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Omg thank you sooo much I love my Xvape, lost with out it,but am very grateful you had the mouth pieces...😅😅😅

Sharon L. on 07/28/21
Review of XVape Avant Ceramic Mouthpiece


This is a great rig but unfortunately it takes way too long for delivery. I’ve order a few times from this website each time it took over two weeks when it takes less before purchasing

2pt on 07/28/21
Review of VLAB Halo Smart E-Rig

Pretty good!!!


Ayana S. on 07/27/21
Review of Famous X Hammer Bubbler

Grade A

Smokes great, nice size. The bowl has its own screen which is sweet to know someone is thinking of the smoker. Im very pleased thank you

Jonathan R. on 07/27/21
Review of Glasscity Limited Edition Cobalt Blue Beaker Ice Bong

It’s like Christmas once a month

Money well spent every time

James R. on 07/26/21
Review of The Cartel Box


This is my first piece. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Looks way better in person. Feels solid asf.


Quick acting. Left me irritable and nervous. Will not buy again. This product has Delta 9 & I find Delta 8 more agreeable. Will stick with that.

Van D. on 07/26/21
Review of Bammmer Lifter CBD Flower

Hey Van, This is Angelo the owner of Bammmer. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with CBD flower. Its takes some experimenting to figure out what cannabinoids fit you best. I also want to clarify that there is little to no delta 9 THC in our CBD flower. On Smoke Cartels website and our website there is the COA proving that. Thank you for your trust and trying out our flower.

Pulsar quartz nectar collector

I like it enough I just wish it was a little bit longer..🤙

Aaron S. on 07/26/21
Review of Pulsar Quartz Deco Dab Straw Collector

D8 products

Fantastic environment owner has good knowledge and quality product

Heath on 07/26/21
Review of Cheef Botanicals Tangie Premium CBD Flower


This hits so smooth. Very impressed I love it

Best piece i currently own and i love it

Before i start yes i love this and i got the 54$ showerhead perc ashcatcher with it. The reason for 4 stars is by looking at it i can see its crooked in the ashcatcher, andthe base is a bit wobbly(probably a slight warping not a huge issue in of itself) but i can definitely say this had the weight and strength to be used as a weapon 😄 which says alot for its quality 👌👍 definitely my go to for future glass.

Unique Design hitter

The design is 2nd to none and one of a kind. It hits like a champ and I love the 3 bubble vapor chambers as a clever way to create space for vapor as well as the aesthetics it adds to the over all piece.

Esteban on 07/26/21
Review of Pulsar 3 Orb Oil Rig - Female 14.5mm

Love this banger!!

The banger fits perfectly in my rig and love seeing the contrast between the wax and white bottom. Seems to hold heat a lot better than my previous quartz banger. So If you're doing hot dabs off it, I would experiment with you cool down time. Especially if you went from a cheap one to this, like I did! Lol

Christian .. on 07/25/21
Review of Honeybee Herb White Bottom Quartz Banger

Very Impressed

To be frank, I was reluctant to pay this much for a bong. However, it exceeds expectations in every way. With 50 years of experience bonging, I am not easily impressed. This beaker bong is simple and sturdy.

Awesome customer service

I love this Vaporizer great product and amazing customer service, thank you all very much

Gino L. on 07/24/21
Review of XVape Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer

Very Nice Quality

My other nail broke after a few years, bought another one that seemed to be okay but just wasn't the same as my original that I liked when it came to flavor and heat, I ended up looking for an identical one to my original and came across this. This nail has exceeded my original in glass thickness, build and material quality and has proved to be an excellent choice. Smoke Cartel provided excellent service and a very quick delivery. Highly Recommend.

Rob on 07/24/21
Review of Pulsar 4mm Thick Quartz Banger

G Pen

Love this easy to use vape. It’s slender and is great for taking it with me.

Jeanne D. on 07/24/21
Review of G Pen Pro Vaporizer

Vape tool

All you need to fill and or clean your vape.

Jeanne D. on 07/24/21
Review of Pulsar Double-Sided Metal Vape Tool

Limited Selection for a Lonnng Time!!!

Kick your supplier and wake them up! No one wants a green pipe. I've been trying to give a cottonmouth black model as a gift for a very long time. Pick up the pace! Also why does your website show different availability from the Roll Uh Bowl site???


I love, love, love my new bubbler. It works like a charm. ❤️

Get the large size

Costly and not that plentiful nor easy to come by, I had previously considered any grinding of buds to be somewhat blasphemous. However, with dispensary in-state cultivation regulations, some compacted flowertops cried out for a more efficient reduction method than trying to break them apart with your fingers. So it was with some hesitation, after reading glowing reviews and oblivious to its high price, that I purchased the medium-sized four-piece aluminum Santa Cruz shredder in Rastafarian colors. When it arrived it looked tiny and too small, but upon practical application this proved to be a misconception. At first, I didn't even know where to load the product! I love the way it looks and feels. Neat that it grinds both ways. It really nicely fluffs up the flower, has a little kif compartment and comes with a useful triangular pick. Thanks, Smoke Cartel.

John B. on 07/23/21
Review of Santa Cruz Shredder Premium Grinder (4-Piece)

Love it!

Love it!

Barbara P. on 07/23/21
Review of Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer




Pipe with breakproof shipping

Gary S. on 07/22/21
Review of Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

Great Purchase!!

When I got it, it was actually bigger than expected which was a plus. It has a great pull. It's unique and one of kind.

Amazing bong!!!

I bought it and it shipped in 3 days!!! Came in very nice packaging and hits amazing definitely buying from smoke cartel again🙌

Devyn p. on 07/22/21
Review of Famous X Straight Tube Water Pipe

Great product

Love this product. Easy to use and durable. However, the stir stick was not included with mine. How do I go about receiving one??

Kim E. on 07/22/21
Review of Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Top quality bong

East to use,best thing ever,I would highly recommend this bong

Kenny G. on 07/22/21
Review of Glasscity Ice Bong - Honeycomb Disc and Tree Perc


Handy just right for travel my wife loves extra hide pocket and glass one hitter great product smoke cartel sincerely HDW.

Harris W. on 07/22/21
Review of EYCE Solo Silicone Dugout

Pretty neat

Pretty neat

Daniel M. on 07/22/21
Review of Pulsar Fixed Bowl Mini Beaker

Vlab halo

This is My first one . Love it!!!!. Will recommend my friends.

Randolph W. on 07/22/21
Review of VLAB Halo Smart E-Rig

Kicks Ass

Good shape and size, love the random color selection, and it hits great.

Cheeseburger A. on 07/22/21
Review of "Ellie" The Silicone Elephant Bubbler Pipe

Superb bowl

When I saw the built-in screen I'll admit I was skeptical. After using in my bong for many sessions I have to say - the built-in screen really keeps the ashes out of the water bong. Highly recommended for reduced cleaning of your bong.

Love it

Awesome 👌🆒️🙌

Dania T. on 07/21/21
Review of The Recruit Box



Kaycia M. on 07/21/21
Review of ErrlyBird Torch Art

Loving it!!!

Very happy with this purchase. Love that it has 2 coils for flower as well as dab. Very high quality. This unit is one of few that gives you better low temp control which is great for live rosin which you want to target 315 to 400 to not burn up compounds you want to retain.

Brian S. on 07/21/21
Review of Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

Love it

I've always heard about dry herb vaporizers and now I know why. The Dash is great, discreet and easy to use. My wife's a Budtender at a local dispensary and she like it so much that I ordered her one too.

Chef on 07/20/21
Review of G Pen Dash Dry Herb Vaporizer

Great chillum

As described. The bowl is bit smaller then I'd like but it's a great chillum.

Kelly M. on 07/20/21
Review of "Jazzy" Inside Coil Chillum

Kicks Ass

Will never smoke paper again. This thing is absolutely amazing. Fantastic for sitting around the campfire. Toke on and God bless.

Michael S. on 07/19/21
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

It's alright

The biggest piece from the box the bong doesn't have the correct downstem for it so I can't use it. The products were alright but nothing really cool. I'm gonna give it a couple more boxes to see if they get better or not.

Michael B. on 07/19/21
Review of The Boss Box

Arrived super early!

The quality of this piece is superb. Smokes insanely nice& smooth. Such a money saver truly worth every penny. The difference between this and a rig is half you’re wax isn’t going up in the air. The glass quality for the price is what gets me tho I’ve seen pieces not near as nicely made go for 69.99$ And up nicely done on the price. Keep up the good work guys love it!

Brandon on 07/19/21
Review of Pulsar Melting Bubble Dab Straw Collector

Feels right

I love it. Everyone that has seen and tried it loved it.

Not worthy

Don’t waste your money on this, didn’t help with anything.

Isabelle P. on 07/18/21
Review of CÜR CBD Gummy Bears - 750mg

Good Pipe - Has it's caveats

Overall not bad. Biggest con is the nail that comes with it, it's really short and hard to actually see the end around the bubbler portion, if the nail was longer it would be much better. The glass on the nail also doesn't feel to be nearly as high quality as the rest of the pipe. As others have said the coil can clog from ice quite easily, i find it helps a little to suck out some of the condensation in it before I put it back in the freezer (suck so that moisture from your breath doesn't replace the condensation). There's also the issue of it being a water pipe and nectar collector, as much as I absolutely love it having a vertical bong that rests horizontally is really sketchy and the water level always gets really close to spilling out if you try to lay it down, I find it's easiest to just dump the water every time I want to set it down. Finally for all the cons the clip that came with it doesn't seem to really do much, it can't fit around to clip in the glycerin tank as shown in the pics, and the nail can slide through it... however the friction between the nail and the pipe is actually quite good so they hold rather well. That being said, everything about it is what you'd expect. The great cooling effect from the glycerin coil topped with a bubbler makes it so much easier on the lungs than a traditional nectar collector. The weight and feel of the pipe is top notch. The water level is surprisingly not very finnicky unless you're trying to lay it on its side. The fittings grip each other very well and it pulls like a dream. Finally the pipe really brings out the flavor over other vaporizers, bangers, and nectar collectors that I've tried. I'd give the pipe maybe a 3-4 because of both the nail length and the awkwardness of the water being easy to spill when putting the pipe down. If the nail was long enough that you can properly see it while pulling, probably a 4 if you are willing to put a conscious effort into not spilling the water after taking a ri

Patrick B. on 07/18/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Honey Collector

Just What I Needed

I was looking for a carb pipe I could use for joints. This pipe won't is too small for fat joints, but it works just fine for my needs.

Kathy M. on 07/17/21
Review of Grav Labs Mini Steamroller Pipe

Cant beat the 36 month protection plan from mulburry

That beign said if only the neck was slightly wider and if it had a splash guard that would make it 5 stars. Base feels kinda thin I would get protection plan



Jayson V. on 07/17/21
Review of Ooze Slim Twist PRO Concentrate Vape Kit


Helps out really well

Jayson V. on 07/17/21
Review of Concentrated Concepts CBD Dab Sauce

Almost perfect

The bong is almost perfect as it’s small but not that small and it’s basically the perfect size where you can take nice clean hits, it came really fast in a matter of a few days and it came very well packaged

Can't go wrong

My new daily carry. Ash catcher at the mouth piece is a game changer. I followed another review and picked up amber color, and as someone who only cleans pipes as needed it was going to be amber anyways :) already recommend to friends and the free shipping was the selling point. I will be back when the wallet will allow, don't change smoke cartel!

Bobert on 07/16/21
Review of Grav Labs Hammer Hand Pipe

It’s cute

It fits wonky on my banger but I got a real one it’s cute

Malina on 07/16/21
Review of Mushroom Fungi Glass Carb Cap


It's a beautiful thing !

Van P. on 07/16/21
Review of OG Chillum 4 inch American Made Taster

This product is the Badass of all enail

This is the best heating device that has came out for this type of dabbing!

Felicia H. on 07/16/21
Review of Ispire The Wand - Enail Dab Kit

My urine is neon green

Only on day one and my urine is green. I'm super worried now

Jasmin K. on 07/16/21
Review of High Voltage Detox Permanent 5 Day Flush

Great product and service

Quick service, excellent smooth little pipes. Am kind of new to appreciation and I like how it’s so easy to pack and light with no burning my lungs. Excellent customer service with good communication, speedy delivery and safe packaging, The bowl is a little bigger than I wanted so I’ll check the website for a slightly smaller bowl. I like the tone of the company. Nice job!

Rachael S. on 07/15/21
Review of OG Chillum 4 inch American Made Taster

Tales from the Crip

Great purchase. Excellent quality all around. ❤️😎🔥😍

Beverly S. on 07/15/21
Review of Famous Design "GOA" Beaker Bong

Wasn’t expecting it to be this good tbh

This was my first bong, I’ve hit many bongs before tho and I wasn’t sure what to expect but if you put the right amount of water it hits like a champ. Had me fried on the first hit!


It is 4.5 inches but it’s really good I didn’t get the blue color like on the page but I got a cooler one I think so I’m not going to complain overall not bad

Joseph G. on 07/15/21
Review of "Boomer" Worked Fritted Bubbler Hand Pipe


The quality of the bowl is very top notch and nifty although it is impossible to ignore the disrespect to the lord himself Darth Vader what the fuck

outgoing-gopher on 07/15/21
Review of Space Man Herb Slide 14mm Bowl

It died after 30 days 😢

I loved her, she was my number one. Only after 30 days of knowing each other she was taken from me. Btw, the 6 Month Manufacturer Limited Warranty is a lie. Gigi doesn't accept any returns from third parties.

Fancy on 07/14/21
Review of Pulsar GIGI Vaporizer

Works but seems cheap

Isn’t as clear as pics. Front and back row hold 14 mm the middle is 18. Works good and holds a nice amount but I don’t think it’s worth 20$

Miles on 07/13/21
Review of Banger & Bowl Clear Acrylic Display Holder


I was completely unfamliar with dabbing and dab rigs, but I knew that I didn't want to mess around with a butane torch. The electric Puffco Peak Smart Rig had everything I was looking for: 4 temperature settings, water filtration and a reasonable price. Actually, a great price on sale with a newcomer discount included. This sleek and snazzy looking unit comes in its own carrying case with all accessories. It took a bit for me to get the hang of it and the very sticky product I had wasn't the easiest to start with. My initial criticisms are that I wish the light indicator strip was wider so as to be more visible, and a separate on/off button. It's a little hard to know if the rig is turned off. Otherwise, it's great. I only gave it four stars because I really have no basis for comparison. Arrived in less than a week - thanks Smoke Cartel.

iliad on 07/13/21
Review of Puffco Peak Smart Rig

Tree of life

Every thick perfect size

Serpent scale

The best ever

Kaycia M. on 07/13/21
Review of "Serpent Scales" Double Glass Long Sherlock Pipe

Executive box

Love everything in it

Kaycia M. on 07/13/21
Review of The Executive Box

Best bong ever

Love this I have always wanted one like this and this is perfect great thickness beautiful craftsmanship

Raymond, thank you for your review! We are so pleased you are loving the Kindvibez Angelic bong and appreciate its craftsmanship. Happy Smoking! Thank you again for your review and for spreading the word!

What a beautiful beast

This bong is the best one I’ve had yet, if your a every day toker like me then you know good glass matters and this bad boy hits like a sixteen wheeler the bowl piece is a 2 grammer so you best be ready for some chill time on the couch although the bowl has a small hole it’s a bit difficult to pull, yet it’s so smooth and light I just love it! 10/10 would recommend

Adam A. on 07/13/21
Review of Envy Glass 17" Straight Tube with Pop Rocks Perc

Boss Box

Loved It! Check out my YouTube Page for the video Review! Under , 4 Finger Frank!

Francisco R. on 07/13/21
Review of The Boss Box

Best bong I've personally got!

This bong hits Amazing! The shipping was pretty quick and if you have any issues at all you just have to let them know and they'll get everything sorted out for ya this is a great place to get good peices

IT great

I love off best things I ever purchased

Angelo S. on 07/13/21
Review of Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer

No drag beast

I love this piece, no drag and it looks cool.

Trevor on 07/12/21
Review of Pulsar Swiss Perc Ash Catcher

Might be good

Doesn't fit anything I purchased so I wouldn't know :/

Keith W. on 07/12/21
Review of Piranha UFO Carb Cap with Directional Airflow


Immediately paired with my favorite Dovetail Stem Dynavap for the perfect VonG action

Keith W. on 07/12/21
Review of LA Pipes Mini Bubble Base Concentrate Rig

Luv this pulsar

Luv these little dab rigs you get best flavor rule of thumb if ur dabbing use smaller dab rigs u lose alotta flavor on big bongs Google it why small dab rigs better that large n it will blow uf mind n u waste alotta oil on bigger bongs no b.s n I've been dabbing 6 years I tried em all

Frizz710 on 07/10/21
Review of Pulsar 3 Orb Oil Rig - Female 14.5mm

Easy to Use

So easy to apply this salve to just the right achy spot.

Carol B. on 07/10/21
Review of FAB CBD Full Spectrum CBD Body Salve

Michael l can’t use this right lol

The issue is that if you don’t break up or have super sticky dense flower the top won’t grind unless if you turn hard. That dude turned holding the bottom so no duh it’s going to tighten up super bad. My friends did this not knowing. I grip the two top pieces and it works no issue. I always leave the bottoms of my grinders slightly loose too

Blah on 07/09/21
Review of Grav Labs 3-Piece Grinder


honestly i think this product doesnt work well. you have to pull far too hard to create the proper air movement for the balls to spin, like really hard and wreck your lungs. for the price i wish i went with something different. whatcha gonna do : ) shipping was good timing and the fathertime piece i got to use this set on works well. Just not a fan of this carb set up


love the swirling effect and customer service was awesome, i ordered something else and dont know how long i waited til i contacted them about it. then was told it was out of stock, i had the option of choosing the item in a different color or choose something else that within the price range of the other item i tried to purchase. in the end im satisfied with the chamber. if more products were in stock i would be a happy customer

brandon f. on 07/08/21
Review of Grav Labs Helix 14.5mm Pre-Mix Chamber

Cute Little Kit!

I have not had much luck with glass nectar collectors because I am clumsy, which I don't have to worry about with this one because it's silicone with a metal tip. There was a learning curve for putting it together and the first few uses, but now it is a breeze and delivers strong clean hits. The travel kit comes with so many accessories for the price and they are all very convenient to have on hand.

Connor on 07/08/21
Review of TARO Silicone and Titanium Honey Collector Kit

Thank you very much for your review Connor, we really appreciate it!

Beautiful piece worth the wait.

Wow, this thing is legit, smooth, it holds lots of water. It came with a banger. I don’t know the shape but it’s like a doughnut in the bottom and it has their logo🤙🏼🤙🏼. Turned out to be one of my favorite bangers ever… shipping takes a while 2 weeks plus. Definitely worth the wait. I’m going to look into future Rig pieces!

Jordan G. on 07/07/21
Review of Rebel Initiate Glassworks "Revolt" Dab Rig

Milky Jade, your my ONLY side piece. 😏

Haha, this thing rips. Bought it as my travel piece as I am PICKY I wanted something green, something with a fixed down stem with a built in perc of some sort, had to be under 12 inches tall, and it had to be cool. I think I nailed it. 🤣 Smoke Cartel, keep up the good work team, you guys rock!

20th M. on 07/05/21
Review of Snoop Dogg Pounds "ATL" Water Pipe

Purple Dragon incense burnner

Love my dragon, goes really well all the black lighting i have, but they forgot 2 add metl insert & cone. Can not use it,unless they send a new 1. Sent in request not heard, back yet Really Great Team Really looking forward to hearing back from them Thanks.

Great 👍

Smokes Great will buy again thanks!

Jeffrey H. on 07/01/21
Review of Bammmer Don't Pass Me By CBD Flower

Awesome! Great to hear! Thank you! Angelo CEO of Bammmer.

Great product

Best device ever totally worth the wait and money. 5 thumbs up for sure.

i would NOT tell a friend to buy this

while i loved the Evri, i have had two, and both times after mere weeks, the battery stopped working. Would simply flash a white light. So weird. And then the company was very rude to me and wouldn’t offer me any recourse. Very cool product, but there is obviously a design defect and the company is being cheapskates about it

Best Portable device

I have honestly never had such an amazing device.. not only cause of the multifunction but because of how easy maintenance is.

Cold + Nectar Collector = My Happiness

It seemed like a weird concept that I questioned if I'd want cold dab rigs. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

Sam K. on 06/30/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Honey Collector

Favorite Piece - Flower and Dabbing!

I've enjoyed flower in this more than I ever thought I would. Dabbing with this is as good as I thought it would be! I highly recommend spending more than you planned to... I didn't plan to spend what this costs but the extra amount above a regular dab kit is SOOOOO worth it.

Steve T. on 06/30/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler

great for price

great glass, took less than a week to come.

josh on 06/29/21
Review of LA Pipes 12" Standard Beaker Water Pipe


As advertised. What else can I say. Super smooth and allows for some amazing flavors, even from some I new exactly what they tasted like, I was wrong. Also cleaning isn't as bad as I thought

Its great 🤤

It filled me up🤤

Me on 06/28/21
Review of Pulsar "Not a Butt Plug" Hand Pipe

Must buy!

I bought my first bong about a year ago.. cost 3 times the price and I broke it with in the first week lol. It was beautiful but not durable. Anyway I bought this not thinking it’dbe much and even when it arrived it looked kinda cheap. I still gave it a chance and I am so glad I did ! The hits are amazing! It’s even bigger in person, it’s a very durable silicone, cleans easily and the glass bowl it came with is very good quality and a reasonable size. I recommend for someone who is clumsy and is even clumsier when they smoke! Lol

Best company ever!!

Had an issue with shipping. My fault they replaced it with a quickness love this shop!!!!


Bought for My disabled Father for fathers day, He absolutely loves it! Thanks Guys for amazing products.

David P. on 06/24/21
Review of Grav Labs Arcline Hammer Pipe