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Bong/Water Pipe

Very good quality, super fast shipping, great price! I would have had to pay triple at a local shop...... love it, thanks ❤

Quality glass

Very satisfied with the glass quality and function but was a little diaspointed to see that the text and labels on the price were like already faded and worn off in some spots.

Wonderful Pipe

This is an awesome Rig. Looks very cool and gives a smooth hit.

Hendrik C. on 04/25/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Hydra" Triple Recycler

Super smooth hits and beautiful color.

This thing rips hard. I love to use ice cold water when I use this bubbler. Super smooth hits and the colors look so crazy when smoke is passed through it! Would buy again!

Tony G. on 04/24/18
Review of UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler

Nice mini screen!

Fits on the bowl to my water pipe and my bubbler perfectly! Easy to clean and very reliable. Just be careful not to drop it cause you will lose it. It's small yet very effective.

Tony G. on 04/24/18
Review of Honeycomb Glass Screen

Good stuff

Solid piece. Hits like a champ, and a necessity for a Rick and Morty fan.

Nicole A. on 04/24/18
Review of Empire Glassworks Portal Gun Handpipe

You get more than what you’re paying for

I only have good things to say about this piece in that it is slightly under priced for its outstanding performance. Settled for this piece due to all my other options being out of stock and I gotta say I don’t regret it whatsoever. Hits like a beauty and for some reason isn’t harsh. I’ve recommended it to a bunch of friends who are looking to get an affordable piece that doesn’t lack on performance. The few that have hit mine were very impressed and surprised. Thanks for the piece!

Alex B. on 04/24/18
Review of UPC Single or Double Tree Perc Classic Beaker

Love it

I have a Rasta Style

Love it

I looooove this pipe. It smokes so nicely, and I look classy as hell smoking it.

Brittany C. on 04/24/18
Review of Long Solid Color Gandalf Style Pipe

Kragen Grinders

Great product!!!! Good quality!!! Great customer service!!! 👍👍


Sesh supply who you kidding. We know you didn't make this bong. You jumped through a chronic wormhole in time ,and stole the design from the GOD CRONUS aka (father times) own glass piece collection. This is far to sick for this planet and is from another realm!!!! Smoke cartel don't let Father Time know your jumping through time loops distributing this piece with priority shipping in two days discretely. Human beings shouldn't have something so fragile and so smooth. Cleaning is a ease just a little 91%isopropyl and hot water a few cycles. Only downfall is treat it like a baby it's fragile. But this baby is from another realm don't forget that when your taken there. A solid 4.9 out of 5 . Smooth pull ,fill the water to the base of the pyramid inside for perfect water level each time. Other really piece to add to collection.


I’ve been using the Artemis for the last two weeks and I can say I’m happy with the piece. It gets dirty quick so you need to clean it often. Luckily it’s easier to clean than it looks. It’s does take a lot of water to get the water recycling so you need to pull air a little bit more harder than some other pieces, but you won’t go blue in the face. The hit is very smooth. You really don’t feel the hit until u exhale. So watch out the first couple bowls. Speaking of bowls, you will have to purchase a bowl if you plan on smoking dry herb. It doesn’t come with one. The glass isn’t super thick but it’s still good quality for the price. At under a 100$ I’ve seen worst. The piece looks nice sitting there on the table or shelf as well as operating. Overall the Artemis is a good value recycler that functions as nice as it looks. Nice piece to add to any collection. Smoke cartel has been a nice company to do business with and I look forward to adding more glass to my collection in the future.

Hi Randy! Wow, what a great and in depth review of The Artemis! Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you.


First pen. Works great. Nice draw and super portable with a nice case.


Amazing rig can't get enough use out of it I love it

Hey Lucky! Awesome to hear you're loving the Smokenado just as much as we do! Enjoy :)

Universal nail

Nice for my travel pieces. I'm not a big titanium fan, I much prefer quarts but it's a good piece.

Universal nail

Nice for my travel pieces. I'm not a big titanium fan, I much prefer quarts but it's a good piece.

Titanium cap

Not much to say here. Does the job and fits the universal nail perfect.


I love this piece. It's made very well and suprisingly sturdy for how fragile it looks. The main complaints from everyone I feel like is the windmill perc. It gets jammed up pretty easy when using concentrates. But it it's smooth and has amazing flavor.

Thanks for giving us your thought on this piece! Have you tried using RezBlock from 420 Science to help reduce the concentrates from sticking. - It is currently out of stock but we restock often since they are in high demand and get sold out fast. Have an awesome day!

Carb cap

Great for the price, one thing I can say is it is durable as hell. I dropped it about 5 feet on to concrete and it bounced up and hit again and not even a scratch. It doesnt seal on my elev8 banger completely and is a little wobbley on it but still does the job fine.

Christian . on 04/22/18
Review of ELEV8 Mini Directional Carb Cap

Glad to hear you're enjoying this sturdy fella! Have a wonderful day ;)


I like it cause I can keep it on my key chain so if I forget a pick while I'm out I always got that one.

Christian . on 04/22/18
Review of Skilletools Mini Series Dabber Tools

Female adapter

Simple, sturdy, and cheap. Can't ask for much more.

Christian . on 04/22/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter


These tasted pracricly like pinapple so i just ended up eating the whole doob man ahh geez good times

Keith on 04/22/18
Review of Juicy Jays 1 1/4 Flavored Rolling Papers

tbh its good

guaranteed cheap fat hits on this sucker boys, looks sleek and clean, and the glass is clear so you can see the train that is about to hit you when you smokin off this beaut

Took almost a month to ship, didn’t even get my first choice.

This pen works alright but it’s not what I originally wanted, after smokecartel made me wait 23 days before telling me they lost my package, and told me to pick another one when I asked for my money back.

It's cool

It's nice rig but you cant have baby lungs. The pull is not as easy as other percs. The build is nice and solid feels amazing in the hands. Love the color.

Ty! Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. Glad you're enjoying this piece, it sure does feel like a beast. Have a Smokin' day ;)


This was not my first choice as the original bong was ordered but was actually "Out Of Stock.. After working with Smoke Cartel Staff I decided on this "Elite" Triple Stacked Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Tall Water Pipe in green. WOW... I lucked out. PRO'S... Glass is thick and feel is heavy. Perc hit is totally wacked out smooth. The look is high quality and nice to look at. CONS... Price was more than I originally intended on buying. Glass bud bowl is a bit hard to fit a screen in and weed particles end up in bong. This is not an ice cube friendly bong, but there is no need for ice cubes because the hit is so smooth. Haven't tried cleaning yet, but YouTube vids show that kosher salt and rubbing alcohol does the trick. Worth the price and happy I got it....

great-----then not so hot

When I got it I was impressed by it's workmanship, and it's presence. I filled it up and lit it. I got a great hit of the coolest smoke I've ever had. The second hit was as great. The third or forth hit----put the rest of the bowl in my mouth. After several attempts-----I gave up. I now use it as a joint holder for joints too large to hold comfortably. I don't care what they say the throat is too wide and you'll end up with a mouthful of dry, weed!

hubbell on 04/20/18
Review of Pyptek Prometheus Nano Chillum


Just got it and it’s my new stand by. Like others mention it takes a little more lung to pull on but it’s not hard to hit just not quite as easy as some others. It’s super smooth hit and large amount of smoke more than make up for the harder draw. I didn’t know what to think about the spore perc at first because I’m pretty old school but this is equal to my fab egg on smoothness. Sturdy build too it feels very well made. A little wiggle in the joint but it seems to be air tight and I always feel a little wiggle when using carbon adapters nothing is made to precision for a reasonable price anyway. I would recommend this one if you like fatcan style that holds a lot more smoke than traditional recyclers.

Nice piece!

Very happy with this item ... and jeeze, the shipping was fast!

It was a great piece but it wasn’t the right size for my bowl :/

Great average

Hey there, if you need to exchange it with a different size just send a picture of the unused item to and they'll take care of that for you :) Glad you like this piece nonetheless! Have a great day.


Wish I had ordered this much sooner! Alot bigger inside than it looks & is definitely smell proof! Awesum job!!!

Worth the wait !

It's an awsome little piece of Art. I was worried about getting a broken piece of glass but they packed it like champs. It's pretty small, so I recomend buying a drop down with it. Unfortunatly, I contacted Empire glassworks and the ''Under the sea'' drop down is discontinued, might want to pass on it if you want a matching set. It's a great site to order from, great variety and awsome service!


Haven't smoked from it but looks like it will get the job done.

Peter K. on 04/19/18
Review of Pyptek Prometheus Nano Chillum


finally someone decided to put a damn filter in a pipe. Tired of burning my tongue on those dam embers.

Peter K. on 04/19/18
Review of Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Beautiful Nostalgia

This is the first spoon I've ever bought and it does not disappoint! Its reminiscent of my favorite childhood baddies all the while being a smooth instrument for toking on my herbs! It holds a fine amount of dry herbs, is easy to clean, and I'm not afraid to put it down anywhere as the stand (feet) on the bomber spoon make it easy to prop up! It is perfect for any user and hits extremely smoothly. I highly recommend this!

HoweHigh on 04/19/18
Review of Empire Glassworks Bomber Spoon

Grinches member

It gets the job done

Scott on 04/18/18
Review of The "Bubble Stacker" Sherlock Style Bubbler

The Lowkey Dab Rig

The first time I smoked out of this Rig, was the last day I used my other rigs because I put them all up except my new Lowkey Smoke Cartel rig! I'm In love with it and give it a 10/10. A very nice Rig!

Ryan J. on 04/18/18
Review of "Lowkey" Color Accented Oil Bubbler

710 READY MIX Battery

this is a great product works very well smooth flow, I'm satisfied thanks.

Lola W. on 04/18/18
Review of 3 Bears 710 Ready Mix Battery

Smoothest hitting piece.

This is hands down a new favorite, has a fast and airy chug that cools with ease.

Zachary G. on 04/18/18
Review of Sesh Supply "Comus" Spinning UFO Perc Mini Rig

A great design

I love this thing. Works great has a nice porcelain bat and the grinder is a nice touch. Also a handy compartment in the bottom to store extra spices....

Kevin H. on 04/18/18
Review of Kraken Grinders "Hermosa" Dugout and Grinder


I loved it. It’s the best

Nancy T. on 04/17/18
Review of Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl

Did not receive.

Did not receive my bong...

Brad r. on 04/17/18
Review of UPC "Simple Guy" Beaker Base Water Pipe

Quartz nail


George G. on 04/17/18
Review of ELEV8 Domeless Quartz Nail for Heating Coils


It's a beautiful piece to look at and works great when using it. It's like you're smoking out of a piece of art.


Its so cute. I love its aesthetic and it serves its purpose. Its small so you can carry it anywhere as well. Definitely recommend!

Mariana .. on 04/17/18
Review of Pink N' White Reversal Dry Pipe

Great container

Its great, the grinder part is pretty good. Its cute and easy to carry around. Keeps the smell contained and all.


The first review 😂

Dig it

Loving it

Jonathon H. on 04/17/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt



Rafael on 04/16/18
Review of "Cheat Day" Iced Donut Rig

Amazing chiller

The best chiller I've ever used. Can usually chill the harshest weed. If you need more chilling power I'd use crushed ice up to 2.5 inches in my beaker bong first, then put some crushed ice in the ashcatcher/chiller perc if needed. I haven't needed to go that far yet, but I haven't tried the ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK STRAIN YET!! Cheers, beers, and.bong rips for you and yours!! Stay lit, stay high, and stay Snazzy!! Peace. 'HOP

HOP M. on 04/16/18
Review of Grav Labs STAX Glycerin Coil

Strong Glass Fast Shipping

Strong Glass Fast Shipping

Mike R. on 04/16/18
Review of Sleek And Simple Female To Female Adapter

Fantastic Piece

This piece hit like a truck of smoothness until it took a 5-foot drop and died. She will be missed deeply.

Good piece

Not as thick as I expected

Tyler M. on 04/16/18
Review of UPC "Dozer" Quartz Banger

Hey Tyler! Thanks so much for an honest review. Your feedback has been taken on board!

Great value

Good product, great price.

Thomas M. on 04/16/18
Review of Banger Carb Cap for Thick-Style Quartz Banger

Great value

Good product at a great price.

Thomas M. on 04/16/18
Review of Quartz Banger - Thick 4mm Banger Nail


Fantastic rig, hits great. Good addition to my collection.

Easy to carry

I genuinely really like it. However, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be this way, but the lid is pretty loose comes off really easily. I’m not sure if that is how it’s dipposed to function

Jalia W. on 04/16/18
Review of Kraken Grinders - 1" Solid Color 4-Part Grinder

So cute

I carry it in my purse it’s so small and convenient, so adorable

Jalia W. on 04/16/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt


My first bong and I like it. I really like the shape of it as well

Great Piece !!

Smooth rips even without ice. Perfect height to not be obnoxious but give clean rips every time. Sits well with additional ashcatcher. Well worth the investment, great piece.

Drew C. on 04/15/18
Review of UPC Single or Double Tree Perc Classic Beaker

Great replacement piece

Great replacement piece

Can't go wrong when in the market for a similar style. High quality, durable with smooth delivery every time.

Perfect example of a high quality product from UPC with no signs of quality skimping or compromise. (Tip) never knock over such a nice water pipe. I did, and was about the only way to break it. Lol,but still unhappy with the irresponsible early demise of my friend. Awesome prouduct.

A solid, nice standby or regular pipe with a large bowl.

Excellent affordable and works well with attractive design.

David . on 04/15/18
Review of The Silver Smoker Fumed One-Hitter

Hey David! Thank you for an awesome review. Enjoy your new one-hitter! ;)

Nice bubbler..

Excellent affordable and works well with attractive design.

David . on 04/15/18
Review of The China Glass "Marco Polo" Standing Bubbler

A dependable go-to titanium nail that won't let you 'down'.

Performs great. Very satisfied.

A good all-around titanium nail.

No gripes with this well'functioning dependable nail. Seems ready for years of reliable use.

Very satisfied but quit working just under a month.

The flytlab lift worked surprisingly well and was very pleased. It was used and performed like it should. On one morning, 3 days short of a month of it working properly. (With normal cleaning after 1 or 2 sessions while respecting the heating element coil) everything appeared fine with the 3 temp setting lights working. I then charged it fully which didn't take long, and tried it on medium or high (Not sure) and did start to heat up again. So while a sigh of relief was settling in, it never quite reached the temp and cooled off. Honestly to me looks like one of 'those things' that can happen, Like 1 bad egg out of thousands of good ones. I read lots of reviews and rely on common sense daily. No expert but have to say the coil element burnt out prematurely or a bad/burnt connection or solder. Anyway, flytlab in my opinion is s great company thinking outside the box. My main problem with the situation was having to lose my new-found best friend. Lol.?

David . on 04/15/18
Review of Flytlab "Lift" Portable Vaporizer

Comes in handy for small sessions.

good for individual sessions or pipe smoking.

Derrick . on 04/15/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Small 1.5" 3-Piece Grinder

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Love at 1st Sight!!!!

I honestly can't believe how awesome the craftsmanship as well as the detail of it is incredible! Strongly recommend it & it's definitely a piece that has alot of unique touches! Thank you smoke cartel for your awesome pieces!!

Elisa on 04/14/18
Review of Empire Glassworks "Alien" Sherlock

Very nice item

Looks and works as expected

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Affordable glass blunt

I usually smoke joints exclusively. But if I don't have anything rolled and I'm in a rush this can come in handy. My only gripe, which is a big one is that it doesn't come with a cap on the end so it can second as bud storage.

Michael on 04/14/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

That would be a pretty awesome feature, however the design would be affected by creating a storage area. This would be a great idea for when Sesh Supply redesign this blunt. Thank you for your input, I'm glad that you liked the Glass Blunt for its usability and purpose. Have a great day :)

Very nice item

Looks and works as expected

Great for semi-portable storage

Pretty good product! I wish it was more flexible though so I could fit it in my pocket more comfortably. I guess that's the trade off for something that might last me a while. FYI I would pay more for a metal version.

Good stuff

Thick silicone. Smooth finish. Product doesn't stick. Large container. Lid easy to take on an off while still being good quality

Skye R. on 04/14/18
Review of Smoke Cartel Large Silicone Cube

Works for me!

Fits perfectly for the objective of using a small, simple, efficient water pipe. It is simple to maintain, clean and easy to handle. One con, otherwise, very happy with this item. The con is that without water, even with water, it is top heavy and can easily become unbalanced. I cut out a disc from 1/2" thick polycarbonate sheet and Gorilla Glued it to the bottom of the pipe. Looks good and greatly enhanced the stability of the art. Suggestion to leave a bit more glass on the bottom in order to weigh the center of gravity more toward the bottom . The order took a long time to arrive. Guessing there may have been back order issues due to the blow out price getting attention. All is well,thanks for offering the deal.


Roast it for it for days. Won't do nothing. Very high quality quartz. So sexy.

Michael on 04/14/18
Review of Domeless Daisy Slitted Quartz Nail

Perfect. Sexy.

Thick glass, stable. All around a great glass piece. Cleaning is so easy. So sexy.

Michael on 04/14/18
Review of UPC Sleek and Simple Beaker Bong

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It was okay

I still prefer a nail a rig but was good for what it is and the price, it came with a case and dabber tool which was nice and the coil burns out kind of fast but the pens charge lasts forever.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying this Vape! Have a smokin' hot day ;)

Customer service

I ordered and was sent my items, the engraving wasn't done. I contacted them and they fixed it immediately, the items I ordered were out of stock so we had to pick different items, they rushed my order since it was for my wedding party. I've never had customer service act so fast to fix a mess up. I thank them and would recommend ordering from this company.


Awesome my favorite

Mark S. on 04/14/18
Review of Nectar Collector Chillector


Love it more fruit

Mark S. on 04/14/18
Review of 🍍 ELEV8 Pineapple Silicone Wax Container



Mark S. on 04/14/18
Review of Honeycomb Glass Screen



Mark S. on 04/14/18
Review of Sesh Supply Glass Blunt


Great piece and even better service

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Good piece!

It’s a nice piece. Haven’t had any problems with it.

Michael on 04/14/18
Review of ELEV8 2mm Wall Quartz Banger


Easily the nicest banger I’ve purchased and the best, absolutely as described, I’d wait like 1 min 45 or so maybe even 2 mins. Other than that I just would like to know where to purchase 25mm cup replacements as I didn’t see any on SC. I think it’s a great idea if you’re like me and care about stains on the actual banger. *Just a side note SC really does a great job at quick shipping and discreet packaging, I’m a big fan of the site and try to shop here exclusively, never had any problems with any piece I’ve bought from here.

Brandon Y. on 04/13/18
Review of ELEV8 Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup

Coil glass cartridge

Very happy with the product it's well-made and easy-to-use and was reasonably priced you guys are the best

Rick K. on 04/13/18
Review of 710 Ready Mix Ceramic Coil Glass Cartridge