Water Pipe


Wow this thing changed how my water pipe hit. It’s like I got a new piece!

Good Product

Came in good shape and works well!

So Cute

The necklace came within a week and is so cute. The only down side is personally, I think the chain is just a little short for my liking but other than that it’s an amazing necklace!!

Mackenzie on 02/16/18
Review of Smoke Cartel THC Molecule Necklace


Great pipe gets good hits just needs a plug nug 2 cover hole love the blue design.

Hector on 02/16/18
Review of Honeycomb Claw Style Spoon

Super Rad!!!!

Wanted a Turbine perc rig for a few years now, finally got one. Over all Super happy with the piece and service. Any question or anything i asked Smoke Cartel was answered fast. I took a super fat dab once I got it, took me about 30 sec to figure out the amount of water, it takes a little more man in it to draw but im good with that, action and everything else is superb. I have a new daily driver for my oils. Next one will be a flower piece for sure. Really am happy with my purchase, will defiantly recommend.

I have a question

Is it waterproof?

Love this thing

Battery is awesome, I only use it at night so I charge it once or twice a week. Its stylish and discrete and it can take a fall. 10 out of 10 would recomend

Billy on 02/15/18
Review of KandyPens Herbal K-Stick