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Kandy pen feather

Great vaporizer. Would definitely recommend. Got here and was packaged properly. Thank you smoke cartel.

Luis M. on 11/16/18
Review of Kandy Pens Feather Compact Vaporizer

Love this piece

I love this mini-egg. Easy to take anywhere. Smokes like a champ

Christian on 11/15/18
Review of The "Fab Mini" Faberge Egg-Style Bubbler Pipe

Fun piece

Fun piece to watch and smoke from. Gave it to my bf as an early bday gify....he loves it!


I love this piece. Rips amazing. Glad I picked it up

"SmokeNado" and customer service.

The bong is a beautiful piece does chug and sometimes will cause spit back but that is all that can even be considerably wrong with anything. I also purchased the rosewood pinch hitter dugout and it was another amazing purchase. i had a hard time getting my purchase to go through and i finally had enough and i just decided to call and see what i was doing wrong. I had to deal with one of the coolest customer service people ever in my life. Brian was his name and he was so chill man, it was great. That man deserves a freaking raise, he was on it and had my purchase go through in no time at all really and he was really cool.

@potatomechanix on 11/15/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe

A refreshing experience

My past experiences with Smoke Cartel have been less than stellar. Shipping was a nightmare and took forever and the pieces were only moderately impressive. However, with this purchase I am thoroughly satisfied I gave them another chance. The shipping was not only free (keep that up by the way), but got here in only 3 days. Additionally, the piece is awesome. The design looks just like the pictures, but the color is even cooler in person. And the bowl itself is huge. Which is exactly what I was looking for!

Caleb R. on 11/15/18
Review of Glassheads "Clown Prince" Male Flower Bowl

So well made

I wasn’t expecting something at such a high quality at such a low price

Richard L. on 11/15/18
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Beautiful piece

Everything is awesome

Michael E. on 11/15/18
Review of The "Colorship" Mothership-inspired Faberge Egg Rig

Smokenado Is Smokin'

I really, really, really wanted the Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe from Smoke Cartel. When it came up in the flash deals, I grabbed it. It is AWESOME. If you don't want to have to use in front of a mirror, use with a friend so you can see the cyclone. The initial pull is a bit heavy, but once the cyclone starts spinning it is easy. Mine is in green, and it looks sharp. I'm looking for the next sale, as this would make a fun Christmas gift. Hits hard. Packs a wallop.

TiffyBob on 11/15/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe




This peice was originally listed for retail at $100.00 USD but got a great sale on this EPIC wake n’ bake Piece!!

Epic piece

When it arrived I thought it looked cool and immediately lowaded up some OG and was surprised at how long I could hit compared to a few other similar pieces. I will say the rotating piece inside is a little loud but it wouldn’t keep me from buying this again. I scored on the 50% off vote deal. Buy it!

Great design!

The ergonomics are perfect. This pipe is a pleasure to use. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Super stoked

So smooth just what I was looking for thanks


"This is great! The Bees Knees! Outta nine" I didn't know what to put lmao hell yeah

JACOB T. on 11/14/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe


this is the perfect sized tube, with just the right sized bowl and the downstem clip is so useful. my old setup was a 18 inch beaker with a 18mm bowl and this setup is just as good.

Nicholas M. on 11/13/18
Review of Grav Labs Tall Basic Beaker


Needed a bowl 🍲

First fancy piece

This is the first piece I’ve purchased beyond the very basics. So far it’s really excellent! It’s beautiful and intricate and smokes easily and smoothly. I haven’t tried to clean it yet so I’m reserving a star. It’s a really great, handy size that I foresee having a long, happy relationship with.

Kendra T. on 11/13/18
Review of The "Fab Mini" Faberge Egg-Style Bubbler Pipe

Yay! That's so great to hear Kendra! Enjoy the Fab Mini!

Good but difficult

Cool piece for sure. The tornado effect never gets old. The piece required some technique and practice so it's not really for beginners. Awesome piece but difficult to inhale without water coming at your lips. Worth a purchase

Logan F. on 11/13/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe

Hey Logan! Thank you for your thoughts on this piece, we agree that the tornado effect never gets old! Enjoy :)

Very Nice😊😊😊

Nice American Colbolt Blue Bong. With a Grinder. Different kinds of Rolling papers. Glass Tipp Filter for rolling. And a nice pice of Apperal😊 I purchased the Flower Silver Box. Definetly worth the price.

Richard on 11/13/18
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Super happy that I bought this item!

OK, honestly. I voted and the ONLY reward for me was that this company offered a nice discount on their products. I have never bought from them before, but I could NOT pass up this deal. So without paying too much attention, I ordered what I thought was the cheapest glass bong they offered (yet I knew it glowed in the dark. lol what was I thinking?) Ok, yes I do not pay attention to details. We get the delivery faster than expected. My husband is pretty excited because the last thing I bought was plastic crap from a very cheap online retailer that takes months to send your stuff. The box seemed small and my husband was worried about glass getting broke. We open it and there's tons of peanuts and this silicone bong. lol At first I was disappointed. Stupid me, didn't read details But my husband is checking it out and rapidly getting more excited about it and how we can't break this one, it can travel, won't be detected in metal detectors and the awesome way the bowl pops up for cleaning. He's 100% impressed. I am still looking for "instructions" so we don't break it. lol Overall the transaction is perfect! I am sold on their products and their customer service. I love their follow up when you look but don't buy. I love their attention to detail and I love that the company has a brain. Attention to detail is their thing when designing these items. I plan to invest in the company! All Good!!

Penny on 11/12/18
Review of Roll Uh Bowl Original Silicone Bong

Very good

very good quality, thick glass

Zachary F. on 11/12/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Apollo" Fumed Recycler

Study and thick

Got the 14mm male for some of my favorite glass, and was happily surprised. Very thick, and heavy really. Feels like a paperweight. Gives some bongs and other pipes that "completed" look. A huge step up from the typical head.

Wow. Just wow.

Not only is it incredibly satisfying to simply hold it, but even more so when you use it. The percolation is so fine, the smoke turned into a "vapor" of sorts, enabling the largest hits anyone could take on a bong. I love all the perfect details on this big mama, from the ice catch to the stereo percs. For the price, it really is worth it.

Art statement

I got this for the double trouble as a bowl head. Looks perfect on top, and hits like a jackhammer. Recommended to anybody who cares about the aesthetic point of their bong.

Actually impressive

For it's size, the Tango Ripper is a compact champ. I got it for a small size addition to the collection, but I had not realized how fine the percolation was. It gets straight to the point, and really hits hard. No disappointment here. Just another satisfying buy from Smoke Cartel.

Properly built

A really nice bowl head, hits great and looks good on almost all pieces. Happy I added this to my collection.

Robin N. on 11/12/18
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Pinch Bowl with Handle

Works well

Works well with the 710 pen, and fills easily. Awesome buy for less than 5 bucks.

Robin N. on 11/12/18
Review of 710 Ready Mix Acrylic Cartridge

Very nice bown

It was just what I was looking for a reasonably priced

Jeff C. on 11/12/18
Review of 14.5mm or 18.8mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen

Nice item

looks like iot will do just what I am wanting

Jeff C. on 11/12/18
Review of Solid Color Silicone Downstem

Good quality but misjudged the size

In the pictures I saw I mistook it for being smaller, the 24’ is a gigantic piece of work. Didn’t knock it too hard because it’s decent quality it seems but I will likely be selling it to a friend and looking for another soon.

Hey Sam! I'm sorry to hear you thought this piece was smaller. I'm sure we have something that's just perfect for you though! Feel free to contact our customer services if you need any help :)


Great product

Ron B. on 11/11/18
Review of Smoke Cartel 2-Piece Aluminum Grinder

The thing


Edmundo M. on 11/11/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

The thing


Edmundo M. on 11/11/18
Review of Quartz Carb Cap with Dabber End

Nice pipe

Hope to get a long life from this sucker

Edmundo M. on 11/11/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe

Bowl bowl bowl

These can get cheap enough to buy a few to match a physical shops cost. They are great quality also. Have had 0 issues. The hole size is inconsistent but that’s what glass screens are for.

For those who need some space

I have a 12 inch straight tube that made me feel like I was going to light my eyebrows on fire each time I would light up. This puts enough space to where I feel like my brows will remain on fleek.

Miguel on 11/10/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Male Drop Down

Keeps it tight

Holds my drop down and ashcatcher like they were part of the bong itself. Thank you SC!

Miguel on 11/10/18
Review of Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

Ripper True To It's Name

Hooked my hybrid mini nail to this thing and now understand where the name came from. Amazing flavorful rips. Percolates like a champ. Perfectly priced. Nice quality glass. Smoke Cartel is money!

Effortless process

This is the smoothest purchasing and delivery experience that i’ve Had. Every step done in a timely manner. Packaging is also well done.

Maxine A. on 11/10/18
Review of Sleek And Simple 14.5mm to 14.5mm Diffused Downstem

Absolute UNIT

I got it for super cheap because I got it 50% off the sale price, so I got $180 bong for $25. Best piece of glass I have and hits like a beast.

Gandalf style pipe

I had to get this knowing the name. Plus the color is just beautiful. I needed a new pipe and loved this one a lot. Will be buying from this place again.

Best pall

Nice ducky for my quartz banger

Mark P. on 11/10/18
Review of Rubber Ducky Flat Carb Cap

Good size

Hold that the smoke goes through gets clogged to easily but other than that nice bowl

Mark P. on 11/10/18
Review of "The Skull" Bowl Slide

Hey Mark! You might like to try a screen to help with the clogging:

China Glass Terracotta

Simple, easy to use and clean. Beautiful, my favorite pipe!

Don M. on 11/10/18
Review of The China Glass "Terracotta" Upright Bubbler


Always a fan of grav labs this is the best glass blunt ive ever used ive used many different styles

Dustin M. on 11/10/18
Review of Grab Labs 4" Glass Blunt

Exactly As it Looked Online!

It's a high quality pin! Was expecting it to look a little cheaper than how it was precived online but it was as clean and clear as the picture depicted! Love it!

Chandler L. on 11/10/18
Review of Sloth on a Bong Enamel Hat Pin


As expected. Great pipe.

Alexander B. on 11/10/18
Review of Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe


it's alright wasn't what I was expecting

miguel p. on 11/10/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Hi Miguel! I'm so sorry to hear these glass blunts weren't what you were expecting :( I'm sure we can find the right piece of glass for you though! Feel free to contact our customer services if you need any help!


love it

miguel p. on 11/10/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler


The great peice came to my door without any problems. The hits are amaze balls and got it at an amazing deal. I like ordering from this site! Definitely recommend!

Best Grinders in the Bussiness

You can never go wrong with this guys, they have a great magnet give you a lot of Kiev and the locking system is great

Jessica D. on 11/09/18
Review of Phoenician Small 2.0" 4 Piece Grinder


Took me a couple of days of handling this piece to get used to its orientation, but that's entirely me. I got it now. It looks great and it's easy to clean, just some rubbing alcohol and salt and shake shake shake. A+

Dorothy G. on 11/09/18
Review of Grav Labs Bubbler - Clear Hammer Style

Infinity loop recycler 🙌🙌

Very easy, smooth pull. Beautiful internal recycler design. Loving it!

$200 Mystery Box!

I was very hesitant on buying the box, and I am very glad I went through with the purchase! Our box was well over $200 worth of things. We received a bubbler, two spoons, a nice little Boro bong, and a little grinder. Looking forward to getting the new platinum box soon!

Stephanie on 11/09/18
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Teddy 🍩

Great looking bowl.. perfect size.. the bowl can hold a nice amount💯🏅💨

Christopher O. on 11/09/18
Review of Empire Glassworks 🍩 "Teddy Donut"🐻 Flower Bowl

Great vape

Love it. The service was wonderful I received my product a day ahead of the delivery date. Thanks !!

This thing works great

Wow works great it really brings out the flavor.


This pen is the best I’ve had by far. I like that you can choose the cycle of heat. Very slim and perfect to take on the go. Customer service is the best!!!! I recommend INFINITY %%%!!

Annelis . on 11/09/18
Review of Kandy Pens Prism Essential Oil Vaporizer

Sesh pipe

I loved it! Reallly didn*t know how good this pipe works, would have got one a long time ago, what a blast!!!

Angela g. on 11/08/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

Nice piece

This is a really nice solid smooth piece. Clear cut and everything.

Gil on 11/08/18
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem

14.5 mm round glass bowl

This glass bowl was a replacement for a bowl that was dropped and broke in two. This new glass bowl fit the bong perfectly. Ordering the bowl from Smoke Cartel was extremely easy. The two glass bowls arrived from the Smoke Cartel very quickly. I give both Smoke Cartel and the bowls that I ordered a 5 star rating and would recommend the company Smoke Cartel to anyone without any hesitation.


Wow the best experience, great product, awesome price, best customer service and fast shipping.

Titanium nail

Heats up quick great nail.

Beautiful Bong

It hits very smooth and with a ashcatcher it's even smoother. Looks absolutely beautiful and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new piece


works great!

Really good value

They are wonderful and solves problems for sure -- quick and easy to use

Lesley C. on 11/08/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

It is really nice

What a bargain -- not super high quality but plenty good and functional at a GREAT price

Lesley C. on 11/08/18
Review of Kraken Grinders Pollen Press

works great

Really nicely made and fits perfectly

Lesley C. on 11/08/18
Review of Sleek And Simple 14.5mm to 14.5mm Diffused Downstem

works great

I love it -- dropped my old one and it shattered this one is Ohhh Sooo nice

Great Pin!

Well made product!!

Dylan R. on 11/08/18
Review of Sloth on a Bong Enamel Hat Pin

I’m picky about rigs. I like this one.

Low center of gravity = stability. I give the ease of pull an 8/10. Didn’t know this until after I bought this the bottom perc spins. (Kinda weird hearing your rig squeak when you take a dab) The function of the perc and recycler get a 9/10. The shipping did take a little longer than I’m used to. Over a week. Overall I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend this rig to my dabros. Doesn’t affect my vote but I wish it was a straight neck.

Awesome to hear it Jamison! Happy dabbin'!

Amazing downstem

The Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem (3.5 in) was well the purchase after my slit downstem piece broke so I purchase this downstem and was happily surprised that the downstem fit nice and snug in the bowl and not loose. Would buy another downstem from Smoke Cartel again !!

Patrick B. on 11/07/18
Review of Low Pro 18.8mm to 14.5mm Fire Cut Downstem


Nice pipe arrived on time Excellent source

ray r. on 11/07/18
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe

Absolutely Amazing

All the glass is awesome and it's definitely worth the price, I will definitely buy from Smoke Cartel again!

Jeremiah G. on 11/07/18
Review of Mystery Box of Awesomeness - Glass & Gear

Heavy tokes

This guy filters like a champ! Extremely smooth hits and the ice pinch is just icing on the cake! It was a little smaller than expected but have been very pleased

Quality adapter

Only ones available on the site for reducers and step ups but pleasantly surprised on the quality

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

Tornado warning

I love how this piece hits! It does take a bit on the lungs to get the draw right but when the water is set good it’s not that bad. Did take a little playing to get it right

Hefty catcher

This guy is chunky! Heavy piece made very well! Percolates like a charm

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Heavy Bucket Honeycomb Ashcatcher

By far my favorite!

This little guy is the best of both worlds! Very smooth hits and the build quality is amazing as it always is with sesh supply! Be sure to use a screen

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

Only one available

This was the only step down that was available at the time but pleasantly surprised at the thickness and build quality. Had to get another in 18 to 14 just to complete the set!

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

Brass screens

The shape of these and the thickness works great for getting them to stay in place.

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Silver or Brass Metal Filter Screen

Nice bubbler

If you like to take large hits this piece may not be for you as the bowl gets pretty hot with longer hits. Smooth hits and very well designed!

First pollen press

This is the first press I’ve ever used. I much more prefer making discs over loose bud as it’s easier to keep my glass clean. Does a great job

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Kraken Grinders Pollen Press

My little buddy

Bought a couple to give one to my little brother he collects pins. He loved it, the enameling is very well done

Tony T. on 11/07/18
Review of Sloth on a Bong Enamel Hat Pin

Great rig!

Much more enjoyable hits!

Home Run

Pinch Hitter, it's it out of the Park!

Randall R. on 11/06/18
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Great Starter Rig

It works petfectly and has been a great piece to learn on. I like the 10” size which makes it easier to handle versus a smaller rig. I have been using the glass nail that came with the rig and prefer it due to the shorter heating time. It has developed a crack after repeated use but it still functions perfectly and I consider that reasonable wear anyhow, but worth noting. If you’re looking for your first rig without throwing $100 bucks at something, this is it.

Changocito on 11/06/18
Review of Quartz Banger—Thick 4mm Banger Nail

Great Quality

Grav Labs always are quality pieces! Fast and easy shipping

Mario S. on 11/06/18
Review of Grav Labs Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe

Love this company


Didn't expect to love this

I got this as a promo a few months back, and to be honest, I kind of stashed it away with the rest of my gear and forgot about it. I dug it out a week ago, and I have been using it every day. I love it! It's portable and discreet, and just looks super cool! Thanks for the freebie, Smoke Cartel! :)

Jennifer on 11/06/18
Review of "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo

Fun Gimmick

It's a fun Gimmick at parties or with friends but I find it too cumbersome to use often alone

Hi Alexis! Thanks for your thoughts on this piece. Make sure to let us know how the Trident goes down at your next party!


Ok starter bong, my main issue with it is that when I'm using a longer downstem or larger bowl the flame is too close to me

You might like to try a drop down to solve this issue, Alexis!:

Favorite Grinder

Decent catcher size, easy to grip and grinds easily


Easy to use and ash, decent hitter

Alexis on 11/06/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

That's exactly what we like to hear Alexis! Enjoy :)


A good simple bong, easy to clean and no fancy gimmicks about it

Alexis on 11/06/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

I couldn't describe the UPC Flat Beaker better myself Alexis! Have fun!


I love this bong! It's by far my most favorite bong I own.

Cynthia on 11/06/18
Review of UPC Flat Beaker

Very Cool

It was a little bit to get used to, but it makes the herb taste better, and it is nice knowing that I am using a cleaner method when I smoke. Would definitely recommend especially since the price isn't outrageous.

UPC 4-arm tree perc ashcatcher

My first ashcatcher and I love it! I could immediately tell a difference not to mention after my sesh. It was longer than usual I liked this ashcatcher so much.

Thad S. on 11/06/18
Review of UPC 4-Armed Tree Perc Ashcatcher


Thank you so much for helping very efficiently when my item was delivered damaged. I received my new item within the week. I appreciate it!

BARBARA C. on 11/05/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt - Pack of 2