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Great battery

Nice discreet battery. Works with 510 cartridges, has a preheat and 3 different voltages, and auto off.

Margaret W. on 06/15/21
Review of Pulsar GIGI Vaporizer

Great battery

Nice discreet battery. Works with 510 cartridges, has a preheat and 3 different voltages, and auto off.

Margaret W. on 06/15/21
Review of Pulsar GIGI Vaporizer

Great battery

Nice discreet battery. Works with 510 cartridges, has a preheat and 3 different voltages, and auto off.

Margaret W. on 06/15/21
Review of Pulsar GIGI Vaporizer

Love this nectar collector straw & cap.

I bought mine off Amazon, I was just searching the web when I came across this site, I might need to buy some from here. Its an amazing nectar collector, when done u don't have to worry about the nail getting dirty or setting it on something & worried about melting it, put the cap on. Its perfect. Other nectar collectors u have to take the nail out then cap it. U don't have to remove the nail at all

Katrina on 06/13/21
Review of Silicone UV Honeybee Vapor Straw with Cap

What you see

Is what you get

Aimee N. on 06/13/21
Review of RAW Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine

great value, but

Short battery life - but less than 40 minutes to recharge. Plus you get an extra battery with it so the battery life isn't too much of a deficit

Aimee N. on 06/13/21
Review of Yocan Armor Concentrate Pen Vaporizer


I was surprised how much I like it. The bucket is the perfect size for my carb caps, they sit flush and swivel nicely. I originally thought the base having the texture of lava stone would make it really hard to clean but I haven’t had any issues yet & anything left behind after a swap burns off with the next heating

Savanna on 06/12/21
Review of LavaTech XL Quartz Banger

Great pipe.

Could have had a bigger bowl but other than that 5 stars. They even gave me like 4/5 things of rolling papers. Enough papers I probably won’t need rolling papers for a few years.

Jeff on 06/12/21
Review of Puff Puff Pass "Sour Diesel" Strain Pipe

Bought this 4 my gf

She was super happy after 3 bowl packs in she said omg cheese and cong are imprinted on this I was in tears laughing...thanks guys

Justin S. on 06/12/21
Review of Cheech & Chong 40th Anniversary Spoon Pipe

Huge Is More Like It.

I didn't pay enough attention when I ordered. I assumed larger Spoon was refering to the bowl. This sucker is Huge lol.

Gerry O. on 06/12/21
Review of Grav Labs Large Spoon Pipe

Real deal.

Been at this for awhile , never experienced anything like this , truly amazing . Build quality ; lets just say it is a piece of art and engineering perfection. Spendy but think how many pieces you have bought ? = $. This is the way to go .No more sucking to light a bowl and you only need to inhale lightly. Takes a little getting used to as it is so smooth. To pulls and you are done .

Works great

Have only use concentration but so far it works great battery little small.

Sean C. on 06/12/21
Review of Yocan Armor Concentrate Pen Vaporizer

Kool pipe

Feels good

Gregorio M. on 06/11/21
Review of Shire Pipes Bent Tomato Cherry Wood Sherlock


Took one dab and it broke when I came back after. Still works well

John on 06/11/21
Review of Angle Cut Domeless Quartz Nail

Uv poster

Perfect, relaxing and uv awesome

Donald B. on 06/11/21
Review of Lava Flow Blacklight Poster

Uv poster

Perfect, relaxing and ofcourse uv awesome

Donald B. on 06/11/21
Review of 420 Neon Blacklight Poster


I love the product that I got it's amazing

Theresa V. on 06/10/21
Review of "Skeleton Cupbearer" Ceramic Water Pipe

Great smoke but it kind of looks like a dick

Not sure how to say this because the rips through this bad boy are smooth and clean but I can't shake the feeling that it looks a lot like a dick.

Rad p. on 06/09/21
Review of "Big Boi Johnson" Penis Ceramic Water Pipe

A great buy.

Excellent 12 inch bong.

John D. on 06/09/21
Review of Diamond Glass 8" Classic Beaker Bong

Beautiful Bowl! Great Price!

Probably the most affordable bowl of quality that I’ve purchased.. Its made with strong glass & is pretty heady for a scientific piece.. I’ve seen very similar slides designed by artists that sell for more than twice the price.

KilllahB. on 06/07/21
Review of Dank Banger Horn Flower Bowl

Honeybee carb cab

The cap was amazing and works great but it did come busted at the top which is a little upsetting.

Jade on 06/06/21
Review of Honeybee Herb Carb Cap - Honey Hive

Good 👍

All good 👍

Joseph R. on 06/05/21
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Formula 420 cleaner

This solution is awesome! Quickly and throughly cleaned my glass pipes to like new. It even smells good, I’ll never use anything else.


Solid piece good filtration

Esteban S. on 06/05/21
Review of Sleek And Simple 18.8mm to 18.8mm Honeycomb Downstem

Versatile smoke tool

Use as a pipe (bowl), bubbler (ashcatcher), or dab rig (ashcatcher + banger) Use with a keck clip

Esteban S. on 06/05/21
Review of Glassheads Simple Glass J-Hook


Absolutely love my VLAB Halo rig! Works wonderfully!

Dani on 06/05/21
Review of VLAB Halo Smart E-Rig


Ok, something simple, from a "highly enlightened" simple mind, lol. I absolutely love it. About to get another for the other car. Thank you

Darren O. on 06/04/21
Review of "Cooling Freeze" Travel Cup Bubbler


Awesome little forever piece. Its perfect, I cant wait to get the downpipe by them.

Gerald M. on 06/04/21
Review of Invincibowl 14mm Indestructible Aluminum Bowl

Super convenient

Nice to have a reliable delivery of my subscription with a heads up if I need to make changes.

Sandra I. on 06/04/21
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen (5 Pack)

Very Thick Heavy Bowl

It's difficult buying certain things online. Bowls for water pipes are one of them. I needed customer service. Customer service came through. I was about to buy a bowl that was way too big. CS pointed me at this Grav Labs Bowl. Perfect fit on my 14.5mm male pipe connection. The handle works very well for lifting bowl to clear smoke. The built in screen is so damn convenient!! No ashes went through either. Very highly recommended!!

Joseph H. on 06/04/21
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Female Octobowl

First dry herb vape experience - Wow!

I vaped some Delta 8 Glue with this, and wow! It was really great, and I look forward to using the real thing as soon as I receive my MMJ card. I highly recommend this G Pen!

MarkAndy i. on 06/04/21
Review of G Pen Dash Dry Herb Vaporizer


i thought it would be random things but it turned out to be a box filled with actual things i needed 😩

Dontae D. on 06/03/21
Review of The Recruit Box


Real chilled hits. Nice and cool, as advertised. It’s a beast, best used like a bong. If you have the xtra $ it’s worth it. on 06/03/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin Chamber

Very convenient

Just the right size and easy to use. At first I had technical difficulty that I had called customer, but I just didn’t use the manual. The have a good safe feature. Happy.

Orlando S. on 06/02/21
Review of MicroG

CBD flower

Quick, easy.....very satisfied

Brian on 06/02/21
Review of Bammmer Lifter CBD Flower

Thank you!


This piece is highly over priced my $50 piece is way better

Tino on 06/01/21
Review of Exseed Dabcool W3 Electric Nectar Collector


I love my box that came in. An awesome little silicone strawberry pipe Keychain, a hand crafted wooden pipe that is beautiful. Silicone bong, yes I'm definitely happy!

Kayla on 06/01/21
Review of The Cartel Box

Great Taste

CBD arrived fast and this ranks right up there with the best. I will reorder this one for sure.

LB on 05/31/21
Review of Bammmer Sour Tsunami CBD Flower

Glad you enjoyed our flower Leo. Thank you!


Arrived quick and very, very nice smoke. Definitely my go to CBD from now on.

LB on 05/31/21
Review of Bammmer Sour Pineapple CBD Flower

Thank you for your trust!

Really Nice CBD Flower

High quality and wonderful smoke. I will be buying more for sure.

LB on 05/31/21
Review of Bammmer Lifter CBD Flower

Great to hear! Thank you!

Great box

Really enjoyed the latest box. Live the itemized invoice. Thank you.

Andrew N. on 05/31/21
Review of The Boss Box

Stash jar

It's more of a novelty thing I used it a few times and then all the sudden there's a crack on the side so we careful it's not durable

Jennifer A. on 05/31/21
Review of Stash it! "Prescription" Jar

Absolutely Slaps

This pieces hits like a best. Not heavyweight but a solid build.

Very Nice!

I really love this new piece. It looks even cooler in person. Delivery was super fast. I'll definitely be placing another order soon!

Edward T. on 05/31/21
Review of The "Cosmic Marble" Heavy Glass Pipe

Thank you

Thank you very much the products were outstanding and I was very happy and the delivery was Speedy fast thank you so much Smoke Cartel

Aaron P. on 05/31/21
Review of The Cartel Box

Lil but.....

It packs a punch!!! Very easy to clean as well. Just placed an order for the diamond glass icon spike rig and used the memorial day sale code..cant wait...

Winner Winner...

I have various styles of straws and by far I enjoy this one the most simply for the fact it's delivering the terp tastes I like each sesh. Fast delivery keeps me faithful to the Smoke Cartel

Mike R. on 05/30/21
Review of Simple Solid Quartz Dab Straw

Awesome little holder

I bought one a while ago and I haven't used anything else.

Anonymous . on 05/30/21
Review of The Clinger - Stage One Joint Case

Cupcake heaven

So fire, love it!✨✨✨❤️

H on 05/30/21
Review of Cupcake Perc Oil Rig

Best dry herb vaporizer on the market

I put off buying a dry herb vaporizer because I thought they were all junk. Some of my friends have Pax 2 vapes and they think they are great but they don't give you that taste the Mighty does. I feel like I have a mouthful of terpines when I hit the Mighty. The quality is the best by far and I will buy another when this one dies. They might seem too expensive at first look but you will never regret having the best vaping experience of your life.

Tim on 05/29/21
Review of Storz & Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer

Great Dugout

Haven’t had one of these dugouts in 34 years and man I’ll tell ya I’m really impressed with the looks and functionality of this little rig!!!!

2021Freeze Pipe Recycler by kline


Robin on 05/28/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler

Big & Beautiful

I got a light purple/pink one and a blue one and they're gorgeous. Also really big. Fits the standard bong.

Nawal A. on 05/27/21
Review of Crowned Skull Herb Slide Bowl - Assorted Colors

Super cute but a bit small

It is really cute size but I think it works best for carts for me. I wish it was more bigger so I can fit a lot more things.

Perfect size and smooth!

I love it. Just the right size to tuck away after use. Great big smoke from this awesome bell rig. Even easy clean up! I am about to order another one. ;)

Cosmic indeed!

This little bong is just your old fashioned blown glass beauty, with removable glass bowl and stem. It hits very nicely. Cool and relaxing.


Bruh YOU DONT KNOW HOW UPSET I AM THENVAPE STORE LADY HAD THIS RIG I COPPED OT FOR $140!!!!!! NO SHIT!?! omg besides getting robbed by the chill vibes lady hustling me and extra 40 LOL this piece is slap bruhhh 🤩🤤😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️ My girl and I told daily since I bought it. I will be buying and other from these guys!!

Great product

Great choice

Thumbs up

Way cool

Raymond P. on 05/25/21
Review of Cloudious 9 Atomic9 Vaporizer

Bongs away

Great quality awesome product Looks even nicer than pics Can’t wait to use

Paul B. on 05/25/21
Review of KindVibez Matrix Perc Petite Water Pipe - Orchid

Thank you, Pau, for your review and for your business! We take pride in producing unique high-quality glass. This model is a very popular one and everyone has been very happy with it. Here are two other very popular models and all of our glass is guaranteed. Thank you again for your review and for spreading the word!

I recommend

Yo I love it . 10/10 would recommend

Diego on 05/25/21
Review of Rebel Initiate Glassworks "Revolt" Dab Rig


The rig has Amazing rips and each are clean so glad I made this purchase

Good piece

It works perfect but it is super thick and heavy so I have to constantly hold my bong lol

Great product

Works as advertised

Travis W. on 05/25/21
Review of Dip Devices EVRI Triple Use Vaporizer Starter Pack

Very nice

Everything was high quality, worth it.

Charles C. on 05/25/21
Review of The Executive Box

Perfect, Perfect Price

I bought my wife the rose gold one for Mother's Day. We love it. It's delicate. The photo with the model is accurate. It looks best on someone you love.

Miles33 on 05/25/21
Review of Smoke Cartel THC Molecule Necklace

This changes it all

This lil spoon pipe changes the game for spoon pipes. Usually they’re crazy harsh but this one takes the edge off the burn while you’re taking the edge off and burning some herb. This is so sick

Mike on 05/25/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin Chamber

Clever and Cute

Two of my wife's favorite things... I ordered at noon on Friday and got it at noon on Monday. Excellent staff. Check out the "rose gold THC molecule" necklace.

Miles33 on 05/25/21
Review of Smoke Cartel Peach Hat Pin

Smoke Cartel rocks !!!

Best straw I own hands down !!!

Mike R. on 05/24/21
Review of Simple Solid Quartz Dab Straw

Super fast delivery

Another great product I can't do without- Thank you !!!

Mike R. on 05/24/21
Review of TARO Silicone and Titanium Honey Collector Kit

Hello Mike! Thank you very much, we really appreciate it. Enjoy the product!

Kecks rock!!!

Anything I have ever needed for a sesh Smoke Cartel has supplied- always faster delivery than any other vendors and prices are better than most- Highly recommend to any one that partakes in recreational commodities

Mike R. on 05/24/21
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints



Debbie F. on 05/24/21
Review of The "Trees" Foil Canna-Leaf Print Beaker Bong

best hitting piece.

so i’ve had this bong for about 5 months now and it has become my daily driver, i own another envy piece aswell and this is way better, the hits in this are smooth but the chug sounds crazy, my only dislike is you need an ash catcher if you hit snappers because after like 3-4 bowls the inline clogs up.

Hoj Klip grinder

suppose to get it today. How ever, I did get the mini, first. It is pricey, the mini comes with only 1 blade. Has 3 grades & comes with 3 screens for Kief. It oozes quality. Has a lifetime warranty. The mini produces a gram & the pro is gram & a 1/2. Either one is really all you ever want in a grinder. Easy to clean. A Danish product.

steven b. on 05/24/21
Review of HØJ KLIP Premium Grinder

Serpent Scales pipe

Just received it, it was fast service. Has a big bowl, threw a glass screen in, it hits like a dream. 100% satisfy.

steven b. on 05/24/21
Review of "Serpent Scales" Double Glass Long Sherlock Pipe

The bubbler!

I Enjoyed the Bubbler since it's been over 40 years since I've smoked served my purpose for now, but in the future I look forward to.a larger water pipe. Thank You Smoke Cartel !!!

Nice addition for those who dab

Built great,nice cold hits with the glycerin.My biggest problem (besides the clip being faulty and snapping,happens) was the at the bend of the coil it quickly clogs up.Buy this if you wanna spoil yourself.

Joshua B. on 05/24/21
Review of Freeze Pipe Honey Collector

Not what I expected

For the price, it is very all and not stable. Very fragile..

Jeanette N. on 05/23/21
Review of Roll Uh Bowl Original Silicone Bong with Eject-a-Bowl

Deep bowl ash screen

This is a well made piece that is very effective at screening ash especially with an ash catcher, your piece never had it so good.

Jason A. on 05/23/21
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl

Easy to load, smooth draw

This is a great tool for my collection. It’s lightweight, easy to use & really easy to keep clean. It’s a great deal for the price. Full disclosure, I have no intention of traveling with it or packing it around in my purse so I can’t speak to the portability of it. But, it is made of glass so I wouldn’t unless I had a small, hard case to carry it in.

Melinda M. on 05/23/21
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2


Rips well. Makes an ash catcher obsolete

Miles G. on 05/23/21
Review of Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl


This BTPV is awesome!! Packs a punch 😊 Very easy to use, battery life is very good, and it packs a punch! Shipping was fast. I love it 💕 I'm so happy I found smoke cartel. You won't regret buying this one- A+++++

Debra H. on 05/23/21
Review of Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer

Very surprised

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use plenty videos out there to help you along and not really a bag guy I used to whip through water And I get really good vapour just have to get used to your temperature like anything else waiting for the D Dave mods to become availableI hear they work really well overall I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this product to my friends

Christopher S. on 05/23/21
Review of Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

I love this thing

This thing is like magic. It's super easy. The grinder does great job. Just love it. It's literally just pushing a button.

Cheryl on 05/23/21
Review of OTTO Automatic Cone Filler and Grinder

My replacement bowl

My replacement was better than my first pick, go to what they recommended because it's better stock, huge funnel bowl with just the right size hole in the bottom, nice smooth fit on my piece and looks great too!

Matthew M. on 05/22/21
Review of Grav Labs 18.8mm Male Funnel Bowl

CBD flower

I’m so glad I found this product! I will definitely be ordering again!

Karen f. on 05/22/21
Review of Bammmer Lifter CBD Flower

Thank you!

Best glass ever hands down

Hands down best glass ever.

Matt L. on 05/22/21
Review of Quartz Domeless Nail

Wooden Grinder, Yea or Nay

This is my first wooden grinder and I got to say, this is a nice Peace with attention to detailing. have no idea if the wood will soften up within time but I’m enjoying it. The photo doesn’t do any justice for this grinder as you get up close and personal this grinder is “BIG” not your average size grinder. But I love it! One thing be careful with this grinder it’s part glass one drop & it’s a rap..

Jose G. on 05/22/21
Review of Kannastor Wood GR8TR Grinder with Jar Body

Extra boost!

Did not disappoint! Exactly what I need for that extra boost on my long Saturday rides.🚵🏼‍♀️

G.M. on 05/22/21
Review of Bammmer Lifter CBD Flower

Glad you enjoyed! Thank you!


Love the apx pulsar 2 works great ! Good company to buy from very fast shipping and response .

Jeremy F. on 05/22/21
Review of Pulsar APX 3 Vaporizer

Excellent Quality, Great customer service

High quality bangers at an unbeatable price. Ordered 2 and messed up on size. A quick email and they fixed the problem before they were shipped. Very happy

Anthony M. on 05/22/21
Review of Pulsar Quartz Thick Bottom Beveled Banger


Ordered two of them so I would have two different colors and then they sent both in the same color....... Really???

Robbie . on 05/22/21
Review of Cheech & Chong Mini Water Pipe


Love this new rig. It came packaged very well. Will be ordering again soon.

Mike M. on 05/22/21
Review of Diamond Glass Icon Spike Rig